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CBS Sports 920 Adds TJ Moe

Jason Barrett




It’s official, Moe is on the show.

T.J. Moe, who was an impact receiver at Missouri and has had tryouts in the NFL with the Patriots and Rams, has been working alongside Jim Edmonds and Tim McKernan in recent days on their show at WGNU (920 AM). And now he’s being made a full-time member of the program, which airs from 4-6 p.m. weekdays.

The “Edmonds and McKernan Show’’ adds “Moe’’ to the title effective today.

It’s been a winding path into broadcasting for Moe, who played at MU from 2009-12 and had been an occasional guest on the station. Those appearances led to him expressing interest in broadcasting and that word got to McKernan, whose company controls WGNU’s weekday programming (and this week reached an agreement to continue to do so through 2015). Then came Moe’s trial period with Edmonds and McKernan.

“Since I knew he was good (as a guest) I thought, ‘OK this could be interesting,’” McKernan said. “Jim and I had been discussing that we wanted somebody with football experience to be part of it.’’

Moe played at Fort Zumwalt West High before going to MU, then was signed by New England last year as an undraftedfree agent. But he suffered a torn Achilles tendon during offseason workouts and had surgery, wiping out his season. He was released this March before the Rams brought him in, but cut him in August.

“It makes all the sense in the world (to add Moe) because he’s a St. Louisan who played at Missouri and who was with the Rams,’’ McKernan said. “Those are three things you can’t teach — you either have it or you don’t. On top of that, from a broadcasting standpoint, he’s an absolute natural.”

But being in the media isn’t a natural for Moe, who despite going to a university that has a prestigious journalism program majored in business administration. He took a journalism class as a freshman, but …

“I hated it,’’ he said. “I was terrible.”

However, he never could get away from journalists as he became a go-to guy for interviews about the MU football program because of his candor.

“I never liked the cliché answers,’’Moe said. “It didn’t make sense to me to memorize a certain list of things you were supposed to say, because I could say something intelligent and insightful without crossing any lines. I didn’t ever want to make it not personal for whoever was interviewing me. I wanted to give them something to write about — I understand it’s a difficult job and a lot of these guys are like, ‘Could somebody please say something to write about?’ … Even something that’s not a story to me is really interesting to people who don’t know the ins and outs of the sport. So I was always very candid with my answers.”

As his MU football career blossomed, so did his profile.

“I became somewhat of a fan favorite,’’ Moe said. “I don’t know if I’ve ever said ‘no’ to an interview if I was available to do it. So after my sophomore season they brought me to Big 12 media day and (the next year to) SEC media day. That was the place I kind of took off.’’

Then early this year, when the debate about paying college athletes was sizzling, Moe sent some tweets in which he was not in favor of unionization of student athletes. Those caught the attention of MSNBC, which brought him on as a guest on its “UP” program to discuss the matter. He also wrote a commentary about it for The Huffington Post.

His opinion was becoming valued — and sought. So in August when his pursuit of the NFL ended, at least temporarily, radio became a natural.

“A lot of it is connecting the dots.’’ Moe said. “And some of it is people taking an interest in my opinion. Whether they like it or not, I guess they are interested in my opinion.’’

And Edmonds, 44, said the opinions of Moe, 23, can attract younger listeners.

“He brings a whole other dynamic, the different age group,’’ Edmonds said. “We’re starting to figure out how to work in more everyday stuff (on the show), and he’s very up-to-date on a lot of issues and very active on social media. He brings a lot of young knowledge that Tim (who turns 38 on Saturday) and I are missing. And he’s also a qualified football personalty who really knows his stuff about Mizzou and football in general.”

That was a big selling point to McKernan.

“He’s able to convey his experiences at Missouri and his time with the Patriots and Rams but also the mindset of a coach or a player in ways that somebody who never has experienced it flat can’t do,’’ McKernan said.

To that end. Moe likes to offer detailed analysis of plays.

“I really took an interest into the intricacies of football while I was playing, so I learned the ins and outs,’’ he said. “That’s what’s interesting for the listener, when I can break down a play.’’

He cited an interception MU’s Maty Mauk threw early this season against Toledo, when fans complained that it was a terrible throw. But Moe explained how the receiver ran a bad route.

McKernan said it is important to add a MU football presence to the station because of the way interest in the program has increased locally in recent years.

“On top of that, he’s an outstanding talent and it continues a theme of wanting to give new voices and opportunity to see if it works,’’ McKernan said. “He fits all of the criteria — great guy, great talent.’’

Moe hopes he still has the football talent to get another call from an NFL team. That dream remains alive. But he also is realistic.

I’m still working out. I’m hoping to get picked up,’’ he said, adding when he was pursuing the 920 AM job he made it known that “I need something to do in the meantime — and possibly forever if nobody wants me to play anymore.”

McKernan said if Moe gets another chance to play pro football, there will be no problem at the station.

“The minute he gets a call from an NFL team, he’s gone,’’ he said. “For his sake, it would be great if he got a call.’’

While Moe has been involved in football for years, broadcasting is new to him. And, as expected, not everything is perfect. One knock is that he is too much of a Mizzou homer. He refers to the team as “we” and “us.” And after MU suffered a bad loss Saturday, at home to Indiana, he tweeted that the Tigers can “still win the East and the conference outright. Playoff is still in the picture because we’re in the SEC.”

While technically true, it is unrealistic to think that a team that lost at home to one of the weaker Big Ten Conference teams can at this point be considered a playoff contender. Moe’s words come from the heart, not the head.

“There are little things” to work on, McKernan acknowledged. “There are things I can coach him on.”

And Moe seems eager to learn.

“I have no training in the radio business, I just go off of natural ability — if I even have any,’’ he said. “I just know what I know. I’m learning quite a bit” on the job.

And he says even if he goes to the NFL, “I will do this (broadcasting) at some point. I’m interested in it, it’s pretty easy and fun.”

And he’s fitting in fast.

“He seemed to be comfortable right away,’’ Edmonds said. “He seems to be a confident young man.”

McKernan said Moe has vast potential.

“We stumbled into T.J. — I wasn’t just going to put anybody on (the air),’’ McKernan said. “But when he came on, he was so good. If he wants it, he most definitely has a future in broadcasting.”

Credit to STL Today who originally published this article

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Joe DeCamara & Jon Ritchie Reveal Contributors To New WIP Morning Show

“Angelo for many, many years has had a wonderful team. And obviously we’re indebted to what he did for all the years putting everything together.”

Jordan Bondurant




The Philadelphia Eagles postseason run will determine how much longer Angelo Cataldi hosts his morning show on 94 WIP. While hosts Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie wait in the wings to take the reins from Angelo, they took time on Wednesday to reveal the rest of the cast of contributors and fill-in hosts for the new WIP morning show.

“Angelo for many, many years has had a wonderful team. And obviously we’re indebted to what he did for all the years putting everything together,” DeCamara said. “We want to just sort of duplicate it at a similar level of success and longevity. And to do that you want to put together a group that you really believe in and want to have a great shot with and entertain people for years.”

DeCamara and Ritchie revealed that longtime morning contributors Rhea Hughes and Joe Weachter will continue to serve in their capacities. DeCamara said he’s excited to work with such a tenured producer and have him and producer James Seltzer collaborate.

“Everybody cares about Joe, because he’s been such a huge part of Angelo’s show for so many years behind the scenes as the producer,” DeCamara said. “He’s gonna be producing this show in addition to helping James out. And we got ambitious plans for social media and ways we can get Joe involved in all sorts of ways to help present our show to the public. So that’ll be a big part of it.”

WIP newcomer Devan Kaney will also be a regular on the morning show. DeCamara also announced Philly sports media legend Ray Didinger will also be heard at certain points.

As for insiders and contributors to discussions on the Philly sports teams, it was announced former Phillies TV analyst Ruben Amaro, former Phils announcer Ben Davis, former Eagles linebacker Seth Joyner and Ron Jaworski will be in the lineup.

Ritchie said having someone like Amaro on to talk baseball is going to be a great chance to soak up as much knowledge as possible.

“You know so much, and I feel like I’m gonna learn so much from you,” he said. “And I think we’re all so fortunate.”

Additionally, comedian Joe Conklin will be added to keep things lively and fun.

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Steak Shapiro Apologizes, Says He Didn’t Think Stetson Bennett Criticism Was ‘That Inflamatory’

“You were just trying to play music and not ignore the fans. Still don’t think it was a great speech, but again, you’re the biggest football hero in Georgia football history.”





Wednesday’s edition of The Steakhouse was one Atlanta sports fans were waiting for. Late Tuesday night, Steak Shapiro took to Twitter to promise that he would address Stetson Bennett IV’s reaction to his criticism of the way the quarterback behaved at Georgia’s National Championship parade on Saturday.

“The notion is that Steak was basically roasted,” he said of the coverage the social media spat received. “He was put on the grill and taken to task.”

Shapiro had tweeted that he did not think it was a good look for Bennett to be on his phone during the championship parade and that his speech seemed more about settling old grudges than it was about celebrating the team or the fans. In a message on Twitter, which began by addressing Shapiro as “Mr. Med Rare”, Bennett explained that he was using his phone to play music in the car he was riding in. He was not ignoring the moment or the fans.

After giving Bennett credit for coming up with a funny nickname, Steak Shapiro said that he was surprised that the quarterback took the criticism so personally.

“My job is to give an opinion. I didn’t think it was that inflammatory. I didn’t think it was that dramatic.”

He added that has no problem with Stetson’s disdain for the media. He just thought the parade should have been about the fans and the accomplishment rather than Stetson Bennett IV trying to settle old grudges. Still, Shapiro wanted to make it clear that he does not hate the Georgia quarterback. He remains one of Bennett’s most vocal fans.

“On three or four occasions, I was lambasted because I said I thought he was the greatest player in Georgia history, and I said that before he won the national title,” Shapiro said. “I said that when they had the undefeated regular season, and then people started saying ‘stop saying that about Stetson’ or ‘Stetson’s overrated’. I just kinda had his back the entire year and probably had his back the last two years. I just didn’t think Saturday was a great day. That is what I have been saying, and I stand by it. I just didn’t think it was a great-looking day.”

Steak Shapiro did offer an apology to Bennett. He said that if the quarterback was just trying to play music on his phone, that isn’t that big of a deal, and if he had known that is what was happening, his reaction may have been different.

“My bad,” he concluded. “You were just trying to play music and not ignore the fans. Still don’t think it was a great speech, but again, you’re the biggest football hero in Georgia football history. You’re one of the iconic sports figures — maybe number one — in a town of Hank Aaron, and Chipper Jones, and Domonique Wilkins, and Matt Ryan, and Deion Sanders. You’re probably number one all time.”

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Brian Gebhardt to Serve as Program Director of Sactown Sports 1140

“Learning under skilled leaders such as Terry Foxx, Sean Thompson, Reggie Rouse, and Mike Conti helped prepare Gebhardt for the next step.”





Sactown Sports 1140 has found their next program director. After an extensive search, GM Steve Cottingim and Bonneville Sacramento’s Group Director of Programming Chad Rufer have found their next leader in Atlanta, GA, tabbing Brian Gebhardt to guide the brand’s programming department.

Gebhardt heads west to join Bonneville Sacramento after enjoying over seven years of success at 92.9 The Game. He has served recently as the Executive Producer of the ‘Andy & Randy’ show featuring Randy McMichael and Andy Bunker. During his time with the Atlanta sports station, Gebhardt has learned under skilled leaders such as Terry Foxx, Sean Thompson, Reggie Rouse, and Mike Conti. Those experiences prepared Gebhardt for the next step, as did working with numerous on-air talents who have helped The Game become a model of consistency in Georgia.

“Brian’s experience working with both premiere talent and professional sports franchises will help us help the Sactown Sports brand grow both on-air and on-line ,” said Cottingim.

“Brian demonstrated to us a real passion for leading extraordinary talent,” shared Rufer. “We are very confident that he will help us grow Sactown Sports into Sacramento’s premiere sports brand.”

“I can’t wait to get started and I am beyond excited to be working with Bonneville,” added Gebhardt.  

The hiring of the Georgia native as new PD allows Nick Cattles to focus exclusively on hosting the station’s afternoon show, a role he’s wanted to invest more time. Cattles joined Sactown Sports in November 2021 and has pulled double duty since arriving in Northern California. He hired Ramie Makhlouf as his afternoon drive co-host and the duo have built a solid foundation in afternoons. Having the ability now to focus solely on the show should allow Cattles and Ramie to elevate their program even more.

The first day on the job for Gebhardt will be Monday February 3rd. Depending on what develops with the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC playoffs, there’s a possibility he could be walking into two straight weeks of Super Bowl planning. Regardless, Gebhardt has a new market to learn, a new team to meet, a new company to deliver results for, and an opportunity to take a big step in his radio career.

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