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Milwaukee Bucks Extend Partnership With WTMJ



The Milwaukee Bucks new owners reviewed their options for radio broadcasts and decided to remain with the team’s longtime home WTMJ-AM (620).

The Bucks and WTMJ radio announced Friday they have extended their partnership for “several years.” The station will remain the radio home for Bucks basketball and the flagship station of the Bucks Radio Network.

WTMJ, which is owned by E.W. Scripps Co. of Cincinnati, will carry Bucks regular-season games for the 2015-2016 season and will broadcast all six of the Bucks’ preseason games beginning with a game against the Chicago Bulls Oct. 6.

Entercom Communications Corp., which owns sports-talk station “The Fan” (105.7 FM and 1250 AM), made what radio industry insiders said was a strong pitch for the Bucks broadcasts.

Tom Langmyer, vice president and general manager of WTMJ radio, declined to say what the arrangement will be under the contract extension. “I can’t release details, but it’s structured a bit differently in some ways,” Langmyer said.

To read the full story visit the Milwaukee Business Journal where it was originally published

Sports Radio News

Ready, Fire, Aim!

“Whatver good came from procastination?”



Tri Star Pictures

Ready. Fire. Aim.

I have used this phrase and attitude many times in my sports radio selling career. For years, people used the exact words in another more familiar order, specifically to shoot a gun: Ready. Aim. Fire. 

The 'Ready, FIRE, Aim' Approach to Turnarounds Never Works - Tony Pashigian

Get it?

In 1982, one of the best business books ever written, In Search of Excellence, was published by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman. Peters and Waterman worked in the San Francisco office of McKinsey Consulting. Peters traveled the world and talked to the best companies. He was on a mission to learn about ‘organization effectiveness’ and ‘implementation issues.’ He found that what he saw had a profound impact on how companies focused primarily on organization and strategy suffered compared to those who dove in on activity and culture. He also wrote a bestseller and game-changer. He also came up with Ready, Fire. Aim. 

What’s your style? 

When your company launches a new digital package or NTR sponsorship, do you wait around until forced to pitch it a few times? Or, do you toss it out to some clients who should be open to the idea and then figure it out as you go? Peters would argue you should experiment more aimlessly.

Whatver good came from procastination? To get me out of a rut, I will ask myself what the worst thing that can happen from asking a client to try a new idea is? 

They say no.

Okay, on the other hand, they could say YES. Or, at the minimum, appreciate that you are keeping them up to date with the latest opportunities in the market. Often I will take this approach to oversized packages. Let’s say the station has an NTR project like a concert, sports fair, or event. The title sponsorship package is two times what your best clients have ever spent with you in a single month. Rather than sit around and get a new prospect list ready and customize a package with price-sensitive elements or whatever other excuses I can think of, I take action. I FIRE.

I will call my client, who may get sticker shock, and say, “I want to show you this sponsorship because even if it isn’t a fit for you, you will know what XYZ or ABC competitor is spending and what they got.” I have been amazed at how a few of them have reacted. Out of the blue, they step up and buy to be the big shot in the market. Or, based on their feedback, I learn what they want and pivot and sell them a lower package or some additional program. I AIM after my initial meeting. 

click here to Buy-Now-Button • Karenville

Would you please go back and rethink how you can change your approach at whatever you know you should be doing? Are you spending too much time staying comfortable and playing the what-if game?  Forget about it. When you are working on your 2022 budget, and deciding which clients can up their spending, get ready, FIRE, and then aim. 

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Sports Radio News

Tiki & Tierney Leaving CBS Sports Radio For WFAN

“Adding Tiki and Tierney is just the latest in a series of changes for WFAN.”



CBS Sports Radio

Tiki & Tierney are based in New York. Now they will be broadcasting to New York. The show is leaving CBS Sports Radio’s afternoon drive slot. It will move into mid days on WFAN.

The duo should be a good fit for New York sports fans. Tiki Barber is one of the best-known New York Giants of the early 2000s. Brandon Tierney is a Brooklyn native now and familiar voice to New Yorkers, having worked for years at ESPN New York in addition to other stations in various markets across the country. The duo has been together since the launch of CBS Sports Radio, having spent time in both drive slots for the network.

“Tiki and Tierney have a perspective and sound that is tailor-made for New York City and their addition will further solidify WFAN’s iconic position as the area’s most influential sports platform,” said Chris Oliviero, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Audacy New York. “Both are already very familiar to the FAN audience, so their voices joining “Boomer & Gio” and “Carton & Roberts” creates a powerful must listen to our weekday lineup for both listeners and advertisers.”    

A new show means the old one has to go. Moose and Maggie had been holding down the mid day slot on WFAN. No official word is available on Maggie Gray’s or Marc Malusis’s future with WFAN or Audacy. Andrew Marchand reports that Gray is expected to have a different role within the company.

Gray did acknowledge on-air and online that Thursday was her last day as part of Moose and Maggie.

Adding Tiki and Tierney is just the latest in a series of changes for WFAN. In less than a month, the station has said goodbye to Steve Somers and added Keith McPherson in the nighttime hours. Sal Licata has also seen his overnight show extended.

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Sports Radio News

1010XL/92.5 FM Radiothon Raises Over $243K For Tom Coughlin Jay Fund

The fundraising event was a huge success, raising $243,369, which is by far the most raised for the event in its history.



It is the time of year for many radio stations to give back, and this is a very special story coming from 1010 XL/92.5 FM in Jacksonville.

Yesterday, the station hosted its 14th annual radiothon. The event benefits the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund to help tackle childhood cancer, and the turnout was staggering.

The event was a huge success, raising $243,369, which is by far the most raised in its history. The station had set a goal of $150,000 and far exceeded it with hours still to go in the fundraiser.

They posted on social media Thursday morning following the fundraiser.

“It’s the favorite day of the on-air staff every year,” Steven Griffin, President & General Manager of the station, said in an email. “This year, they slayed it.”

Donations can still be made to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund at any time on their website with multiple different ways to give back to children in need of help.

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