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610 KILT Leads September Ratings In Houston

Jason Barrett



Things were generally status quo in the Nielsen Audio reports for Houston radio for the September ratings book.

This monthly rundown on the Nielsen Audio ratings for Houston sports radio covers the period Aug, 12-Sept. 9, including Texans preseason games but no regular-season games.

As always, we start with 6 a.m. to midnight (Monday through Sunday) among men 25-54, which is the key demographic for sports radio. KILT (610 AM) once again led the weeklong numbers over KBME and KFNC (97.5 FM), and KBME and KFNC were again up from a year ago.

Station               September      August     September 2014

KILT (610 AM)     3.4 (14th)        3.0 (T15th)       3.9 (1th)

KBME (790 AM)     2.3 (20th)        2.5 (20th)        2.0 (20th)

KFNC (97.5 FM)    1.5 (23rd)        1.7 (23rd)        1.2 (T24th)

KGOW (1560 AM)    0.1 (T35th)       N/A               0.7 (27th)


With the arrival of NFL games and Texans radio programming, KILT has the edge in morning drive (6-10 a.m.) over KBME.

Station                September    August    September 2014

KILT (610 AM)     3.6 (12th)        3.4 (11th)        3.5 (11th)

KBME (790 AM)     2.7 (T16th)       2.1 (17th)        3.8 (9th)

KFNC (97.5 FM)    1.7 (21st)        2.0 (18th)        1.6 (22nd)

KGOW (1560 AM)    0.1 (T35th)       N/A               0.8 (27th)


KILT is down from a year ago in middays (10 a.m.-3 p.m.), but so is everybody else.

Station                September    August     September 2014

KILT (610 AM)     4.0 (10th)        4.0 (8th)         4.8 (7th)

KBME  (790 AM)    1.7 (T20th)       2.1 (17th)        2.6 (16th)

KFNC  (97.5 FM)   1.7 (22nd)        1.6 (22nd)        1.4 (22nd)

KGOW (1560 AM)    0.0 (T39th)       N/A               1.2 (23rd)


KILT still leads in afternoon drive time (3-7 p.m.) but was down from a year ago. KFNC continues to show year-to-year growth.

Station                September    August      September 2014

KILT (610 AM)     3.7 (12th)        3.1 (15th)        5.0 (T7th)

KFNC  (97.5 FM)   2.5 (22nd)        2.7 (17th)        1.3 (26th)

KBME  (790 AM)    1.5 (T23rd)       1.4 (24th)        1.5 (23rd)

KGOW (1560 AM)    0.3 (T31st)       N/A               0.8 (27th)


Even though they were already starting to fade in early September, the  Astros continued giving KBME a significant boost from 7 p.m. until midnight weekdays.

Station                  September     August      September 2014

KBME  (790 AM)    5.5 (T4th)        5.8 (5th)         1.4 (T21st)

KILT  (610 AM)    2.8 (T16th)       2.4 (T20th)       3.4 (13th)

KFNC  (97.5 FM)   0.7 (T27th)       1.0 (T25th)       0.9 (T25th)

KGOW (1560 AM)    0.0 (T38th)       N/A               0.4 (T34th)


Let’s now turn to show-by-show comparisons.

Program/station/time slow                                                         Sept. Aug July

Mike Meltser/Seth Payne/Texans (10 a.m.-2 p.m., KILT)          4.0   4.0   3.4

Rich Lord/Sean Pendergast/Ted Johnson (2-7 p.m., KILT)      3.8   3.3   2.9

Nick Wright/John Lopez/Texans (6-10 a.m., KILT)                    3.6   3.4   2.8

Adam Clanton/Lance Zierlein (6-9 a.m., KBME)                         2.9   2.1   2.9

Paul Gallant/Brien Straw/Texans (7-11 p.m., KILT)                   2.9   2.4   2.4

Fred Faour/A.J. Hoffman (4-7 p.m., KFNC)                                2.7   3.1   2.6

Steve Bunin/Sean Salisbury (Noon-2 p.m., KFNC)                    2.3   2.2   2.4

Greg Koch/N.D. Kalu (9-11 a.m., KBME)                                     2.0   1.9   2.5

Charlie Pallilo (2-6 p.m., KBME)                                                   1.7   2.0   2.0

Matt Thomas (11 a.m.-2 p.m., KBME)                                         1.5   1.9   1.4

John Granato/Sean Salisbury (4-7 p.m., KGOW)                       0.3   0.0   0.3

To read more of this article visit the Houston Chronicle where it was originally published

Sports Radio News

ESPN Radio 94.1 Sells Station Naming Rights To Priority Automotive Group

“The programming on the station does not change.”





Max Media has found an interesting new revenue stream in Virginia Beach. ESPN Radio 94.1 has sold its naming rights. The station has rebranded as Priority Auto Sports Radio 94.1 ESPN.

“This is an important partnership for us,” said Priority Automotive COO Matt Elmer. “At Priority Automotive we think sports ties everyone together, so this is a great opportunity for us to be a voice in the community and partner with the number one voice for sports in Hampton Roads, ESPN 94.1.”

The programming on the station does not change. Listeners in the 757 will still hear the nationally syndicated ESPN Radio lineup except for in afternoon drive when The Tim Donnelly Show is on the air.

“The partnership between ESPN 94.1 and Priority Automotive is a natural evolution for both companies,” President and Market Manager Keith Barton added. “From the many youth organizations to college teams, Priority Automotive Has been dedicated to sports in Hampton Roads for decades. Max Media is incredibly proud to be partnered with such a class organization.”

Priority Automotive owns 17 car dealerships across Virginia.

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Sports Radio News

SiriusXM Plots Super Bowl LVII Coverage

“SiriusXM will deliver fans around the country the unique mix of sports, music and entertainment programming that you can only find on SiriusXM.”





SiriusXM has announced its extensive plans for coverage of Super Bowl LVII and the events leading up to the big game.

A dedicated Super Bowl pop-up channel on SiriusXM Channel 104 will be just one of the avenues SiriusXM plans to cover the event. Amber Theoharis will conduct interviews with players, and personalities making their way through Radio Row throughout the week that will air on the pop-up channel.

Mad Dog Sports Radio will have a large presence on Radio Row, with shows hosted by Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Adam Schein, Dusty Dvoracek, Danny Kanell, and Steve Torre all airing live on location in Arizona. Former NFL All-Pro wide receiver Brandon Marshall will be on hand to host I Am Athlete Tonight from the event, as well.

“With all eyes and ears focused on Phoenix for Super Bowl Week, SiriusXM will deliver fans around the country the unique mix of sports, music and entertainment programming that you can only find on SiriusXM,” said SiriusXM President and Chief Content Officer Scott Greenstein.

“With multiple game broadcasts, several channels in Phoenix covering the latest news and providing expert analysis on the teams, interviews with many of the celebrities in town for the game, and our exclusive concert with Luke Combs, our subscribers will have exceptional access throughout the biggest week on the NFL calendar.”

ESPNU Radio hosts Colt McCoy, Rick Neuheisel, and Max Starks will also be in Arizona on Radio Row, in addition to Dusty and Danny hosting their shows each day from Radio Row.

Fantasy football expert Jeff Mans and SportsGrid Radio host Scott Ferrall will also originate content from Radio Row.

SiriusXM will offer four different game broadcasts of Super Bowl LVII. The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles home broadcasts will each air, as will the national Westwood One call. Additionally, a Spanish-language broadcast will also be provided. Listeners will also be able to hear the halftime show — performed by pop star Rihanna — on Sirius XM Hits 1, The Heat, and Super Bowl LVII Radio.

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Sports Radio News

BetQL Network Going to Arizona for Super Bowl Week

“Three shows will be at the BetMGM Sportsbook in Glendale.”





BetQL is headed to Radio Row. Audacy’s sports betting radio network will be in Arizona ahead of Super Bowl LVII. 

Three shows will be at the BetMGM Sportsbook in Glendale. BetQL Daily and You Better You Bet will be live Monday through Friday. BetMGM Tonight will be live Monday through Thursday.

The network’s hosts will stay busy in the desert. BetQL is producing 52 hours of live audio and video content. Hosts are also scheduled to make 25 live appearances across other Audacy radio stations and digital channels.

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