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Drew Lane Out at Detroit Sports 105.1

Jason Barrett



The relationship between on-air personality Drew Lane and Greater Media Detroit has come to an end. It was learned today that Lane will leave his afternoon show on Detroit Sports 105.1 immediately, after a new contractual agreement could not be reached.

Greater Media Detroit Vice President and Market Manager Steve Chessare said “The issue wasn’t money. The only issue we had is in show content. Drew has done a phenomenal job for Greater Media for 24 years, and he was instrumental in us getting the sports station launched, but we’ve come to recognize that we’ve got to be true to our format, which is sports, both to the audience and our clients and partners, that we deliver a sports product.”

Chessare added ““I was trying to impress on Drew to infuse more sports into the show, and Drew was not comfortable doing any more than he was doing right now. We had an issue, in that we weren’t recycling the audience throughout the rest of the day and vice versa. Out of respect for Drew and what he’s built and how successful he’s been, we’re OK with his decision not to continue and we wish him nothing but the best.”

Lane had been with the station since its inception in August 2013. He was previously part of the “Drew and Mike” show for WRIF-FM for years before that. He confirmed that the change of direction with the show was the biggest reason for departing.

“We’ve been talking about this for awhile, so it was no big shock today,” Lane said Monday. “It was not about money, absolutely not. It was about adding a third person to the show would’ve been a sports person, somebody from the sports world, whether it was a media member or maybe a (former) player. They talked about that in the past. Having the chemistry our show had for all these years, I just didn’t really want to do a three-person show.”

While on air at 105.1, Lane worked with Marc Fellhauer, who goes back with him; he was a producer and online personality on “Drew & Mike.”

It is unclear if Fellhauer will stay on at 105.1. He did not return phone and text messages. Lane said he didn’t know what would happen, but was hopeful that the station would keep Fellhauer on.

Lane said he’s made it known to 105.1 brass for months that he wasn’t comfortable with a third person on the show, and he told them Wednesday that he would not do it. During talks over the weekend, it was clear to Lane he was going to be out.

“I said I couldn’t do that. They were surprised, and I was surprised they were surprised because I thought I was pretty clear,” Lane said. “I pleaded my case Wednesday of last week, that I really believed in the show, the chemistry and how important it is. It’s not a personal thing.

“Three-people shows tend to be a big mic fight. Nothing sounds worse than a mic fight — where you’ve gotta be careful about taking too big a breath.”

It’s unclear who 105.1 was thinking about in terms of adding a sports personality, though Program Director Dave Shore has put Sean Baligian and Drew Sharp on the air extensively since coming aboard.

Baligian hosts a popular daily show in Grand Rapids, and Sharp writes columns for the Detroit Free Press.

Baligian and Jake Chapman, who works on the station’s Pistons broadcasts, did the midday show from noon to 3 p.m. Monday, filling in for Matt Dery, who will fill in for Lane from 3-7 p.m. until a permanent replacement is hired. Dery appears a candidate for that show, though it’d likely be with a co-host. He did his midday shows solo. Sharp was on with him Monday.

Lane’s show drew easily the best ratings for 105.1, recently finishing fourth in its target market, 25- to 54-year-old men.

“It was as amicable a parting as you could have, under the circumstances,” said Loretta Ames, Lane’s agent of Plunkett Cooney law firm. “He’s been a longtime member of the Greater Media family, and that’s a relationship that’s been important to him.”

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K&C Masterpiece: Cowboys Could Add 30 Million More Viewers To Super Bowl

“The Cowboys in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs would’ve shattered all viewership ratings.”

Jordan Bondurant




The matchup in this year’s Super Bowl is set, and the game will undoubtedly be the most-viewed program on TV this year. But if the Dallas Cowboys were taking part in the game, it’s safe to say the ratings would be astronomical.

The Cowboys divisional playoff game against San Francisco drew 45.7 million viewers. It was the second-most watched divisional round contest on record.

The NFC championship between San Francisco and Philadelphia drew 47.5 million.

On 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, K&C Masterpiece host Kevin Hageland said had the Cowboys made it to Philly, the viewership would’ve been even better.

“I know the game sucked, but that just shows you, because the Cowboys were like almost 8 million above every other divisional game, this could’ve gotten to 58 (million),” Hageland said.

Kevin added that if Dallas had gone all the way, the audience tuning in would’ve easily eclipsed some of the highest-rated programs of all-time.

“The Cowboys in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs would’ve shattered all viewership ratings,” he said. “Even with the new system and so many people streaming and everything like that.”

Usually the Super Bowl averages around 100 million viewers. Hageland said a Cowboys Super Bowl appearance in this day and age would’ve set the new top ratings mark for years to come.

“My estimation would be you would add approximately an extra 30 million people,” he said.

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Angelo Cataldi Bans Andy Reid’s Voice From WIP Morning Show

“25% of the people who voted in our poll and said they admire and respect Reid more than Sirianni, you 25% have not been paying any attention for years.”





As Super Bowl LVII approaches, many storylines have emerged. One includes Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid facing off with the team he coached for 14 years, the Philadelphia Eagles. Reid is a beloved figure in NFL circles, but 94WIP morning host Angelo Cataldi couldn’t hold back his disdain for the coaching legend.

On Tuesday morning, Cataldi mentioned he couldn’t believe Reid was so highly regarded in NFL media circles. The longtime host said Reid was never truthful during interviews.

After playing clips that included Reid saying the Eagles “were a good team” and how the Chiefs “would need a good game plan” to grab a victory, Cataldi took issue with the generalities Reid spoke with. When asked what he expected from an NFL head coach, Cataldi compared Reid to current Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni.

“I was expecting something like Nick gives me every time,” Cataldi said. “I hate Reid ’cause he never won me the Super Bowl, I hate Reid that it took him six years to get there, it took Nick two, and I hate Reid because he never bothered to share a damn thing. If you’re out there, with 25% of the people who voted in our poll and said they admire and respect Reid more than Sirianni, you 25% have not been paying any attention for years.”

Cataldi — who admitted “I don’t like the man, and I’ve never liked the man” — said he received more than 300 emails about Reid, noting he didn’t realize he was “widely regarded as the all-time Andy Reid critic” in Philadelphia.

The 94WIP host added listeners will not hear the voice of the “phony, fraud” Reid any longer on his morning show.

“I do not control the other dayparts here. I don’t control the newsroom. I’m done playing anything said by Andy Reid. ‘Cause I learned over 14 years it’s a waste of time.”

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Seth Payne: Ross Tucker is Stealing My Takes Without Attribution

“He is the manager that takes your ideas and then sends them up one level without any attribution whatsoever.”





Seth Payne cannot say he wasn’t warned. When Ross Tucker joined Payne and Pendergast on Sports Radio 610 in Houston earlier this week, the seven-year NFL veteran told Payne that his take was so good that he would be stealing it.

“You know what, Seth, that is a great point that I am going to use the rest of the week in all my media stuff,” Tucker said when Payne suggested that the Philadelphia Eagles “earned” an injury to the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterbacks by taking advantage of poor blocking schemes that included using tight ends to block NFL sack leader Hasson Reddick.

A listener named Burch tweeted evidence to Seth Payne of Ross Tucker following through on his promise.

“If the rest of you out there can be more like Burch and let us know when people are stealing our good takes, they can have our bad takes,” Payne’s morning show partner Sean Pendergast said on Tuesday morning.

The duo then played the audio, which they said appeared to come from an unidentified CBS show. In it, Tucker says that the Eagles “earned those injuries” and used tight ends being assigned to block Reddick as his justification for the take.

“I think it’s pretty obvious what kind of a boss Ross Tucker is, like what kind of a manager,” Payne said. “He is the manager that takes your ideas and then sends them up one level without any attribution whatsoever.”

Ross Tucker is no shortage of platforms to spread the take around. He is on multiple Audacy sports talk stations during the football season. He also makes regular appearances with Dan Patrick and SiriusXM as well as hosting his own podcast.

“This is what you get from these Princeton types,” Payne said of being ripped off. “This is how they get where they are in the world.”

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