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Seattle Times Bans Its Writers From Appearing on KJR

Jason Barrett



The Seattle Times have come under fire after making the decision to prevent their sports writers from appearing on local radio station Sports Radio 950 KJR. According to local reports, the Times cites “competing forms of media” as the reason for instituting the ban. Times CEO Frank Blethen is said to be the driving force behind the decision, although sports editor Paul Barrett and executive editor Don Shelton will likely take most of the media hits.

KJR has previously served as an outlet for Times’ sportswriters to appear regularly. Seahawks reporter Bob Condotta, Mariners reporter Ryan Divish, and Washington Huskies football reporter Adam Jude all have consistent segments on the radio station, and columnists Matt Calkins and Larry Stone, Washington Huskies basketball reporter Percy Allen, and Sounders FC reporter Geoff Baker make occasional visits as well.

An issue which is at the center of the tension between the newspaper and radio station is the Seattle Arena situation. The Times have produced a number of pieces highlighting the Seattle Center’s Key Arena project and ignoring Chris Hansen’s Sodo arena pursuit, KJR hosts have been against the Key Arena suggestions and have called out the Times and Blethen for slanting their coverage.

No matter what the thinking is behind the decision, the move is unlikely to paint the Times in a positive light. If the goal of the newspaper is to gain readers, advertisers and promotion, choosing this strategy severely hampers it. They’ve also given additional credibility to KJR by showing that the opinions of the radio station’s hosts strike a chord inside their operation.

How the matter gets resolved is anyone’s guess, but for now, Times writers won’t be appearing on KJR, which may or may not turn out to be beneficial for their local competitor, 710 ESPN Seattle.

Sports Radio News

Doug Gottlieb: Who Are The People That Think Alex Rodriguez Is Good?

“Who are the people who go like, ‘Well Alex Rodriguez…Yup, he said it, it’s good,'” Gottlieb said.

Jordan Bondurant



Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez and Michael Kay hosted another edition of their Sunday Night Baseball alternate telecast this past weekend, and Hall of Famer Derek Jeter joined the broadcast.

Things got awkward at one point when a photo shoot from years prior became the topic of discussion. Broadcast producers put up a shirtless image of A-Rod, Jeter and several other Yankees players at the time.

On FOX Sports Radio, host Doug Gottlieb talked about the exchange and asked when it comes to A-Rod in the booth or any broadcast setting, who is captivated by his contributions.

“Who are the people who go like, ‘Well Alex Rodriguez…Yup, he said it, it’s good,'” Gottlieb said. “I don’t get that one.”

When it comes to other broadcasters, including Hall of Famer John Smoltz, there are others miles ahead of Rodriguez.

“Smoltz is so good,” Gottlieb said, adding he learns so much more listening to Smoltz call games.

However Gottlieb finished his point by saying all a broadcast really needs is someone to balance A-Rod’s personality.

“If you had the balance of a Jeter and an A-Rod in the booth at the same time where Jeter kind of gave you the straight and narrow of it, that would be amazing,” he said. “I think by himself I don’t love it.”

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Nick Wright Calls Toucher and Rich Homer Radio

“What is he talking about?” asked Fred Toucher.



On Toucher and Rich, a clip was played from FS1’s First Things First in which Nick Wright was talking about the New England Patriots situation at offensive coordinator. During that clip, Wright was dismissive of people proposing the idea of Bill O’Brien returning to New England.

“You can get those (opinions) from anybody,” Wright said. “Just go to Toocher and Rich if you want that take. That’s not what we’re here for.”

That comment didn’t go over too well with the show.

“What is he talking about?” asked Fred Toucher.

“I don’t know,” Rich Shertenlieb replied, “but he obviously is such a big fan that he gets the name correctly.”

Toucher was confused and bothered by the insinuation because he believes Wright isn’t discussing the same narrative around Bill O’Brien that the show has.

“I don’t get the homer take,” said Toucher. “I don’t even know what he’s talking about. He’s so ineloquent. Like he’s just blah, blah, blah, like hemming and stammering. Shut up. And I don’t even understand what your problem is. Articulate. Articulate. What exactly are you so angry about?… I don’t understand the venom directed towards the Boston media. He’s putting himself on some pedestal that he is above all of it.”

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Colin Dunlap: Jac Collinsworth ‘Brings Nothing’

“There’s not one thing that Jac Collinsworth does during those games that I go — or anything that he’s ever done that I’ve watched — and I’ve thought ‘that guy’s good’.”



The New York Post reported Sunday that NBC will officially pair Jac Collinsworth and Jason Garrett for their Notre Dame broadcasts in 2022, and the reaction has been lukewarm at best. 93.7 The Fan’s Colin Dunlap and Dorin Dickerson both shared their less than stellar opinions on Collinsworth during Monday’s edition of The Fan Morning Show.

“I am not the only one who thinks Jac Collinsworth keeps falling up because of his surname,” Dunlap said. “So immediately that gets out there and the first response to that tweet on NBC’s official account is ‘Call me crazy, but I find it hard to believe the best person for the job just happened to be Cris Collinsworth’s kid.’ I have watched this guy do sideline reports. I have watched this happened, and it’s not a personal shot. It’s more so watching him professionally. He brings nothing. There’s not one thing that Jac Collinsworth does during those games that I go — or anything that he’s ever done that I’ve watched — and I’ve thought ‘that guy’s good’.”

“Usually in a circumstance — what’s the word? Nepotism? — usually in a circumstance like this, we would have saw him on some lower games in college or something first. And then working his way up…” Dickerson said.

“Why isn’t he doing San Jose and UNLV,” Dunlap interrupted.

“Exactly. But to go right to NBC and Notre Dame? That’s ridiculous,” Dickerson replied.

“I watch him and I cringe,” said Dunlap. “He tries that little quirky…he doesn’t do it for me. He might be the nicest guy ever. 27-years-old and doing Notre Dame play-by-play.”

Collinsworth and Garrett partnered together for the 2022 USFL slate on NBC. Collinsworth also has previously announced Atlantic 10 basketball and the Atlantic 10 Men’s Basketball Tournament on NBCSN.

It’s not the first time Dunlap has criticized the 27-year-old broadcaster. In January, Dunlap said there was “no one more underqualified” and said Collinsworth was “stunningly bad” on television.

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