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ESPN 100.9 Adds Shep, Shower ‘N’ Shave



ESPN 100.9 (WLUN) brings more local coverage to their lineup with the addition of Michigan Media Network-syndicated Shep, Shower ‘N’ Shave, hosted by Matt Shepard.  Shepard’s show will debut on the Midland, Michigan ESPN affiliate Monday, July 2nd, airing every weekday from noon3pm.

Shepard, a longtime Michigan sports radio host on WDFN 1130 had his show cancelled in April 2017, before it relaunched seven months later on the same station.

“While some shows focus on politics, or entertainment… I like talking sports. I know Michigan sports and this show will be the perfect place for listeners to have that discussion. I want to interact with the fans and let them express their feelings, fair, unfair, right or wrong. I will have the coaches and players on my show as I always have to give listeners all sides to the stories,” Shepard said after his show was renewed by its flagship WDFN last November.

With the addition of ESPN 100.9, Shep, Shower ‘N’ Shave will now be simulcast on four stations, with 1660 The Fan in Kalamazoo, 101.1 WGRY in Grayling/Roscommon and its flagship, WDFN in Detroit rounding out the other three.  Shepard’s show will air on ESPN 1000 at noon each weekday leading up to The Huge Show , hosted by Bill Simonson from 3pm6pm, giving the Midland station six consecutive hours of local sports coverage in its lineup.

“Giving our listeners more local content is always a topic of conversation within our walls and adding a guy like Matt Shepard to our lineup is going to help us achieve that,” ESPN 100.9-FM General Manager Matt DeVries said. “He brings nearly two decades of experience covering the teams we all care about in this state. And with his show airing in the early afternoon, we’ll now have local sports talk for six hours each day.”

Although Shep, Shower ‘N’ Shave will fill an afternoon timeslot on ESPN 1000, it airs live on its flagship station WDFN in Detroit from 6am9am.  Shepard will have already began his broadcast six hours before it airs on ESPN 1000, but the station values the opportunity to give listeners local content even though it won’t be live.

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.

Sports Radio News

Bob Ramsey Joins KFNS For Mid Day Show

“Bob Ramsey is a mainstay of sportscasting in St. Louis.”



With Tim McKernan moving his shows to Hubbard’s St. Louis custer of stations, there has been some lineup shuffling going on at 590 AM, where his The Morning After used to occupy morning drive.

The latest move according to Dan Caesar of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, is the return of Bob Ramsey to sports talk radio in St. Louis. Ramsey will partner with Nate Lucas, who comes to town from Springfield, where he hosted a show on Jock 98.7 FM until he was fired in 2020 for making comments about Kamala Harris that were deemed offensive.

Bob Ramsey is a mainstay of sportscasting in St. Louis. His TV and radio career in the city date back 35 years, when he first took over as the play-by-play voice of the St. Louis University Billikens, a position he still holds today. He was also on the city’s first sports talk station, KGLD, when it launched in 1992.

Ramsey and Lucas will be on the air at KFNS from noon until two on the weekdays.

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Sports Radio News

John Kincade Buys ‘’ After Daryl Morey Makes Joke

“I’m imploring people not to get too attached to Ballsack Sports tweets.”



During an appearance on Philadelphia’s The Mike Missanelli Show, 76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey made what came off as a throwaway joke about NBA trade rumors.

But Missanelli’s fellow 97.1 The Fanatic host, John Kincade, took the joke and ran with it for a funny, possibly opportunistic purchase.

First, the trade rumor that led to the joke. Missanelli asked Morey about rumors of a deal that would send Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, and Matisse Thybulle to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for Buddy Hield, Tyrese Haliburton, Harrison Barnes, and two first-round picks. Morey dismissed the sources for most of these reports.

“We had a trade debated, it may have even been this one, that was tweeted out by Ballsack Sports,” said Morey, acknowledging that Sixers fans are starved for news. “People were treating that it was a real thing. I think that was yesterday or two days ago. Like, I’m imploring people not to get too attached to Ballsack Sports tweets.”

You can hear the exchange for yourself at the 11:43 mark below:

There is, in fact, a Ballsack Sports Twitter account. But the trade that the account claimed to report involved the Golden State Warriors, not the Sacramento Kings.

(To be fair, Missanelli was using rumors that have been posted elsewhere to get an idea of what Morey might be seeking in a deal.)

Naturally, Ballsack Sports took Morey’s remark and edited it to take credit for reporting accurate trade news.

But more importantly, Ballsack Sports doesn’t have a website. It’s just a Twitter account. That left an opportunity for someone to purchase the “” domain. On his show Friday morning, Kincade announced that he did just that.

Those looking for an opportunity in sports media might want to keep an eye on what Kincaid does with that domain. It appears that he’s looking for absurd content, so applicants and pitches should probably start thinking of the most ridiculous trade rumors possible.

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Sports Radio News

Golic & Stugotz Could Have Been ESPN Radio Morning Show

“It was going to me and my son and either Trey or Stu or Jason.”



Mike Golic sat down with The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch yesterday to discuss what he’s been up to since leaving ESPN.

One of Golic’s main gigs has been appearing on Jon “Stugotz” Weiner’s podcast: STUpodity.  Golic explained the differences that come from doing both podcasting and radio.

“I did radio for a couple of decades, and you understand you can’t swear. You just don’t. Right now, I’m doing podcasts, but I still do radio hits. On the podcast, we obviously swear a little bit. Then I have to think, “OK, I’m now on radio and I can’t do that.” So that’s been kind of weird.”

While keeping tabs on which platform he’s on has presented its challenges, Golic said he enjoys getting to work with close friends.

He also revealed that at one point after Mike Greenberg left ESPN Radio, there was a real chance the new morning show on the network could have been Golic & Stugotz instead of Golic & Wingo.

“Stu and I have always wanted to work together. When there was going to be a new (ESPN Radio) morning show, Stu and Jason Fitz were in the running for Trey’s spot. It was going to me and my son and either Trey or Stu or Jason. Stu and my son Mike have done podcasts together as well. Let me just say this: Stu and I are going to be working together a lot. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’ll let you know when all that’s going on.”

Along with the podcast, Golic has done a couple other jobs analyzing college football and the NFL and says he enjoys listening to his son’s (Mike Golic Jr.) daily radio show.

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