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Multiple World Series Radio Broadcasts Go Silent



In 2015 the Fox broadcast for Game 1 of the World Series was interrupted for 23 minutes due to technical difficulties.  It wasn’t quite as long this year, but the radio broadcasts during Wednesday night’s Game 2 between the Dodgers and Red Sox went silent due to a power outage.

Anyone listening to ESPN Radio, the Dodgers Spanish broadcast or the Red Sox flagship WEEI had their audio disappear during the fifth inning as Boston was in the midst of a bases-loaded rally.  ESPN radio rebounded from the outage quickly as play-by-play announcer Dan Shulman continued calling the game through his cell-phone, having it relayed through ESPN headquarters and broadcast to the audience until the issue was fixed.

While it wasn’t long before the power outage was repaired and all three broadcasts were up and running again, it was a great job by ESPN to make sure the audience could hear the action even if it meant calling JD Martinez’s go-ahead hit for the Red Sox in Game 2 of the 2018 World Series through a cell phone.

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.

Sports Radio News

Ian Rapoport Ditches ‘Gresh & Keefe’ for Phone Call on Breaking News

“That’s the first time that’s happened to us all season.”



With the NFL coaching carousel going full speed, news of the next head coach, coordinator or general manager hiring could break at any time.

That means NFL insiders like Ian Rapoport are basically on-call in case a shoe drops and news of a hiring needs to be reported. A perfect example of this happened Thursday while the NFL Network reporter was a guest on WEEI’s Gresh & Keefe.

After talking about the potential head coaching landing spots for Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, Rapoport was asked about the possibility of the NFL changing its overtime rules following this past weekend’s divisional round game when his phone went off.

“Plus, at the time, the focus was more on… you know… oh, shoot — I just got a text, I gotta go,” Rapoport said before the call suddenly ended.

Shocked, there was some initial laughter before Andy Gresh responded to what just happened.

“Well now, there goes Ian Rapoport,” he said.

“That’s the first time that’s happened to us all season,” show producer Chris Scheim added.

You can listen to the full segment here.

This wasn’t the first time Rapoport has abruptly ended an interview due to his phone buzzing, and Gresh and Rich Keefe brought up the identical occurrence involving Rapoport and former Washington, D.C. host Chad Dukes.

Dukes notoriously called Rapoport a “son of a bitch” and a “douche” after he twice had to quickly leave a hit being pre-recorded. That led to a brief tiff between the two and Rapoport eventually re-appeared the next day to apologize for jumping so soon and demanded an apology from Dukes for cursing him. Dukes did not apologize for calling him an SOB.

Gresh noted that wasn’t how they were going to handle what had happened, even though it was sudden and left them hanging.

“It happens,” Gresh said. “Now we can at least circle back if we have something at 1:30.”

Turns out the news was the Chicago Bears hiring Matt Eberflus as their next head coach. Gresh and company joked they made Rapoport late to being first to break the news, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted it out a minute before Rapoport could.

They finished talking about what had happened, teased a Boston Bruins segment, and then tossed to commercial. But it was certainly a moment on-air talent doesn’t necessarily plan for or anticipate.

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Sports Radio News

Shaquille O’Neal Calls Miami Zoo Director to Confirm Gorillas Are Scared By Him

“Every zoo in the world they go crazy. They try to break out the damn thing and try to fight me.”



Shaquille O’Neal is easily one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. It’s not just because he was such a great NBA player, but also because Shaq is just a massive human being.

And apparently any time Shaq finds himself at a zoo’s gorilla enclosure, the alpha male takes notice of the NBA champion as well and feels threatened. He then takes a defensive position.

Shaq discussed the oddity that occurs while opening a recent episode of his podcast, The Big Podcast with Shaq, and even dialed up the director of the Miami Zoo to confirm.

“Tell them what happens when I walk by the gorilla exhibit,” Shaq said to Zoo Director Ron Magill. Podcast co-hosts Nischelle Turner and Spice Adams thought Shaq was joking, but Magill indeed explained what happens with their alpha gorilla.

“He gets intimidated and he looks at Shaq and thinks that Shaq’s going to take away his girls,” said Magill, who’s a regular on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “And he gets tight-lipped and tries to stand up and make himself look as big as possible. But at the end of the day, he backs off. He knows who’s the boss.”

Turner and Adams couldn’t help but hold back their laughter. But Shaq said this always happens no matter which zoo he visits.

“Every zoo in the world they go crazy,” he said. “They try to break out the damn thing and try to fight me.”

Gorillas are among some of the world’s most dangerous and strongest animals. So Shaq is probably thankful every time the alpha male changes his posture there’s a barrier between them.

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Sports Radio News

Sean Thompson Named New Program Director of Arizona Sports 98.7 FM

“Thompson has spent the past ten years in Atlanta, working for 92.9 The Game as its Assistant Brand Manager.”



After going thru a nationwide search over the past few months, Bonneville Phoenix has found their man. The company has announced the hiring of Sean Thompson as Program Director of 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station and ESPN 620 Phoenix.

Thompson has spent the past ten years in Atlanta with 92.9 The Game as its Assistant Brand Manager. He played a key role alongside former PD Terry Foxx building and developing The Game into a southeast sports radio powerhouse. Over the past two years with Foxx in Charlotte, he’s reported to Audacy VP of Programming Reggie Rouse, assuming more day to day responsibility. Among his duties, managing the station’s play by play partnerships with the Atlanta Falcons, Hawks and United FC, and keeping The Game’s talk shows on track and in a strong ratings position.

“It was going to need to be the ultimate opportunity for me to leave The Game and I’ve found it,” said Thompson. “With the talented talk shows, flagship relationships with all the local teams and full commitment to digital content, the potential for the Arizona Sports super brand is limitless.”

Thompson takes over for Rod Lakin, who left the station in October to become Sports Radio WIP’s brand manager in Philadelphia.

“Sean is the perfect person to lead Arizona’s Sports Station to new heights,” shared Bonneville Phoenix SVP/Market Manager Ryan Hatch. “He is strategic, creative, collaborative and we can’t wait to see what he will do to continue to grow the Arizona Sports brand on all channels.”

Thompson’s industry experience should serve him well moving into his new role. In addition to his work at 92.9 The Game, he’s also spent six years in Madison, WI as an On-Air host and Program Director, and five years with Westwood One working in their Affiliate Relations department.

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