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Costa’s St. Louis Return in Question



Sports radio host, Dino Costa could be headed back to St. Louis, but a move that seemed official just days ago, is now questionable.

The plan was for Costa to join KFNS 590 in St. Louis each weekday from 11pm – 2am, a return to the station he spent just six weeks at in 2016 .  Costa was supposed to start on December 3rd, but his debut was put on hold, with station owner Randy Markel stating he wants to find a more prominent timeslot for the controversial radio host, a process that should take no longer than a month.

However, Dino’s stalled return to KFNS coincided with people digging up racially charged social media comments and connecting them with Costa.

“Unfortunately there are a number of people who have trolled me, who have purported to be me on various Twitter accounts,” Costa told the St. Louis Post Dispatch. “Like a lot of people who have to put up with this kind of stuff, whatever has been posted certainly doesn’t constitute my own feelings and I certainly abhor this.” Costa added “The people who know me best know my heart and DNA does not include those kind of thoughts. It’s despicable.”

While KFNS plans to investigate the social media claims, Markel told the Post-Dispatch Costa’s delayed start was caused by a need to reshuffle the station’s lineup and nothing to do with social media.

“If I did find out they’re true, that would affect things, but I don’t think that’s the case,” said Markel. “I just don’t think he’s that nutty. It just doesn’t make sense for him to do something like that. Knowing they could be traced to him, why would he sabotage himself? He’s promised to me he’d be nothing but a soldier. I think this is typical social media BS.”

Costa is a highly talented sports radio host, but his commentary on politics and social issues have certainly played a role in his struggle to find a consistent home on the dial following his five-year run at SiriusXM.  After being let go from SXM in 2013 Costa attempted to create his own platform, charging listeners an annual fee.  Costa also had short stints in St. Louis, Portland and most recently New York before announcing plans to head back to KFNS.

In January of this year, Costa joined 970 The Answer in New York, brokering his own show four days a week from midnight – 3am in hopes of it spring-boarding into a bigger opportunity.  That opportunity never came to fruition in New York, with Costa ending his show on 970 last month.

“But I’m not dead yet,” wrote Costa on his blog.  “Discouragement? Yes. Depression? For sure. A few other things. Humbled? Yes. Regretful?  Of some things, no question. But none of these things I mention has anything to do with my on-air presentation.  In other words, while I have felt regret for some things over the last 5-years, none of it has anything to do with how I do my radio show.”

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.

Sports Radio News

Danny Parkins To Texas Governor: ‘Kiss My Ass’

“You don’t care about Chicago, you are using Chicago as a red herring, as a slur.”



The mass shooting that took place on Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas captured the attention of the nation.

Remarks from Texas Gov. Greg Abbot in the aftermath of the tragedy got the attention of Danny Parkins and Matt Spiegel on 670 The Score in Chicago.

Gov. Abbot brought up the fact that Chicago has a gun violence problem even though gun laws in the city are among the strictest in the country.

Parkins took issue with the Texas governor trying to score political points by dunking on Chicago in a moment of tragedy.

“You don’t care about Chicago, you are using Chicago as a red herring, as a slur,” Parkins said. “And if we want to talk about Chicago, we can talk about Chicago with facts…What about Chicago? Kiss my ass, Greg Abbot. I can’t stand it, man. It’s so insulting.”

What about Chicago is often a talking point from one side of the gun control issue that suggests despite having such tough laws on firearm ownership, thousands of people each year in the city end up shooting victims. Therefore gun control laws don’t work to prevent mass shootings.

Parkins used that phrase for good last year, putting on the What About Chicago Radiothon. The station fundraiser in 2021 raised more that $660,000 for Athletes for Justice and Austin Harvest.

Parkins explained Wednesday that the problems in the Windy City are multi-faceted. Yes, gun violence issues exist, but Parkins said “it is a problem that many, many, many, many people care deeply about and are trying to solve, but it’s a separate problem.”

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Mike Breen Explains How The Knicks, Heat Rivalry Affected Him and Eric Reid

“I’m just one of the voices of the NBA. For example, for Miami Heat fans, there’s only one voice of the NBA, and that’s my buddy Eric Reid.”



Mike Breen and Eric Reid have history. But it’s a good history.

Breen was in Miami for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, which he called for ESPN/ABC. Talking to Jonathan Zaslow on WQAM in Miami on Wednesday, Breen said he didn’t like being called the voice of the NBA because there are so many other great broadcasters, like Reid, out there.

“I’m just one of the voices of the NBA” explained Breen. “For example, for Miami Heat fans, there’s only one voice of the NBA, and that’s my buddy Eric Reid. We’re all part of a great fraternity and all thrilled to be calling games. That’s for sure.”

Reid has been part of the Miami Heat radio crew since the team’s inaugural season. He took over as the play-by-play voice of the team’s radio call in 1991.

Zaslow, who has handled studio duties on the Heat’s radio broadcasts since 2010, told Breen that Reid had told him stories about the 1990’s battles between the Heat and the New York Knicks. He said he remembered things even becoming intense between the two broadcasters at times.

“Because the Knicks and the Heat used to fight, Eric and I had some nasty fights back in the day,” Breen joked.

Mike Breen will call the NBA Finals for ESPN and ABC. Breen was named Outstanding Personality/Play-By-Play at the Sports Emmys this week as well.

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WSJS Adjusts Format To News & Sports Mix In Winston-Salem

“Afternoon host Josh Graham will remain on staff. His show The Drive will continue to air from 3 until 6 pm.”



Truth Broadcasting isn’t sticking to sports. WSJS, which originates from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and also serves Greensboro, is transitioning from all sports talk to a mix of conservative talk and sports.

“While WSJS enjoyed providing the Piedmont Triad with a 24/7 sports format, so much was lost with our connection to the Triad community with little to no live and local talk, news features, guest host hours, award-winning talk shows and more. Now, we’ve remedied that. Just wait until you hear it!” Market Manager Tom Hamilton said in a press release.

Afternoon host Josh Graham will remain on staff. His show The Drive will continue to air from 3 until 6 pm. Nights will be filled by the Rich Eisen Show, followed by programming from CBS Sports Network. The station will also continue to carry local high school play-by-play and the Duke Blue Devils.

The station will add a local morning show featuring Jeffrey Griffin. Triad Today will air from 7-10 AM. WSJS will also feature syndicated shows from Brian Kilmeade, Todd Starnes and Charlie Kirk.

WSJS can be heard on 600 AM as well as four translators. The station’s new weekday lineup goes into effect on June 6. It is listed in full below.

5 AM-6 AM – First Light

6 AM-7 AM – America In The Morning

7 AM-10 AM – Triad Today With Jeffrey Griffin (9 AM-10 AM – Expert Hour)
10 AM-12 NOON – The Brian Kilmeade Show

NOON-2 PM – The Todd Starnes Show

2 PM-3 PM – The Charlie Kirk Show

3 PM-6 PM – The Drive With Josh Graham

6 PM-9 PM – THE Rich Eisen Show

9 PM-10 PM – THE Zach Gelb Show

10 PM-2 AM – JR Sportsbrief

2 AM-5 AM – Amy Lawrence

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