Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

BSM Podcast – Season 4 – Episode 7 – Nick Cattles – ESPN Radio 94.1

Nick Cattles’ professional journey has taken him from Providence to Boston to Virginia Beach, back to Boston, and back again to Virginia Beach. During that time he’s grown from a board operator to a producer of high profile talent to a weekday talk show host who doubles as a program director. Over the course of this 45 minute conversation you’ll learn about his start in the business, the highs and lows he experienced in Boston, transitioning to a new city he had no prior connection to, and much more.


  • Who interested him in talk radio
  • When and where he got his first break
  • The initial job interview process with 98.5 The Sports Hub
  • How Gresh and Zolak would describe Nick as a producer
  • Battling with hosts over show ideas and direction
  • How he earned air time at 98.5 The Sports Hub
  • Adjusting to a new market and audience in Virginia Beach
  • How he found out about the job opening in Virginia Beach
  • Lessons he learned relocating to a city that was different from Boston
  • Why he returned to 98.5 The Sports Hub to host at night
  • The pros and cons of his on-air partnership with Adam Jones
  • What makes Mike Thomas a great PD and where he can improve
  • Working with Toucher & Rich and Mike Felger
  • How to describe working in Boston sports radio
  • What his daily routine consists of at ESPN Radio 94.1
  • The areas of his game that are strong and need improvement
  • QUICK HITS: Best on-air and behind the scenes talent at 98.5 The Sports Hub…Who’s taught him the most about radio…Advice to his 23 year old self…fast food for a month or no hand sanitizer for a month


Nick’s Twitter handle: @NickCRadio