Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

BSM Podcast – Season 4 – Episode 8 – Michelle Smallmon – 101 ESPN

St. Louis sports radio personality Michelle Smallmon never planned to work in the sports radio business, but a few different experiences in college convinced her to change her career direction. After getting a start at 101 ESPN as Bernie Miklasz’s producer, she moved to the ESPN Radio network to produce Ryen Russillo, Danny Kanell, Jorge Sedano and others. Those experiences allowed her to grow and return home to St. Louis where she now weighs in on the teams she loves most while also helping to shape 101’s social media strategy.


  • How she initially became interested in sports media
  • Landing her first opportunity at 101 ESPN
  • The interview process to work with Bernie Miklasz
  • What she learned producing him
  • Being contacted for an opportunity in Bristol with ESPN Radio
  • Working the evening shift with Jorge Sedano
  • Moving to daytime to help Ryen Russillo and Danny Kanell
  • What a typical day of producing national radio involved
  • Why she chose to leave Bristol to return to St. Louis
  • Adjusting from being Bernie’s producer to his on-air partner
  • The best and hardest parts of working on a morning show
  • What brands do that catches her attention on social media
  • Areas where brands miss the mark on social media
  • The differences in working in TV
  • Quick Hits: More important – the next Cardinals WS title or another Blues Stanley Cup, Biggest heartbreak of her STL sports lifetime, the person who’s taught her most locally and nationally, toughest part of working for Jason Barrett


Michelle’s Twitter handle: @MSmallmon