Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

BSM Podcast – Season 4 – Episode 10 – Dave Tepper – Altitude Sports Radio 92.5

“Having programmed in Houston, Omaha, and Denver, Dave Tepper shares his views on the business, and what each of his career steps have taught him.”

Twenty one years ago, an aspiring comedian in Los Angeles got his first taste of the radio business. He hasn’t looked back since. Dave Tepper caught the bug listening to Howard Stern, and over the years worked as an on-air performer before choosing to move behind the scenes and explore a career as a programmer. His travels have taken him from L.A. to Austin, Houston, Omaha and Denver, and during this 35+ minute chat, he shares his career story as well as his thoughts on managing talent and building winning brands.


  • Who he first listened to that made him interested in radio
  • The horror story of moving from California to Texas
  • Being thrown into the sports radio fire in Austin
  • Landing a job in Houston and learning programming
  • Adjusting from working for Cumulus to Gow Media
  • Developing the right identity for ESPN 97.5
  • Why he chose to move from Houston to Omaha
  • How he handles watching a former station make changes
  • The letter grade he’d give Altitude 92.5 for its last year of progress
  • Why brands generate strong TSL and how to increase cume
  • Sports radio programmers he has a high opinion of
  • Quick Hits: Hardest part of running a sports radio station, Difference between a good and great GM, The quality that matters most in on-air talent, one programming move he wishes he could have back.


Dave’s Twitter handle: @DaveJTepper