Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

BSM Podcast – Season 4 – Episode 11 – Matthew Coller – SKOR North

“Matthew reflects on a broadcasting journey that has led him from upstate NY to Minneapolis.”

Matthew Coller didn’t set out to build a career in sports radio. He wanted to be a writer. As luck would have it, an opportunity in upstate NY opened his eyes to the possibilities sports talk presented, and a decade later he’s found a way to blend his penchant for writing and his passion for sharing insights and opinions with an audience. Now located in Minneapolis and a key part of SKOR North’s lineup, Matthew reflects on his climb up the ladder, and the things he’s learned covering sports in Minnesota.


  • How he first got involved in the sports radio business
  • Getting hired at WGR and what his duties included
  • What it is that makes WGR a successful brand
  • Howard Simon’s work ethic and likeability
  • Allan Davis and Andy Roth’s differences and similarities
  • Landing an opportunity in Minneapolis with 1500 ESPN
  • Earning trust from an audience in a new market
  • Evolving from a reporter to a talk show host
  • Working with ex-athletes and how to gain their respect
  • SKOR North’s approach and why he believes in it
  • The silliness in sports radio that two sports stations can’t both win
  • Quick Hits: Better broadcaster – him or his wife, Most underrated part of living in Minneapolis, PD who taught him most, 30-days without Twitter or Diet Soda.


Matthew’s Twitter handle: @MatthewColler