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Matt Jones Signs 5 Year Extension With iHeart

“Following his hiatus earlier this month Jones joined KSR for a couple of shows, but won’t return full-time until Dec. 26.”



When Matt Jones was thinking long and hard about running for a seat in the U.S. Senate, he knew if he chose not to challenge Kentucky’s incumbent Mitch McConnell, he would sign an extension with iHeart.

Earlier this month, Jones stepped away from his iHeart sports radio show to seriously consider a Senate run. Rumors of Jones running as a democratic candidate against McConnell swirled for months, with the radio host even forming an exploratory committee. 10 days after stating he will not run against McConnell in 2020, Jones announced a new five-year contract with iHeart for his Kentucky Sports Radio Show. 

Although Jones is not running for Senate, simply pondering the move has undoubtedly generated additional notoriety for his KSR brand and upcoming book, Mitch, Please! How Mitch McConnell Sold Out Kentucky (and America too), taking aim at Kentucky’s Senior United States Senator as he bids for his seventh term. 

Following his hiatus earlier this month Jones joined KSR for a couple of shows, but won’t return full-time until Dec. 26. According to Jones, his KSR co-contributors, Ryan Lemond, Drew Franklin and Shannon “The Dude” Grigsby, will continue to be featured on the show.

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.

Sports Radio News

Chris Simms Defends His QB Rankings To Dan Patrick

Chris Simms joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss his annual quarterback rankings, and defend some of his positions.



NBC Sports/Peacock

When one has a successful parent, it can be heard to emerge from their shadow, particularly within the same field. Chris Simms has followed his father Phil into both the NFL and the broadcasting world. The younger Simms has found a distinctive niche in infuriating NFL fanbases in mass with his annual quarterback rankings.

Simms went on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday to discuss the rankings, which are unveiled sequentially over a period of time, and defend some of his positions. There is never a shortage of polarizing picks on the list, and the 2021 rankings were no exception. Reigning Super Bowl champion and widely accepted greatest QB ever Tom Brady came in at No. 10 on the list, behind newly-acquired Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford. When asked about it, Simms chastised the Detroit Lions for their lack of help for the quarterback in 2020, and mentioned Brady benefitting from the talent around him.

“I can look at Tampa Bay and they lost five (games) in the regular season, you can legitimately look at all five and say the main culprit in all five losses was Tom Brady.”

McLovin asked him to defend his pick of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray at No. 7 while asking why the Cardinals are picked by many to finish last in their division. Simms said he is intrigued by some of the offseason additions by the birds out in the desert, but did not appear to be impressed by head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s offense.

“He (Murray) makes them considerably better in my opinion,” Simms said. “They’re out of that spread, four wide. It’s a little predictable, and he’s the reason it goes.”

Anyone that has perused NFL Twitter in the last calendar year has seen a spirited discussion and a slew of blocked accounts stemming from the debate over Miami Dolphins second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Simms has Tagovailoa outside of the top 32 quarterbacks in his rankings, and Patrick asked if Simms believes the Alabama product should be starting in the NFL.

“There’s question marks, certainly,” he said. “They had to micromanage him and whenever they had to let it loose, they had to put Ryan Fitzpatrick in. People think I hate Tua. I root for him, I like the guy, he’s charismatic as hell, no doubt about it, (but) there’s nothing to write home about from last year.”

The order of the top four quarterbacks on the list will be revealed on Monday with Simms refusing to give Patrick any insight ahead of time. That did not stop Simms from summing up the predestined outcome of the rankings.

“I’m just setting myself up to get crapped on, and I deal with it every year.”

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Sports Radio News

Sacramento Kings Sign Extension With Radio Partner KHTK

KHTK has been the Kings radio rights holder since 1994.



Courtesy: KHTK

Sacramento Kings radio broadcasts aren’t going anywhere for the time being. The team announced today that Sports 1140 KHTK will continue as the radio home for Kings games. The announcement shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given the strong relationship built between the two since KHTK acquired the rights in 1994.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with KHTK, providing an incomparable experience for the best fans in the NBA,” Sacramento Kings President of Business Operations John Rinehart said in a press release. “KHTK brings a shared passion for the community, and their broadcast not only paints the picture of game action but also provides a high level of entertainment for listeners.”

If it ends with “game” then KHTK has it covered as they continue broadcasting pregame, halftime, and postgame coverage. All of those segments a part of the entire preseason and regular-season schedule that KHTK is handling.

“We are excited to continue our relationship with the Sacramento Kings for years to come,” Bonneville Sacramento Senior Vice President/ Market Manager Steve Cottingim said. “Bonneville’s commitment to our local community continues to make KHTK the perfect home for our Sacramento Kings.”

KHTK is one of the more powerful radio stations in California. A staple in Sacramento with a 50,000-Watt signal. Fans can rely on tuning in from nearly any part of the Sacramento area. On top of that, the Kings faithful can access the KHTK app, which allows fans within a 75-mile radius of the arena to listen to home and away games.

“Having the opportunity to work on the radio broadcasts for the team and to work for the radio station, I feel the passion of this fan base and the community,” said KHTK Program Director and Kings radio voice Jason Ross.

I’m sure fans and KHTK would love to have the team back at their early-2000s peak. The Kings have not made the playoffs since 2006, marking the longest playoff drought in the NBA.

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Seth Greenberg Tells Dan Dakich Unnamed Sources Are Dangerous

“People want to be in everyone’s pocket and get a click and get someone’s attention. I think it’s irresponsible”



With six head coaching vacancies currently in the NBA, one name that always seems to pop up around this time is Kentucky head coach John Calipari. In an article written by Ben Rohrbach and Vincent Goodwill at Yahoo Sports, Calipari was mentioned as a head coaching candidate with an executive telling Yahoo that “college basketball is a sinking ship.”

That was a topic on The Dan Dakich Show on 93.5 and 107.5 the Fan in Indianapolis on Thursday when Dakich was joined by ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg. The two of them host the Courtside with Greenberg and Dakich podcast

As the conversation continued about the report that Calipari is open to coaching in the NBA, the two of them talked about reporting and the use of sources. As Greenberg put it, a source could be anyone, so he is always skeptical when unnamed sources are cited.

“Everyone wants to speculate. I have one source. I just pick up the phone and call the coach. I don’t get into all that stuff. Guys hide behind the word sources. What’s your source? It could be the guy in the equipment room. I took a course when I was in college called writing for the media and part of it was showing you how to write…a source could be anyone.

“’Sources say someone close to Dan Dakich’. That could be the person down the hallway at your radio station. He’s close to him. He’s not close friends with him, but he’s close to him. You can get away with that.”

If the source is giving the reporter information for a very important story, Seth Greenberg feels it should not be anonymous.

“People want to be in everyone’s pocket and get a click and get someone’s attention. I think it’s irresponsible….When people start rumors and use the word sources.. if the source is good enough, put the person’s name next to it.” 

Greenberg says he wouldn’t buy the report Calipari wanted to coach in the NBA again unless he read a quote from Calipari himself. The ESPN analyst said otherwise, he would not buy any stories or reports because “everyone wants to speculate.” 

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