Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Brandon Tierney, Kevin Durant Involved in Twitter Spat

CBS Sports Radio host Brandon Tierney took to Twitter on Wednesday night to express some apathy towards the Brooklyn Nets. What he didn’t expect is that it would be the start of a lengthy back and forth with the team’s biggest star.

Tierney noticed that there has been very little discussion of the team this season even with long winning streaks and long losing streaks.

That post caught the eye of Kevin Durant.

KD, who signed with the Nets in the offseason, is yet to play a game for the team. He is recovering from an Achilles tear he suffered in the NBA Finals. That seemed to be what Tierney was referencing in his response.

Durant is no stranger to Twitter feuds. Remember, he was busted for having burner accounts to clap back at fans and the media in the past. It isn’t a surprise that he’d bite back rather than letting the comment slide.

The final post in the exchange belonged to Tierney who tried to defuse tension by wishing Durant well in his recovery.

It is not expected that Durant will see much action (if any at all) this season as he recovers. Meanwhile, Brandon Tierney’s plate remains full as co-host of CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki & Tierney, host of the Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Bear, and analyst on the CBS Sports Network’s The Other Pre-Game Show.