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Running List of iHeart Employees Laid Off This Week



Like so many in the industry, Barrett Sports Media is keeping an eye on the news out of iHeartMedia stations around the country today. Hundreds of employees are expected to be laid off from the company. We intend to keep a running list of names and contact info (if provided) in hopes that it helps them all find future employment.

If you or someone you know was effected by the layoffs, reach out to Jason at


  • Ken Place (Producer at Fox Sports 980)


  • Cliff Bennett (PD and Digital Content Director at Fox Sports 1340)



  • Mario DeRamus (Producer, Studio Engineer, and Host at ESPN 1530)
  • Grant Knowles (Producer and Studio Engineer for Reds games)


  • Lori Scmidt (Sports reporter at 610 WTVN)
  • Stan Jackson (610 WTVN Buckeye football analyst)
  • Dave Maetzold (610WTVN, sports reporter and Buckeye football pre-game host)


  • Alex Womer (Host at Fox Sports 1330)



  • Derek Schultz (Afternoon drive co-host on Fox Sports 1260)
  • Jake Query (Afternoon drive co-host on Fox Sports 1260)



  • John Ramsey (Afternoon host on 790 KRD)
  • Mike Rutherford (Afternoon co-host on 790 KRD) –


  • Shea Raftus (Mid day producer on 97.3 the Game) –
  • Dario Melendez (Mid day host on 97.3 the Game)


  • Mike Lucas (Morning host on The Big 1070)


  • The Shot Doctor (Afternoon co-host at 96.9 FM The Game)


  • Bob McLaughlin (Producer of Mark Madden’s show on 105.9 The X)


  • Carl Falk (Host at Fox Sports 1280)


  • Cliff Avril (Mid day co-host on KJR and Former Seahawk)



  • Jeremie Poplin (PD/Afternoon host at AM 1430 the Buzz)

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Kevin Harlan Happy To Be Associated With Calls Of Fans On The Field

“Harlan says those are some of the moments when fans get to hear him at his most comfortable and authentic.”



Kevin Harlan has had a sportscasting career anyone in the industry would envy. He has called Super Bowls for Westwood One, NBA Conference Finals for TNT, and a plethora of NFL Playoff games for CBS. Still, he is well aware that when most sports fans hear his name, they think about the weird things that aren’t supposed to happen on the field but do.

Martin Kilcoyne of FOX2 in St. Louis sat down with Harlan for an interview over the weekend. The two touched on Harlan’s history with the Cardinals, where his dad was the PR Director during his youth. Harlan reminisced about building model airplanes with Bob Gibson and being welcomed into the booth to sit along side Jack Buck.

He talked about landing play-by-play roles for the University of Missouri and the Kansas City Chiefs and about how he chose to stick with those jobs rather than go to KMOX to join the St. Louis Cardinals broadcast team.

Kilcoyne said that most people think of “the idiot on the field” when they think of Harlan. He has incorporated calls of drunk fans and animals running onto football fields into his Westwood One broadcasts.

Harlan says those are some of the moments when fans get to hear him at his most comfortable and authentic.

“They were just fun moments and that was just clear,” Harlan told Kilcoyne. “I mean, if anyone listens to me, they know that is kind of part of it for me. I like to have fun. I like to laugh. I mean, we all do, but that’s what that was.”

Given all of the games and moments people have experienced with Harlan’s voice, he says it is strange to think the call of a cat running loose on the field at MetLife Stadium is what so many people will first think of when they hear his name.

“I like to think there is a call down the road here that will better do that. You know, I’ve been proud of my career. I think that all careers have a lot of tentacles to them. So this will be one of those tentacles. I’ll enjoy it if people have enjoyed it.”

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Laurence Holmes Gives Up CBS Sports Radio Show

Getting up at 3 a.m. was a grind, especially with all he has going on with his Chicago radio show through the week and booking guests to join him live at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning was beyond challenging.



Those who tuned in to CBS Sports Radio on Sunday morning to hear Laurence Holmes were left wondering why they were met with a different voice on the other end of the radio dial.

Holmes is no longer hosting the national show and he explained why on the most recent episode of his “House of L Podcast.”

The majority of his reasoning surrounded how it was affecting his lifestyle in a negative way both mentally and physically. Getting up at 3 a.m. was a grind, especially with all he has going on with his Chicago radio show through the week, and booking guests to join him live at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning was beyond challenging.

Laurence Holmes expressed that he has felt a lot of anxiety around putting the show together in a way that was different than what he would consider normal anxiety for his podcast or show on 670 The Score.

“I felt like there was a chore involved in doing it and it became less fun,” said Holmes.

While Holmes initially took the job to see if he could compete at a national level and put together a product that people around the country enjoyed – which many would say he succeeded in – he decided that the stress it added to his life wasn’t worth continuing.

He also told listeners that he has added other personal projects to his life, including possibly getting another degree.

Holmes said that he has felt relieved and very happy with his decision.

“I slept like a baby last night,” said Holmes.

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SportsRadio 610 Producer Brandon Porter Dies

Porter was a well-respected member of the SportsRadio 610 team.



SportsRadio 610 in Houston is carrying some heavy hearts around their building this week. Producer Brandon Porter passed away suddenly over the weekend. He was well-respected in and around the Houston sports radio scene, prompting an outpuring from his coworkers.

“Brandon Porter was a member of the team @SportsRadio610 for over 15 years,” SportsRadio 610 brand manager Armen Williams said on Twitter. “He was selfless, kind, hard-working and knew the #Astros farm system better than anyone I’ve met. He will be dearly missed in our building. Please pray for Brandon’s family during this time.”

Porter was known around the station as a diehard Astros fan with a thought on every player, all the way down to the guys in the farm system.

“BP was a super nice person, incredibly helpful in making the Texans postgame show the best it could be. And yes, bar none, the biggest Astros fan I’ve ever met. Rest in peace, BP,” SportsRadio 610 morning host Sean Pendergast tweeted.

Production was Porter’s main responsibility at the station, helping run college football, NFL games, and weekend broadcasts. He also filled in as a host during the week. His relentless work ethic drew respect throughout the building in Houston.

“We stayed the night at the station because we both had to be back at work the next day and we wasn’t sure how Hurricane Harvey was going to be. We ended up staying from Saturday to Wednesday and he worked the entire time,” Executive Producer Edward “Figgy Fig” Gilliard described.

“Him being a super Houston anything fan, but biggest Astros fan ever, I would always mention how Houston would trade for Trevor Bauer just to get him going lol,” Gilliard said. “Not to mention how he knows everything about the station. He knows how everything is ran, you can put him anywhere in the station and he can do it. So much stuff he taught me during my time at 610.”

Plenty of other Houston personalities past and present weighed in on Brandon Porter’s passing with condolences and fond memories.

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