Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

End Of Audience Network Spells Uncertainty For Eisen

“If Eisen’s show does halt when Audience Network ends next month, FOX Sports Radio affiliates can pick up The Herd with Colin Cowherd which airs in the same timeslot.”

The Rich Eisen Show, which has been available on the Audience Network for more than five years, is in search of a new home. The popular TV and radio host tweeted the news Thursday afternoon. 

Last week, AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, announced plans to transition their Audience Network into an HBO Max Preview Channel. The news signaled a potential impasse for Eisen and his partnership with the Audience Network. On Thursday, Eisen confirmed he was looking to find a new landing spot for his daily TV and radio show. 

The Rich Eisen Show launched on the Audience Network in October 2014. One month later, Eisen began simulcasting his show on FOX Sports Radio, a subsidiary of Premier Networks/iHeartRadio. If Eisen’s show does halt when Audience Network ends next month, FOX Sports Radio affiliates can pick up The Herd with Colin Cowherd which airs in the same timeslot.

But according to Eisen’s tweet, he’s already making progress toward finding a new broadcast partner. Eisen added that his show will be available on Audience Network until its last day, which will come at the end of February.   

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2 thoughts on “End Of Audience Network Spells Uncertainty For Eisen

  1. Eisen’s show could continue with the help and partnering of Dan Patrick his show is on Dan Patrick radio on Sirius and could be partnered with Dan on his app Rich also has his own app and website that air the show. Dan and Rich should partner their apps and Websites to make sure both shows have a viable stand alone digital presence. Dan is also on Fox Sports radio and his show is syndicated though Premiere the independent syndication division of iheart media. Dan and Riches shows currently air on the main fox Sports radio iheart feed. (The Herd airs on his own iheart channel.) Also AT&T airs a free live stream of the shows on b/r live. your report mentioned nothing about the last day for that feed. also Eisen’s show airs live on the 4 AT&T sports networks and Root Sports. these networks air in major markets Seattle, Portland, Denver, Pittsburgh, Houston, Las Vegas and Salt lake they also are seen in smaller markets Spokane, Boise, Colorado Springs, Bolder and areas of East Texas and Northern Louisiana. I think with all of the value between digital radio and TV Eisen will be able to continue his show

  2. There’s a typo in your column. In the second sentence you refer to Rich as a “popular” TV and radio host. No one is more unlikable. Please correct. Thanks.

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