Thu. Apr 22nd, 2021

Barstool Gold No Longer Behind Pay Wall

While the United States deals with the coronavirus, Barstool is doing its part to make quarantine a little easier. The company’s CEO Erika Nardini took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that the subscription service Barstool Gold will now be a free service.

Nardini’s tweet linked to a post on Barstool’s site written by the company’s President Dave Portnoy. In it, he writes that what Barstool does best is “help entertain people in shitty times.”

“We truly appreciate everybody who bought Barstool Gold. You guys are some of our best and most loyal fans and frankly we’re going to take a pretty big financial hit doing this, but I think everybody on our end thought it was the best move,” Portnoy writes. “Obviously, it’s a small gesture in the scheme of things, but hopefully puts some smiles on people’s faces. Also hopefully this works smoothly because Stu our tech guys seems to think this entire process is going to be a disaster, but we made him do it anyway.”

Barstool Gold launched in early 2019. Nardini announced that the service sold 10,000 subscriptions in its first three days. Barstool Gold had 30,000 subscribers by December of 2019.

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