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The Mighty 1090 To Relaunch As The Mightier 1090

“While most of The Mighty 1090’s weekday shows have since moved on to other San Diego radio stations, Scott Kaplan remained a free agent.”



San Diego’s former sports radio leader on the 1090-AM frequency is officially planning a relaunch as The Mightier 1090 this summer and it will include Scott Kaplan.

Two weeks ago, Andres Bichara who owns the 1090 transmitter surprisingly said on Twitter, “we will be back soon.” Now, investor Bill Hagen tells The San Diego Union-Tribune he has a lease with the Bichara family for five-years and plans to relaunch what used to be San Diego’s top-rated sports station within the next few months.

“Sports is going to be just part of it,” Hagen told The San Diego Union-Tribune of the new format. “There will be sports there — but it’s not going to be just 24/7 talking about sports. Absolutely, it will be about lifestyle.”

The Bichara family’s radio company, which owns the 1090 transmitter, is based in Mexico. They were forced to pull the plug on The Mighty 1090 last April following a dispute with the station’s operator, Broadcast Company of the Americas. Now, almost exactly one year later, plans are finally in motion to get 1090 back on-air.

While most of The Mighty 1090’s weekday shows have since moved on to other San Diego radio stations, Scott Kaplan remained a free agent. Instead of joining another station, Kaplan and former Chargers linebacker Billy Ray Smith continued Scott and BR as a daily live podcast, available on multiple platforms including a video stream on YouTube. 

After news broke earlier this month about a return for 1090, Kaplan put his odds of joining the station at 10/1, later increasing them to 4/1, but now it appears to be a sure thing. Kaplan will be heard on San Diego’s 1090 airwaves this summer, if not sooner, but it won’t be a conventional return to radio for the popular host. 

“This is not a traditional radio station,” Kaplan said during his Monday show on YouTube. 

Kaplan’s return to terrestrial radio comes in the form of a revenue sharing partnership, featuring the YouTube show he launched last year. 

“This business is providing content to that business, that’s the relationship and it’s a completely different model in radio” he added. Kaplan compared his partnership with 1090 to a syndication model. “It’s not just radio, it’s a YouTube show that happened to go back on the radio.

According to Kaplan, it also might be time to rebrand his show. It’s been The Scott and BR Show for decades, but during the last two years co-host Smith has become a part-time contributor. Kaplan said he would love for Smith to return as his full-time co-host, but a continued part-time role seems more likely. 

The planned format of ‘lifestyle talk with some emphasis on sports,’ fits Kaplan’s hosting style. Even when live sports are in action, Kaplan’s show features a mixed bag of topics, with many entertaining tangents along the way. 

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Kentucky Sports Radio Joins On3 College Sports Network

KSR’s content has been independent for the past 16 years.



Courtesy: KSR

On3 just caught their first big fish in the fan site pond. The college sports and recruiting digital media company announced Kentucky Sports Radio as their first fansite to join the company.

The addition bolsters On3’s portfolio while giving KSR access to a wider swath of University of Kentucky fans. and founders created On3. The site is angling itself as a new player in the space.

“Kentucky Sports Radio is a significant addition to On3, and we are honored they are the first fansite to join the network,” CEO of On3 Shannon Terry said in a press release. “Not only is KSR the market leader, but it is also easily one of the largest fan sites in the industry, if not the largest.”

On3 plans on covering recruiting, college sports, and the NFL draft using their wide range of reporters and talent across the country.

“The decision to be the first site to join up with On3 was both difficult and easy,” KSR founder Matt Jones said. “The difficult part was giving up the complete independence that we have had since the creation of KSR 16 years ago. But it was easy because once I saw what On3 had in store and its plans for revolutionizing the coverage of college sports, I knew it was the best fit for KSR and all Kentucky fans.”

It’s not easy to give up 15-plus years of content independence, but the chance was too good for Jones and KSR to pass up.

“Joining On3 will ensure that KSR will remain the best site in America for the coverage of a collegiate sports team for the most loyal fans in all of America,” Jones said.

Jones, Drew Franklin, Tyler Thompson, and the whole KSR team are entering a new chapter in the site’s history as Wildcat Football gets set to kick off on Sept. 4th.

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Texans GM Tells SportsRadio 610 To Give Away His Money

The Texans finished with a 4-12 record in 2020.



Courtesy: SportsRadio 610

The Houston Texans are in a peculiar spot as an NFL franchise, but general manager Nick Caserio made one thing clear in a post-training camp press conference this week.

The longtime league executive shouted out “the guys at 610” and all of the faithful SportsRadio 610 listeners in Houston. “Maybe you guys can take a poll on how many transactions we are going to have,” Caserio said when asked about the number of roster moves the team will have during camp. “I’ll maybe give a hundred bucks to the winner.”

There you have it, Caserio’s is a man of his word and has thrown down the $100 gauntlet to correctly gauge his roster moves over the next month. The poll on SportsRadio 610’s website has four different multiple-choice options for fans to choose ranging from zero roster moves to 50-plus.

GMs usually have their reasons to avoid media chatter. Listening to talking heads rip your decisions or make suggestions for better moves isn’t a foolproof way to achieve success in the NFL. Yet, Caserio wants to have some fun with the fans and media in an endearing way.

Sexual assault allegations against star quarterback Deshaun Watson are still looming, and the team gutted its roster this offseason. All in all, Caserio stepped into a difficult situation, but he seems to be making lemonade out of lemons.

SportsRadio 610 is the Texans flagship affiliate. The station produces all things surrounding the game broadcasts each week of the season and supports three weekly shows on the team. They air the Romeo Crennel Show, on Mondays at 5 p.m. local time in Houston, the Texans Players Show, airing Tuesdays at 6 p.m., and Texans Replay, an hour-long condensed replay of the previous week’s Texans game, which broadcasts on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Click here for more info on the contest.

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Toronto Blue Jays Bring Back Radio Broadcast

“The decision coincides with the team’s return to the Rogers Center.”



The days of simulcasting are over in Toronto. The CBC is reporting that after going more than half the season without a dedicated radio call for their games, the Toronto Blue Jays will welcome back their radio crew on Friday night.

The decision coincides with the team’s return to the Rogers Center. The Blue Jays have not played a true home game in more than a year as Canada’s travel and COVID restrictions have forced the team to relocate to the United States temporarily in order not to be left out of the last two Major League Baseball seasons.

When making the announcement that games would be simulcast on TV and radio, Rogers Communications and the Blue Jays said it was a decision motivated by financial factors. It was unpopular with many people. In Canada, fans with vision issues said that they could not follow the game without the more descriptive radio call. In baseball, the team drew the ire of both fellow broadcasters and celebrity superfans.

“Taking the radio call away, we knew it would get a negative feedback — and it did,” Rob Corte, vice-president of Sportsnet and NHL production, told The Athletic. “There are certain elements of a radio broadcast that you can’t duplicate when you’re trying to have a broadcast of doing television and radio.”

Fans will get a paired down booth for the remainder of the season. Ben Wagner will be back at the dedicated radio play-by-play voice of the Toronto Blue Jays. He will be alone in calling the games though. Rogers will not provide a color commentator.

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