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Sports Radio 610 Climbs In Houston Winter Ratings

“Sports Radio 610 doubled its year-over-year performance to win the quarter in the Houston sports radio battle.”



With three sports radio stations vying for listeners in one market, the Houston ratings book is always interesting to look at. 

Traditionally, Houston’s numbers are lower than most of the Top 10 sports radio markets, but that doesn’t make the local competition any less pressure packed. For the winter book, according to Nielsen Audio, there was a clear picture of who shined during 2020’s first quarter, and it was Sports Radio 610. Program director Armen Williams made lineup changes last year, and the latest results have to give him and his team confidence that they’re on the right track. Though SportsTalk 790 and 97.5 ESPN Houston had quarterly declines, they remain formidable competition and could turn things around quickly, so nobody in the market should feel comfortable. 

Beginning with the weekday shows, 610’s morning show with Seth Payne and Sean Pendergast cracked the top-10 with a 3.1 share between 6a-10a. The station’s morning show was ranked 22nd at the same time last year, a big jump for Payne and Pendergast. ESPN Houston produced a 1 share, while 790 did a 0.7. It’s important to note that ESPN Houston breaks up the 4-hour window by offering a combination of Golic & WingoThe Bench with John Granato and Lance Zierlein (7 – 9a), followed by John & Raheel with Del (9 – 11a). SportsTalk 790’s morning show with Sean Salisbury fills the full 6 – 10a window.

In middays between 10a-2p, John Lopez and Landry Locker produced a 3 share, good enough to lead 610’s In the Loop to an 11th place tie. Similar to the morning show, the middday crew enjoyed a massive jump year-over-year rising up from 23rd place. SportsTalk 790 finished the 10a-3p daypart in 24th place. 790 features a combination of In The Trenches with ND Kalu and The Matt Thomas Show during that 5-hour block. 97.5 finished in 27th in the 10a-3p daypart. Their on-air programming during that time includes John & Raheel with Del, Charlie Pallilo and The Usual Suspects with Joel Blank and Barry Laminack.

In afternoons, Clint Stoerner won the quarter by generating a 2.9 share to earn a tie for 15th place. ESPN Houston’s performance in the traditional PM drive daypart (M-F 3p-7p) was a 1.2 share. The station aired 1-hour of The Usual Suspects and The Blitz with Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman during the full daypart. SportsTalk 790 was third among the sports stations in afternoons. The A-Team w/ Wexler and Clanton (M-F 3p-6p) and The Nightcap (M-F 6p-7p) delivered a 0.7 which placed 790 in 25th place.

In weekday prime (M-F 6a – 7p), 610 was 14th with a 2.9 share, doubling their year-over-year performance. ESPN Houston and SportsTalk 790 finished 24th and 25th respectively, both earning below a 1 share.

Sports Radio News

Greg McElroy: ‘Kayvon Thibodeaux Offended Me’

“McElroy, while offended, decided to offer some friendly competition to Thibodeaux.”



Top NFL Draft Prospect, Kayvon Thibodeaux, had some harsh comments for the Crimson Tide in his interview with FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt on Monday.  The Oregon defensive end claimed the difference in the quality of education between Oregon and Alabama was the reason he ultimately chose to head to Eugene out of high school.

“I already hate the stigmatism of football players being dumb jocks,” Thibodeaux said in an interview with FOX’s Joel Klatt. “So now, do you know the stigmatism of Alabama education? It ain’t the West Coast. It ain’t Harvard.” 

Thibodeaux continued to bash the Southern institution’s quality and reputation. 

“If I would have went to Alabama … I don’t know if my degree would mean anything,” Thibodeaux said.

National championship quarterback, media personality, and Alabama alum Greg McElroy took issue with the statements.

“I just take real personal offense, man,” McElroy said Thursday on JOX 94.5’s McElroy & Cubelic. “I genuinely do. I don’t care. Don’t come. If you think so little of us, don’t come. Fine by me, because I know the people that live in this state. I chose Alabama, because I love Alabama. If you don’t want to see Alabama for the greatness it can potentially provide you, it’s on you. You’re missing out.”

Cole Cubelic and McElroy also brought up the fact that Thibodeaux said “stigmatism” when he meant “stigma.” 

“He says he doesn’t like the stigma that athletes are dumb jocks, and yet, he sounds like a dumb jock,” McElroy said. 

McElroy, while offended, decided to offer some friendly competition to Thibodeaux.

“What I don’t understand is why he felt the need to cut down Alabama,” McElroy said. “And as someone who has always taken his academic situation very seriously, I’ll just come at him with this — if he’d like to take an IQ test, I’m available. If he’d like to take the Wonderlic test, I’m available. As a proud graduate with multiple degrees from Alabama, I will put my degree up against his any day of the week.”

McElroy was a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship in 2010. The Rhodes Scholarship is a postgraduate award for 102 students to attend the University of Oxford in Oxford, England. 

“I’d like to show him the offers, because I would be willing to bet that Harvard didn’t offer him,” McElroy said. “I think they probably would have taken him, but Harvard did offer me — as did Yale, as did Princeton, as did almost every Ivy League school along with Duke, Stanford, Northwestern and Vanderbilt. And I chose Alabama, so put ‘er there Kayvon Thibodeaux.”

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Sports Radio News

Howard Eskin Tells Joe DeCamara & Jon Ritchie That Tom Brady Dyes His Hair

“Brady is leaking oil.  The fact that he’s leaking oil and he’s not the same and his age shows a little bit, other than his hair which he colors, he’s really good but anybody can be beaten.”



Howard Eskin joined Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie on 94 WIP to preview the upcoming Bucs vs Eagles game.  Eskin gave his thoughts on why the Eagles had a realistic shot to win. For Philadelphia sports talk legend, a lot of it came down to Tom Brady.

“Brady is leaking oil,” Eskin said. “The fact that he’s leaking oil and he’s not the same and his age shows a little bit, other than his hair, which he colors, he’s really good but anybody can be beaten.”

That statement caught DeCamara and Ritchie a little off guard.  They weren’t convinced that Brady is using any artificial enhancement to keep his locks chestnut brown.  Howard Eskin would not back down and told the hosts to check the archives.

“Look at the pictures over the years, there’s no question,” Eskin said. “He’s so vain so that just kind of falls into place.  He’s a terrific quarterback but he doesn’t want people to realize he’s 44 or 45.”

Maybe Eskin is right, and the fountain of youth is starting to dry up for Brady.  Or maybe, as he has done before, he’ll prove everyone wrong and win another Super Bowl.  Only time will tell.

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97.1 The Ticket Lets Fans Sound Off On Matthew Stafford With Playoff Watch Party

“The former Lions quarterback remains a polarizing figure in the city, so Costa and Riger are giving fans the chance to get whatever sort of closure they need with a playoff watch party.”




Jim Costa and Jeff Riger aren’t just hosts at 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit. They are also Detroit sports fans. That means they have strong feelings about Matthew Stafford.

The former Lions quarterback remains a polarizing figure in the city, so Costa and Riger are giving fans the chance to get whatever sort of closure they need with a playoff watch party. The pair will host the virtual event, which will stream on The Ticket’s website and Facebook page.

“It’s the rare chance to settle a sports debate,” Jim Costa, who still supports Stafford, told BSM. “It gives fans of Detroit closure on Matthew Stafford. People are still so emotionally invested in him even though he doesn’t play here anymore with both sides still believing they’re right about why he didn’t win a playoff game with the Lions.”

Other hosts from 97.1 The Ticket will pop in to watch along with Costa and Riger. They will play drinking games and place prop bets throughout the game.

With Jim Costa and Jeff Riger having strong, opposing feelings on Stafford, the final result will yield a punishment for the loser. Someone will have to take a “shot of reality,” which Costa promises will be “really gross”.

Matthew Stafford and the LA Rams will host the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL’s first-ever Monday night playoff game this week. It will be the conclusion to the league’s Super Wild Card Weekend.

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