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Brandon Stokley In Twitter Feud With Melvin Gordon

“The 27-year old Gordon is the seventh highest paid running back in football, leading Stokley to explain he believes the Broncos would’ve been better off investing that money elsewhere.”



Former Broncos wide receiver and current radio host for 104.3 The Fan Brandon Stokley believes the team’s new running back Melvin Gordon is overpaid. And apparently Gordon feels the same about Stokley because he called for the radio host to take a “pay cut.”

Stokley highlighted a tweet from Spotrac, which ranked NFL teams based on the amount of money allotted to the QB, RB and WR positions, with the Broncos sitting at No. 31. The Denver radio host proceeded to call the Broncos out for overspending on running back Melvin Gordon. 

Shortly after, Gordon responded by calling for Twitter to take away Stokley’s blue check mark. 

The 27-year old Gordon is the seventh highest paid running back in football, leading Stokley to explain he believes the Broncos would’ve been better off investing that money elsewhere. But Gordon continued to defend his salary to the 104.3 The Fan radio host, spinning the argument and calling for Stokley to receive a pay cut. 

Gordon signed a two-year $16 million deal with the Broncos, including $13.5 million guaranteed during the offseason, Stokley earned close to $26 million throughout his entire 13-season NFL career.

Sports Radio News

Parker Hillis Upped To APD At 104.3 The Fan

“Hillis has been at The Fan since April of 2019.”



All on-air talent at 104.3 the Fan in Denver now reports to Parker Hillis. He has been promoted to become the assistant program director of that station and ESPN Denver 1600.

“Parker has been critical to the success of our Bonneville Denver sports properties,” 104.3 The Fan and ESPN Denver 1600 Program Director Raj Sharan said in a press release. “He’s absolutely earned this opportunity to take on increased responsibilities managing our sports stations on a daily basis.” 

Hillis has been at The Fan since April of 2019. He came from Dallas, where he worked for Audacy’s 105.3 The Fan.

With the promotion, the station is now looking for a new executive producer. Parker Hillis will oversee that search.

“I’m excited to work with our hosts in a greater capacity on a day-to-day basis,” Hillis said. “The opportunity to lead collaborative efforts among our amazingly talented team is truly an honor.” 

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Doug Gottlieb Calls Out Jeff Passan, Others Arguing For Barry Bonds in Hall of Fame

“Tell me a museum that puts an artist in it who cheated, who takes credit for what someone else did. Do you think it would hang in the Louvre?”



The Baseball Hall of Fame election results were announced Tuesday evening with some big names up for induction. Most notably, David Ortiz was elected while longtime nominees Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were once again snubbed.

Many fans and media personalities believe Bonds specifically should have been inducted because of his on-the-field accolades and achievements. They seem to believe his alleged steroid usage is irrelevant. or at least not worth the snub.

Doug Gottlieb, on his Fox Sports Radio show, took the Hall of Fame’s side and called out ESPN’s Jeff Passan, who advocated for Bonds on television. The host used several analogies to explain why society does not honor those who have cheated in their respective fields. 

“The core of what you are as an athlete is how hard you work,” said Gottlieb. “You’ve got natural ability, how can you get better, and at some point you come to that end. Clemens and Bonds robbed Father Time, and they robbed baseball. Shame on you, Jeff Passan, calling it a museum. Tell me a museum that puts an artist in it who cheated, who takes credit for what someone else did. Do you think it would hang in the Louvre?”

Gottlieb makes a strong argument. As he mentioned, Bonds not only broke the rules but was also caught. While other players who used steroids may have snuck in somehow, Gottlieb compared it to being pulled over for speeding.

“It’s like you get caught speeding,” he said, “somebody else was going 90 and zips past you five minutes before you were speeding, and you’re sitting there going like ‘Yeah, I was speeding but that guy was going faster.’ That doesn’t actually work in real life.”

You can listen to the rest of Gottlieb’s thoughts at the Fox Sports Radio website.

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Mike Francesa Wants Giants to Pursue Sean Payton, Despite TV Interest

Payton was the Giants’ quarterback coach and offensive coordinator under Jim Fassel from 1999 to 2002.



Sean Payton is probably the biggest story in sports media after stepping down as New Orleans Saints head coach on Tuesday. Earlier this week, reports circulated that Fox is showing interest in Payton but there’s some uncertainty as to whether or not that would be as a game analyst (possibly replacing Troy Aikman in the booth) or part of the Fox NFL Sunday studio crew.

But Payton will also be in major demand as a coach following his success with the Saints and may prefer to stay in that profession. If that’s the case, former WFAN host Mike Francesa believes the New York Giants have to pursue him for their head coach opening.

The “healthy respect” Francesa mentions is a reference to Payton being an assistant coach with the Giants. As’s Mike Rosenstein explains, Payton was the team’s quarterback coach in 1999 before moving up to offensive coordinator on Jim Fassel’s staff from 2000 through 2002.

Francesa felt strongly about the Giants getting Payton before he announced his departure from the Saints, tweeting that the team should make a trade to get him.

As Francesa noted, NFL teams will be competing to hire Payton. Many link him to the Dallas Cowboys, with whom he was the quarterbacks coach and assistant head coach under Bill Parcells from 2003 through 2005. Mike McCarthy is still the Cowboys coach but after losing in the NFL Wild Card playoff round, it’s easy to imagine team owner Jerry Jones looking at an upgrade.

So if the Giants are interested in hiring Payton, they probably need to move with urgency.

However, it might be a moot point right now. Payton said he preferred not to use the word “retirement,” but admitted that his heart isn’t with a return to coaching next season. That would appear to indicate that Payton’s next move will be to broadcasting. During his press conference, he said he’d like to try television work.

“I’ve had some opportunities,” Payton said. “I talked to Drew [Brees] a little bit about it last night, I don’t know that part of it that well. But that would be something that would interest me.”

As mentioned previously, Fox is reportedly interested in Payton and previously reached out to him about broadcasting while he was serving a season-long suspension in 2012 for his involvement in the “Bountygate” scandal.

But ESPN could be a possibility as well, either as a studio analyst for its variety of NFL programming or as a commentator in the network’s Monday Night Football booth (and maybe with Al Michaels).

But if Mike Francesa gets his way, Payton won’t go into broadcasting and will be the man to restore the Giants to glory.

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