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The BSM Staff Pays Tribute To Mike Golic

“Mike and Mike used to embrace the slogan “What Makes Them Different, Makes Them Great,” but in reality, what made Mike Golic special was that he never changed who he was.”



Mike Golic is without question a first ballot hall of famer in sports radio. To operate successfully on a national level for over two decades at an outlet like ESPN Radio, which serves hundreds of stations across the country and is constantly under the microscope, speaks to his ability to connect with listeners, advertisers, affiliates and corporate bosses. There are far too many on-air examples to highlight as reasons for his effectiveness, but when I look back on his career, a few key things stand out.

When I programmed 101 ESPN in St. Louis, I kept Greeny & Golic updated on the progress of their show. Some national hosts don’t pay attention to their local markets but both guys would always respond with a ‘Thanks for the update’, ‘Congrats’ or ‘Appreciate the support’. I’d send local liners to them often to keep them sounding connected to the city and they always turned things around quickly. When I brought them to town for MLB All-Star week broadcasts, they talked up their experience on camera for my station, even though the network kept access limited. The extra effort and interest in taking care of partners made it easy to want to stay in business with them. 

It’ll be different for sure next month when Mike Golic’s voice is no longer heard across America in morning drive. His career speaks for itself, and he’s been a true professional who’s been easy to root for.

Mike and Mike used to embrace the slogan “What Makes Them Different, Makes Them Great,” but in reality, what made Mike Golic special was that he never changed who he was. That worked out pretty great for 22 years, and now it’s up to his son to keep the family name alive and well for the next two decades.

August 1 will be the first time in 22 years that Mike Golic is not part of ESPN Radio’s morning show. His is a career that deserves celebration and tribute. That is why I asked the BSM staff to share their thoughts.

Some chose to share personal stories of the influence Golic had on them. Some chose to revel in what made Golic special. All of them acknowledge that this format owes Mike Golic a debt of gratitude. The strength of sports radio is a result, in no small way, of his success.

Mike Golic Jr. must love a challenge. He shares his dad’s name, followed in his footsteps to play at Notre Dame, and then followed in his footsteps to ESPN Radio. That last stop will be the toughest place of all to live up to his namesake.

ADT Smart Home Security with DiFY Service - Episode 3 with Mike ...

Golic Sr’s history with the network goes back to 1998 in the days of The Bruno and Golic Morning Show. He had staying power through so many lineup changes because he embraced his role and played it perfectly no matter who was next to him. That level of comfort and self-awareness is a talent all it’s own. Junior will definitely have his eyes on making his dad proud in afternoon drive. Senior has already set the example with a career that anyone that helped him get from point A to where he is 22 years later should be proud of. – Demetri Ravanos

Golic combined the expertise of a former player with the personality of the average Joe so successfully that he became the model for all former athletes turned radio hosts. His authenticity and willingness to be the butt of the joke endeared him to audiences for two decades, and made program directors scour the country to find their own Mike Golic. – Rob “Stats” Guerrera

The one thing that’s stuck out to me, is the mass of people that have come out and either told a story, or commented on how great of a person Mike Golic is. That’s awesome. Is he an unbelievable talent? Absolutely and it’s not even a question. But what do your colleagues think of you? That’s just as important to your legacy as how good you are at the craft. He’s an A+ talent and it sounds like he’s an A+ guy, as well. He has every reason to have an ego, but he doesn’t. He won at this business. – Tyler McComas

When you think of ESPN Radio nationally, it’s hard not to think of Mike Golic. For so many years the Mike and Mike was THE show on the network. The popularity continued to grow and he became such a familiar voice, it’s hard to believe that his run has come to an end. Sometimes it isn’t easy for former athletes to forge a new career after their playing days are over. Golic was the exception to that though. He made it look simple and like he’d been doing radio his entire life. Who knows what this change will do to ESPN Radio’s listenership? One thing that is sure, the brand took a big hit with this news. – Andy Masur

Sports radio is a lot like music to me. It’s common to hear bands and artists talk about their musical influences. Great guitarists like Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix help you understand how different sounds can be created. It also helps other guitarists find their own sound. It’s the same concept with sports radio. Hearing Mike Golic in my early experiences with sports radio, it was like, “Oh wow, it’s okay to joke around. You can laugh and have fun.” Sports radio doesn’t have to sound serious the whole time like you’re wearing your jeans to bed. I appreciate Golic showing us that it’s acceptable to eat a bunch of beignets instead of only dissecting stats. His combination of humor, substance, and style made Golic truly one of a kind. – Brian Noe

Mike Golic? You mean the younger brother of that guy who was on Saved By The Bell: The College Years? It took a lot for me to change the channel from TBS and Tiffani Amber Thiessen during my adolescence, but when I did, it was for Mike and Mike. That’s a big compliment. Greeny was the relatable one, but even when Golic played the role of ‘cool, tough, NFLer,’ he did it with charm and humility. Eight years in the NFL is a great feat, even more impressive is making it a footnote after two remarkable decades on ESPN Radio. – Brandon Contes

Mike Golic's former and current colleagues pay tribute as his long ...

Mike Golic has been the one of most significant, influential voices in sports radio over the last two decades. Growing up in the Mike & Mike era, I learned the most valuable lessons from Mike Golic that I have carried with me throughout my career: radio should be fun, be willing to laugh at yourself, don’t take yourself too seriously, and treat guests/listeners/fans the way you’d want to be treated. All of the values that Golic exemplifies have been used as a compass within the sports radio world over the last two decades. He is a Hall of Famer in all areas of his life. I am incredibly grateful to have had the pleasure to wake up with and opportunity to learn from a trailblazer who undoubtedly will continue to dominate in whatever he does next.Chrissy Paradis

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2022 BSM Summit Adds Pablo Torre, Joe Fortenbaugh, Kazeem Famuyide & John Jastremski

“By the time March’s conference rolls around, we’ll have somewhere between 50-60 people announced to participate at the two day Summit.”



The announcements continue for the 2022 BSM Summit. After recently sharing the news that former ESPN Radio executive Traug Keller would join us in the big apple to accept the Jeff Smulyan Award, and previously revealing the first fourteen participants scheduled to appear, it’s time to inform you of a few key talent who will participate in sessions at March’s show.

I’m thrilled to welcome ESPN’s Pablo Torre to the 2022 BSM Summit. Pablo’s been with the worldwide leader since 2012. During that time he’s served as a senior writer for, the host of the ESPN Daily podcast, and has appeared on shows such as Around The Horn, Highly Questionable, and The Dan Le Batard Show. He also previously co-hosted High Noon with Bomani Jones. Prior to joining ESPN he spent five years writing for Sports Illustrated. Having worked with a mixture of talent from various backgrounds, I’m looking forward to having him share his insight and opinions on the value of it at the show.

Pablo isn’t the only ESPN personality joining us in New York for the conference. I’m excited to welcome back a great friend and one of the smartest sports betting analysts on television, Joe Fortenbaugh. Joe is regularly featured on ESPN’s sports betting program Daily Wager. He also appears on other ESPN programs and segments on television, radio and digital platforms. Prior to joining the network he hosted 95.7 The Game’s morning show in San Francisco, and hosted “The Sharp 600″ sports betting podcast. He’ll moderate a conversation with sports betting executives at the show.

Given that this two-day sports media conference is taking place in the heart of New York City, it’d be silly to not include someone who’s passion, energy, sound, and content embody what New York is all about. The Ringer’s John Jastremski will make his BSM Summit debut in 2022. The ‘New York, New York’ host is known to many for his years of contributions on WFAN. It’ll be fun picking JJ’s brain on the differences between performing on a traditional platform and the digital stage.

Jastremski isn’t the only one with a connection to The Ringer who will participate at our 2022 event. My next guest is someone who I’ve followed on YouTube and Twitter for years, has infectious energy and likeability, and has taken his life experiences and sports passions and turned them into opportunities with MSG Network, SNY, The Ringer, Bleacher Report, WWE, The Source and various other outlets. Kazeem Famuyide will join us to shed light on his journey and offer his perspective on the value of traditional vs. non-traditional paths.

By the time March’s conference rolls around, we’ll have somewhere between 50-60 people announced to participate at the two day event. I’ll be announcing the addition of a very special executive in mid-October, as well as a few high profile speakers and awards recipients in the weeks and months ahead. I’m appreciative of so many expressing interest in speaking at the conference, and as much as I’d like to include everyone on stage, I can’t. Keeping the Summit informative, fresh and focused on the right issues is important, and to do that, I’ve got to introduce different people, perspectives and subjects so our attendees gain value to further improve the industry.

A reminder, the 2022 BSM Summit is strictly for members of the sports media industry and college students aspiring to work in the business. It brings together people from more than thirty different media companies and focuses on issues of relevance and importance to media industry professionals. The show takes place March 2-3, 2022 in New York at the Anne Bernstein Theater on West 50th Street. Tickets and hotel rooms can be secured by visiting For those unable to attend in person, the Summit will also be available to view online. Virtual tickets can be purchased by clicking here. Hope you’ll join us!

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Traug Keller Named 2022 Recipient of the Jeff Smulyan Award

“Former SVP of ESPN Audio and President of ABC Networks Traug Keller has been chosen as our 2022 recipient of the Jeff Smulyan Award.”



Photo Credit: ESPN Images

Sometimes decisions are difficult. Other times they’re not. This was one of the easiest ones I’ve made since launching the BSM Summit in 2018.

If you haven’t attended the Summit before, one of the cool parts of the conference each year is that we take time to honor people who have left a permanent mark on the industry we love. Awards ceremonies are held both days to recognize difference makers who have made positive contributions to the sports radio business. At our 2022 BSM Summit, I am pleased to share that a great man will be celebrated for his life’s work.

It is my honor to announce that former SVP of ESPN Audio and President of ABC Networks Traug Keller has been chosen as our 2022 recipient of the Jeff Smulyan Award. Keller becomes the third industry executive to earn the honor. Kraig Kitchin and Dan Mason were the first two to be recognized at the 2019 and 2020 BSM Summit’s.

Upon learning that Traug had been selected as the next Jeff Smulyan Award winner, Emmis Communications CEO Jeff Smulyan said, “Traug Keller has left an indelible imprint on not only sports radio, but on all of broadcasting through his remarkable career. I’m proud to call him my friend, but I’m just one of the legions of people who have loved every minute of their time with him. He’s a broadcaster’s broadcaster, but more than that he’s one of the best people I’ve ever known.”

“I am humbled for sure but thrilled to be receiving an award with the name of my good friend on it, Jeff Smulyan,” added Traug Keller, now the EVP and COO of American Media. “Jeff did what all too few leaders in business do, he took risk and action against all kinds of headwinds and the rest of us in the great business of Sports Audio were the beneficiaries of it. Thanks to BSM for this great honor and I look forward to seeing a bunch of old friends in March!”

Anyone who has crossed paths with Traug over the past three decades knows how important he was to the success of ESPN Radio. He’s been a friend to many, a great partner to hundreds of radio affiliates, and a champion for talent. His support for BSM has also meant a lot.

Perhaps even more impressive was Traug’s ability to connect with his affiliates, clients and colleagues, offering steady leadership and on-air stability for ESPN Radio. No executive leaves with a perfect record, but Keller had a knack for landing on the right side of many decisions. None as impressive though as retiring from sports radio in February 2020, one month before the sports world came to a screeching halt and a global pandemic rocked the entire advertising industry. Talk about timing Traug, haha.

In all seriousness, having Traug and Jeff together on the same stage in front of the industry to give folks an opportunity to show their appreciation for their accomplishments is a real treat. So many enjoy professional success today due to bold and smart decisions made by each of these men, and I couldn’t be happier to spend time with both in New York City this March.

For tickets, hotel and additional details regarding the 2022 BSM Summit visit

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14 Participants Announced For The 2022 BSM Summit

“The industry is rapidly evolving, so as a professional, it’s vital to learn new skills, build relationships, discover what clients want in order to generate more revenue, understand audience behavior, and pick the brains of your peers to create new ideas.”



To most people, six months is far enough away to not think much about it. But when you’re building a conference, it feels way too close to get everything done in time that’s required to execute a high caliber event.

By now you’ve likely heard that the 2022 BSM Summit is returning to New York City on March 2-3, 2022. I shared that news on July 19th, but didn’t provide many details other than the date and venue (Anne Bernstein Theater). Tickets weren’t even put on sale because I wanted to make sure a few other items were nailed down first before we started accepting payments.

Before I discuss some of those details, I want to remind folks that for the first time ever, the Summit will be available to attend both in-person and virtually. A big thanks to Nuvoodoo for partnering with us to make the Summit available online. If you’ve been to this event before, then you know the live experience is extremely valuable. That said, due to the ongoing issues in our country with Covid-19, some may prefer not to travel and watch it online instead. We’ve gone to great lengths to make this valuable for industry professionals, including pricing tickets differently on to account for the live vs. online advantages. If you’re planning to attend, you can now purchase tickets on the website.

As far as other key items are concerned, finding the right hotel partner was important. I’m pleased to share that Hotel Edison will serve as the official hotel of the 2022 BSM Summit. I know that keeping travel costs low is vital yet industry professionals also want to stay in a nice location close to the event. I think we’ve pulled that off again. Hotel Edison is only a 3-block walk to the Anne Bernstein Theater and they’ve provided an excellent rate for attendees. Rooms will go fast though, so click here to reserve your room asap to avoid missing out.

The next part of this process involved gathering sponsors. As an independent operator who focuses more on content and consulting than sales, this part isn’t always easy. I don’t have a sales team working for me nor do I have 40-hours a week to focus solely on Summit sponsors. Fortunately, I’ve built a few great partnerships over the years, so I’d like to thank ESPN Radio, Compass Media Networks, and Stone Voiceovers for offering their support once again. I know other clients will return too, but there are many other broadcasting companies and businesses with products targeted to industry professionals who haven’t been part of this event before. So here’s an opportunity to change that. Check out our Advertising page, and if you see something that appeals to your group, get in touch so we can discuss how we might be able to work together. Your support allows us to continue doing this event for the industry.

Now that we’ve taken care of the business, let’s talk about the thing that everyone cares about most, the speakers. I usually start off by announcing some of the high profile personalities who will be part of the show. This year though, I’m going to start by focusing on some of the top programming minds in the industry. It’s an honor once again to welcome Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan, Premiere Radio Networks SVP of Sports Don Martin, Westwood One and Cumulus Media SVP of Sports Bruce Gilbert, SiriusXM SVP of Sports Steve Cohen, Audacy New York Market Manager Chris Oliviero, former WFAN Program Director Mark Chernoff, current WFAN Program Director Spike Eskin, 670 The Score and 1250 The Fan Program Director Mitch Rosen, and Hubbard’s Director of Digital Content Phil Mackey to the BSM Summit.

As great as it is to have those nine gentlemen part of the event, I’m equally excited to welcome a few new faces. Joining us for the first time will be Blue Wire Podcasts CEO Kevin Jones, The Volume’s Head of Content Logan Swaim, Nuvoodoo Media’s CEO Carolyn Gilbert and EVP of Research Analysis Leigh Jacobs, and WFNZ Program Director and the creator of 92.9 The Game in Atlanta and 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh, Terry Foxx.

If you’ve followed how we promote this event over the years, you know that I don’t share all the details at once. The credentials of these fourteen individuals are well documented, and having them involved is important to me. By the time March rolls around though, we’ll add 30-40 others with similar qualifications. I won’t tell you who else has committed to join us for the show, but there’s some serious firepower to be announced in the coming weeks and months. I’m especially excited to spend time on stage with one well respected executive during one of the Summit’s featured sessions.

What I value most about the Summit is that it brings the industry together and allows us to examine many different layers of the industry over a sixteen hour period with a lot of smart and successful people. In doing so, folks are able to return home with valuable knowledge and action steps to help themselves and their brands. This conference started with a focus on radio but has since expanded to cover podcasting, social media, sports betting, marketing, video, print, etc.. The industry is rapidly evolving, so as a professional, it’s vital to learn new skills, build relationships, discover what clients want in order to generate more revenue, understand audience behavior, and pick the brains of your peers to create new ideas. The more informed you are, the better your chances of being successful, and the education provided at the BSM Summit will absolutely help you grow as a professional.

Look for our next announcement early next week. There’s a lot to dive into in New York and I’m eager to spend time with the industry’s best and brightest, as we work on making 2022 a huge bounce back year for the sports media business.

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