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Paul Gallant’s ‘Chill Dawg’ Tweet Thrown Back At Him During Seattle Riots

“After seeing the effects of riots to the building where his home is located, Gallant tweeted that he feels like he might “need to buy a firearm.”



“Enough is enough” ESPN Seattle’s Paul Gallant tweeted Saturday afternoon. Five weeks after the morning radio host told Donald Trump to “Chill Dawg,” in reference to the president’s claim of cities being burned and pillaged, Gallant was directly impacted by nearby rioting. 

Gallant returned to his apartment complex over the weekend, where the ground level Starbucks was destroyed. After seeing the effects of riots to the building where his home is located, Gallant tweeted that he feels like he might “need to buy a firearm.” 

“The terrorists burn and pillage our cities, and they think it is just wonderful, even the death,” Trump tweeted June 12. “Must end this Seattle takeover now!” the president added. 

Gallant replied, informing the president he walked through the city at night and “saw no burning, pillaging, or deaths.” Five weeks later, not only did the radio host witness burning and pillaging, but his apartment building was on its receiving end.

Shortly after ESPN Seattle’s Danny and Gallant co-host shared the news that he was being evacuated from his apartment building because of damage stemming from riots, Twitter rehashed his “Chill Dawg” response to President Trump from mid-June. 

But Gallant didn’t cave. “I stand by what I originally said,” Gallant responded on Twitter. “5 weeks ago, Chaz/Chop/whatever didn’t seem as bad as portrayed by those outside of it. I’d walked through it a few times. Then burning & pillaging actually happened. Classic.”

 “Opinions should be able to adapt and evolve,” Gallant later tweeted, continuing his measured response to social media’s claims of hypocrisy. 

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WBZ Radio Celebrates 100 Years of Broadcasting




The century mark.

WBZ Radio commemorated 100 years worth of broadcasting on Sept. 19, 2021.

The heritage station out of Boston was the first recipient of a commercial broadcasting license in the United States. Per CBS Boston, the station’s first broadcasts featured live theatre, farm talk and sewing lessons.

Yes, sewing lessons.

One of the numerous forms of celebration for the monumental anniversary included a personalized note from President Joe Biden.

“Radio has long been an important aspect of American life — narrating the triumphs and tragedies that have defined America as well as the day-to-day news that keeps listeners engaged with their communities,” Biden wrote via WBZ News Radio. “Over the decades, radio stations like WBZ NewsRadio have been on the forefront of journalism, providing entertainment and valuable information to people who tune in throughout the day.”

CBS Boston continued with their timeline of memorable moments in WBZ history, including a mention of a time during the 1930’s when a promotion called for bringing a live lion into the studio. The wild animal broke through a glass window and injured several people.

Throughout the years, WBZ has featured live news coverage of every major American event, including the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, terrorists attacks, multiple wars and natural disasters.

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Brady Quinn, LaVarr Arrington, Jonas Knox To Host FOX Sports Radio Morning Show

“The opening in morning drive was created four months ago when Clay Travis announced he would move to another department of parent company, Premier Networks.”



LaVarr Arrington is joining Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox in morning drive on FOX Sports Radio. The network announced today that 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe is the name of the trio’s new show, which will be heard every weekday. The show launches Monday on 350 stations across the country.

The opening in morning drive was created four months ago when Clay Travis announced he would move to another department of parent company, Premier Networks. He left FSR to join Buck Sexton in the time slot occupied by the late Rush Limbaugh.

“The FOX Sports Radio family was so proud when Clay Travis was chosen to team up with Buck Sexton to continue the tradition of excellence created by Rush Limbaugh,” Don Martin, Senior Vice President of Sports Programming for Premiere Networks, said in a press release. “At FSR, we make a commitment to each of our affiliates to deliver the best national sports lineup in the country, 24/7. Clay’s departure left a hole in our roster, but today, we proudly continue that commitment as we serve up a breakfast of champions with the launch of 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe.”

FOX Sports Radio didn’t have to look far to find its new morning men. Despite guesses and theories that included sports media professionals from all parts of the country at all levels of the business, 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe is made up of hosts that were already part of the network’s weekend lineup and had been serving as fill-in hosts for morning drive since May.

“Bolstering what’s already the best national sports talk lineup, we are injecting fun, personality, credibility, strong doses of caffeine, and thought-provoking conversation into morning-drive,” Scott Shapiro, Vice President of Programming for FOX Sports Radio, added. “After already getting rave reviews from the audience over the past couple months, we are fired up to have this dynamic trio start the day with a smile every morning!” 

Arrington and Quinn will give the show a nice little national boost. The two will undoubtedly promote the show on FOX Sports’ television programs. Quinn is a part of FOX’s Big Noon Saturday while Arrington makes regular appearances on FS1.

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Bruce Gilbert Named Sr VP For Sports, Content and Audience At Cumulus

“He currently oversees all sports programming for Cumulus radio stations and Westwood One Sports.”



Bruce Gilbert has added some responsibilities and received a new title at Cumulus. He is now overseeing the company’s sports properties across all platforms. His new title is Senior Vice President For Sports, Content and Audience.

In his new role, Gilbert will over see audience growth and development for broadcasting, podcasting, streaming, social media, digital, and live events. Doug Cohn will have similar responsibilities for the company’s music and entertainment properties.

“Doug has shown a Midas touch in understanding what the next generation will want, and Bruce has forged groundbreaking partnerships for years and will now have more runway to innovate,” Brian Phillips, Cumulus’s Executive Vice President of Content and Audience, said in a press release. “These two leaders possess the vision to produce a surge of remarkable new Cumulus content.” 

Bruce Gilbert has been with Cumulus for seven years following stints at ESPN, FOX Sports, and CBS. He currently oversees all sports programming for Cumulus radio stations and Westwood One Sports. He recently lead the search for a new PD at KNBR, which resulted in Kevin Graham taking over after Jeremiah Crowe’s departure.

Gilbert has been a regular at the Barrett Sports Media Summit. He will return in 2022 as part of the event’s return to New York City.

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