Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

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Dan Patrick Moving Simulcast To Peacock

“Burack’s report did not note a start date for Peacock’s relationship with DP.”

Peacock is serious about sports programming. Just one day after announcing the simulcast of the Rich Eisen Show would debut there in October, NBC has nabbed another TV/radio simulcast for its streaming platform.

Bobby Burack of Outkick reports that the video simulcast of The Dan Patrick Show will also move to Peacock. Right now it is exclusive to the show’s YouTube channel.

The simulcast of The Dan Patrick Show has been on the move several times in recent years. The show broke ground for radio/TV simulcasts in 2009 when the show was first televised by DirecTV on what was then known as The 101 and later became The Audience Network. That relationship continued until earlier this year when it was announced that the Audience Network would go away in favor of a preview channel for AT&T’s new streaming service HBO Max.

The television version of the Dan Patrick Show isn’t new to NBC either. NBCSN carried it from 2012-2019. Other TV networks that have been in business with the radio show include the AT&T and FOX regional sports networks.

Burack’s report did not note a start date for Peacock’s relationship with DP. The Rich Eisen Show debuts on the platform on October 5. Eisen’s show airs on Dan Patrick’s SiriusXM satellite radio channel, which makes it a possibility both shows debut on the same day.