Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Emmanuel Acho Says Fans & Media Have LeBron James ‘Greatness Fatigue’

“Acho also uses impressive stats to make an argument for LeBron.”

It is human nature to take greatness for granted and that was exactly the point Emmanuel Acho made on Monday’s edition of Speak for Yourself on FS1 in a debate with co-host Marcellus Wiley. When asked who was having a better playoff run thus far, Kawhi Leonard or LeBron James, Acho was squarely on Team LeBron, arguing that the media and fans don’t recognize it because they have “greatness fatigue,” while Wiley was Team Kawhi.

“Both players were tremendous,” Wiley said. “But when you look at what Kawhi Leonard did,  he did not have a tap-out game. Even in a win, LeBron had a 10 point game. If Kawhi had a 10 point game, that’s a definite L for the Clippers. What Kawhi is quietly doing is putting up peak Jordan numbers. Listen to this line. He is averaging 32 (points) seven (rebounds) and four (assists) over the last four games. Only five players have done that in the playoffs and Jordan did it five times all by himself in the ’93 Finals. But we aren’t going to give him (Kawhi) any credit? That’s Jordan-level consistency.”

Acho also uses impressive stats to make an argument for LeBron.                                                                                                                                                           

“In the loss first game, he gave you 23 (points), 17 (rebounds) and 16 (assists), and you know what we said? You know what I said? You know what Shaq said? He said that wasn’t enough. I need more. The dude gave us a historic performance and then we said it wasn’t enough.”

Acho then lends some historical context to his argument.

“Think about what LeBron did,” Acho said. “He is on pace to average a 20 point triple-double in the postseason. The only other players to do that in NBA history were Oscar Robertson and Russell Westbrook and they lost in the first round. LeBron won in five games. If Kawhi gave you 23, 17 and 16, we would be hailing him as Jordan. When LeBron does it, we say it’s not enough.”

Acho says the reason behind this phenomenon is LeBron James fatigue.

“What LeBron is doing, we are just numb to it. We have LeBron James fatigue. We have greatness fatigue. LeBron backdoors and gives you 38, 12 and eight in Game 3 when the series was still a toss-up.”

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