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Clay Travis Set Up Call From Donald Trump To Big 10 Commissioner

“After being contacted by the White House and weighing the pros and cons, Cecil, Warren and the Big Ten agreed to speak with the president.”



Can the cancellation or resumption of a college football season influence who wins the 2020 presidential election? The answer can be debated, but President Trump isn’t taking any chances.

While it was widely reported President Trump had a phone call with Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren on Monday, Michael Smith and John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal are reporting POTUS can thank FOX Sports Radio’s Clay Travis for organizing the chat.

The president’s “one yard line” claim in the tweet above has been disputed, with Yahoo’s Pete Thamel claiming that his sources at the Big Ten Office “heartily laughed at it.” Nonetheless, a conversation with the Big Ten commissioner did take place. 

Aug. 11, the same day President Trump appeared on Travis’ FOX Sports Radio Show Outkick The Coverage, the Big Ten announced the cancellation of fall sports, including the football season because of COVID-19. The Pac-12 followed, but the other Power Five conferences announced plans to play the 2020 fall sports seasons. In response to the cancelled seasons, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden began running commercials in Big Ten markets, blaming Trump’s handling of the pandemic as the cause of no football. 

President Trump has aggressively worked to convince all sports, schools and industries to reopen amid the global pandemic, and similarly, Travis has been outspoken in his belief that the country’s response to COVID-19 has been an overreaction. Travis has also continued to highlight media biases, likely winning fans within the White House. 

To help handle the negative reaction from cancelling their football season, the Big Ten hired Carrie Cecil, CEO of the media strategy firm Anachel Communications. According to SBJ, Cecil contacted Travis about easing his criticism and claimed hypocrisy in the decision making by first-year Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren. In those discussions, Travis reportedly accelerated contact between the two parties. After being contacted by the White House and weighing the pros and cons, Cecil, Warren and the Big Ten agreed to speak with the president.  

Following the conversation, Travis was involved in a conference call with Cecil and White House aides, with everyone agreeing they were hopeful for a Big Ten season. Big Ten football being on the “one yard” line might be a stretch, but if the federal government expressed a willingness to provide more rapid testing for athletes, the conference’s fall sports seasons might be nearing.

Sports Radio News

Saints Still Giving Drew Brees Game Plans

“That is a nice leg up on his broadcasting competition for being able to break down what he saw on Sunday nights when he is on NBC.”



Brees Dream Foundation

Officially, Drew Brees is no longer part of the NFL franchise in New Orleans. That doesn’t mean the NBC analyst is not still well-connected inside the Saints locker room. That was evident on Friday during his appearance on The Dan Patrick Show.

Patrick asked Brees how often he still speaks with Jameis Winston, who served as his backup last year and is his successor as the team’s starting quarterback this season. Brees responded that the two exchanged texts after the game against the Packers. That prompted Patrick to push a little more.

Eventually, Drew Brees revealed that he stays in regular contact with both Winston and the Saints’ backup and gadget play quarterback, Taysom Hill.

“Are you an unofficial assistant coach?” Dan Patrick asked.

“I will say this,” Brees said laughing. “I did have the game plan for the (Packers) game in my hand prior to the start of the game.”

Drew Brees admitted that the game plan came directly from the New Orleans Saints. That is a nice leg up on his broadcasting competition for being able to break down what he saw on Sunday nights when he is on NBC.

While it may be strange or even surprising for some to hear that Brees still is unofficially in the loop in New Orleans, there is nothing wrong with it. In week 1 at least, Brees’s new job had him nowhere near the Saints. That likely made it very easy for Saints coach Sean Payton to view him as Drew Brees, the former player, and not Drew Brees, NBC broadcaster.

Now, will the practice continue? Currently, it is unknown whether or not Brees had the Saints’ plans for Sunday’s visit to Carolina.

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Sports Radio News

Jerry Jones On Listening To Sports Radio: ‘I Like Pain’

“I guess I’m one of the few people that can’t stand it and want to see what people are saying.”



Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboys

No one can accuse Jerry Jones of being shy. The Dallas Cowboys owner is always welcoming of the chance to be in the public eye. That includes making appearances on sports talk radio. Friday he was a guest on K&C Masterpiece on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

Jones has made headlines on the station before. Some of those headlines have been for getting angry with both K&C in the past and morning men Shan & RJ. On Friday, it was his thoughts on the format itself that made the headlines.

“I guess I’m one of the few people that can’t stand it and want to see what people are saying. Is that human nature or not?” Jerry Jones answered when asked why he listened.

He admits that plenty of people have wondered why he would continue to listen to sports talk shows when the Cowboys are so polarizing.

“I use to have people ask me, ‘why in the world do you listen to talk radio, because they’re wearing your proverbial butt out?’ (And my response was)’I like pain. I just like to hear it. Just put it in me.'”

While the Cowboys came out of Week 1 with a loss, sports talk in Dallas has largely been kind to the Cowboys. The aforementioned Shan & RJ said that Dak Prescott’s performance should be the story of week 1 considering that the Cowboys’ quarterback missed most of last season with a shoulder injury.

Time will tell if Jerry Jones is in for his beloved pain following the Cowboys’ visit to LA to take on the Chargers on Sunday.

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Sports Radio News

Joy Taylor Creates Scholarship At Barry University

“Taylor graduated from Barry University in 2009.”



Joy Taylor

Barry University is a private, Catholic school in Miami. It also happens to be the alma matter of FOX Sports Radio star Joy Taylor, who announced today that she is giving back to the school and helping some of its current students.

On Friday, Joy Taylor took to Twitter to announce that she had created a scholarship. It will go to students in the school’s department of mass communications.

“It’s my honor to be able to give back to the next generation of journalists and broadcasters,” Taylor wrote. “It’s a personal goal of mine to improve the lack of diversity in my business at every level. Barry gave me that experience. Go Bucs!”

Taylor graduated from Barry University in 2009. She began her career in local radio in Miami shortly after.

She isn’t the only famous alumnus of the school. Barry University awarded Shaquille O’Neal a doctorate of education in 2012. The NBA Hall-of-Famer studied Human Resource Development at the school.

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