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Trump Tells Clay Travis He Will Work On PAC-12 Return Next

“It remains to be seen whether Mr. Trump’s role in the return of Big 10 football will have an impact on voters in Midwestern swing states.”



President Donald Trump and Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis have been working closely together to push for the return of Big Ten Football this fall. Now that those teams are set to return to the gridiron October 24, Mr. Trump  appeared on Thursday’s edition of Outkick The Coverage to discuss his role in the Big Ten football revival and several other topics in a nearly half hour segment.

“I’m really proud of it. (Big Ten resuming play),” Mr. Trump said. “It was totally dead. So I called (Big Ten Commissioner) Kevin Warren and said ‘we will help with testing or whatever, but we need to get those kids and those teams back on the field.’ These are great football states and it would have been very unfair to players because it might have been their last chance to showcase their skills to the NFL. Once we got things started, players and parents got behind it. They didn’t give up and it culminated in us getting it done.”

Mr. Trump hopes that the same will be true of the Pac-12.

“They are really the only ones who aren’t playing now,” he said. “It’s getting a little bit late to start now, but they should be playing football. It’s ridiculous. Now the governors of these states, and some are Democrats, are going to have to come together.”

Mr. Trump then shifts his focus back to the Big Ten and he was not shy about discussing his role in its return.

“If we didn’t get involved, you would not even be talking about Big Ten football right now. Without us, they had no chance to play and they were not go to play,” Mr. Trump bragged. “So I made a couple phone calls and members of my staff worked very hard. And then for political reasons people said I had nothing to do with it. Sometimes I get credit for things I shouldn’t and that’s ok, too. But it is sad. The whole group and me made a lot of calls to get this thing done and then you have a democrat say, ‘they had nothing to do with it’ and they know it’s not true. We were the ones who got it going and we are going to see what we can do with the Pac-12.”

Travis points to an ad from Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden that ran in several states within the Big Ten’s footprint that says, “Trump sidelined sports”.

“Considering all that you have done bringing back Big 10 football, do you think he will apologize?,” Travis asked.

“They have done far worse ads,” Mr. Trump responded. “Ads claiming that I had said horrible things about soldiers who had died which was based on a made up lie and they went with it. That was a real terrible thing to do, he’s a real low-life. That’s why I take off the gloves. Joe’s not mentally equipped to be president.

“When I heard they were running ads that blamed me for the Big Ten not being open. I was like ‘you got to be kidding me.’ I got a hold of the ad and what a lie. They are the most dishonest campaign I have ever seen… They have to cheat to win. That ad activated me to get things done (in regards to football) and a lot of people are happy about it.”

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Trump’s role in the return of Big 10 football will have an impact on voters in Midwestern swing states.

According to a September 16th CNN article, Mr. Trump is still trailing by the same or even greater margins since the Big 10 announced its return to the football field.

Sports Radio News

Boomer & Gio: Why Does New York Post’s Premium Sports Site Exist?

“The stuff that is Post Sports+ I wouldn’t touch with somebody else’s eyes.”



With the departure of Steve Somers from WFAN, along with the implementation of new premium subscription services, such as The Athletic and ESPN+, WFAN welcomed sports media columnist for The New York Post Andrew Marchand to the program to talk about the latest happenings across the industry. The conversation centered around a foray into the concept of “Post Sports+,” a new paid subscription service being offered by The New York Post which is being branded as “A whole new ball game for The Best Sports in Town.” Many of Marchand’s columns about the latest news in sports media are available to read for free on The New York Post website, and he often tweets about the latest news in the industry on his own personal Twitter page, making his role within the service seem, at least to the hosts of Boomer and Gio, confounding.

“I read the New York Post sports section every day,” said Gregg Gianotti. “I think it’s some of the best reporting that we have in the City… I’m a guy who is consuming your stuff every single day. The stuff that is Post Sports+ I wouldn’t touch with somebody else’s eyes… If you’re going to do Post Sports+, why not put the good stuff behind the paywall?”

Marchand explained the strategy being enacted by The New York Post to augment its revenue stream.

“I think what we’re doing is more additive,” said Marchand. “[For] people that have read the Post online previously, nothing’s changed. If you like sports media, I’m now doing a Monday newsletter all about sports media [where] I’m trying to give you more in terms of inside the business. That’s extra, and part of your monthly subscription… Obviously, what we’re trying to do is add revenue, but do it without taking that core business where we’re getting millions of people every day who come to the website.”

Marchand continued to elaborate on the strategy when pressed by Giannotti regarding just who this subscription service was appealing to, ostensibly positing that it is an effort to ensure that The New York Post stays around for another 220 years.

“You’re not getting everybody,” elucidated Marchand. “That’s not how a subscription works. If you get one out of 10 people, then you have a chance at success. Because of the digital world, [distribution] has changed. Back in the day, The New York Post could only reach as far as the trucks would drive. Now [with] distribution, you can reach around the world. I don’t know our demographics of Post Sports+, but in theory, when you look at a subscription site, you get a certain amount that’s additive revenue to The New York Post, and that’s the idea behind it.”

Show co-host and former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason then chimed in on the discussion, discerning what he does when WFAN asks him to participate in extra station activities, such as meeting with sponsors, in a lighthearted exchange.

“I wouldn’t really do a lot,” said Esiason. “I used to do a lot. No more — I just tell them to go eff off and leave me alone… No, I’m just kidding.”

“That might have worked with [Mark] Chernoff, but is that going to work with Spike Eskin?,” questioned Marchand, generating laughter in the studios at 345 Hudson St.

Esiason then spoke about the burden it is for him to be bothered by multiple subscription services from The New York Post; that is, having to subscribe to both the paper itself and Post Sports+ to get a full plethora of stories. He believes the paper is making a mistake in this regard, and, as a writer, Marchand agrees.

“I’ve asked about that because I actually agree with you on that one,” said Marchand. “I’ve been told that they’re working on that. I tend to agree that there should be some sort of deal there — [maybe] if you’re paying for The New York Post app, maybe you get Post Sports+?”

Whatever the future holds for Post Sports+, Marchand figures to be covering the world of sports media across multiple platforms, aligning with the approach many sectors of traditional and digital media are beginning to take in producing and distributing their content to the largest audience possible.

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Nick Cattles Named PD, Host At KHTK In Sacramento

“I couldn’t be happier or more excited to join a brand with such a rich tradition.”



Nick Cattles is trading the Atlantic Ocean for the Pacific. The Virginia Beach host has been named the new program director and afternoon drive host at Sports Radio KHTK in Sacramento.

The move to northern California signals the end of Nick’s time with ESPN Radio 94.1. Cattles enjoyed two stints with the Max Media radio station, separated by two different opportunities in Boston with 98.5 The Sports Hub. Cattles had been ESPN Radio 94.1’s afternoon drive host since 2017. Over the past few years Cattles additionally hosted on a part-time basis for WEEI and the ESPN Radio network.

“I couldn’t be happier or more excited to join a brand with such rich tradition,” Cattles said in a press release. “I look forward to this challenge and doing whatever I can to make sure KHTK remains the king of sports talk in Sacramento.”

Jason Ross, who currently serves as the afternoon host and PD of KHTK, will remain with the station. He also will continue to be heard as the radio voice of both Sacramento State and the Sacramento Kings.

“The Sports Programming team at Bonneville International has had our eye on Nick for a while and we couldn’t be more excited that he will be joining our team in Sacramento to lead KHTK,” Chad Rufer, Group Director of Programming for Bonneville Sacramento said in a press release.

Cattles is part of the BSM Member Directory and learned of KHTK’s opening through BSM.

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710 ESPN LA To Host Live Awards Show During Super Bowl Week

The evening includes dinner and show, cocktails with a cash bar, and presentation of the 710 Mandy Awards as voted on by 710 ESPN listeners.



ESPN 710 in Los Angeles is hosting its first ever award show during “Superweek” on February 6th.

The 710 Mandy Awards will take place at Quiet Cannon in Montebello, California. Some of the awards that will be up for grabs will be host of the year, show of the year, producer of the year, and more. The host of the event will be former 710 ESPN LA co-host Keyshawn Johnson, who is now with ESPN Radio’s Keyshawn, JWill, and Max.

Here is a sneak peak of some of what the ESPN Los Angeles team has in store for the inaugural event.

The evening includes dinner and show, cocktails with a cash bar, and presentation of the 710 Mandy Awards as voted on by 710 ESPN listeners.

A live version of “Family Feud” will also be played featuring the 710 hosts and for the first time ever, “Ask Sli” where a live audience can ask host of the Travis and Sliwa show Allen Sliwa anything they want.

Tickets can be purchased for only $25 with the dinner included for the event in what makes for a very fun and enjoyable event for a fraction of what it would normally cost to go to an event of this magnitude.

Live coverage of the event will be across 710 ESPN Los Angeles’s social media platforms.

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