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Jason Whitlock, Katie Nolan Feud Escalates With New Column

“Whether Nolan responds remains to be seen.”



Jason Whitlock did not mince words in his column today for Over the weekend, he penned a piece saying Maria Taylor owed her standing at ESPN to physical beauty. In that piece, Whitlock called Nolan out for also benefitting from physical beauty, saying that it transformed Nolan “from bartender to seven-figure personality, Emmy Award-winner and the darling of aroused bloggers and TV critics willing to ignore her pedestrian humor and inability to execute live television.”

Nolan came out swinging on Twitter. She said that Whitlock came “*this close* to making an actual point” and insinuated this is not anything Whitlock would be brave enough to say to her face.

Whitlock fired back on Monday morning with a column for Outkick that squarely targeted Nolan. In it, he calls her “the epitome of white privilege.” He also calls out several of his former colleagues and friends at ESPN and FOX for allowing people like Nolan to thrive in the sports media.

“Jemele Hill, Bomani Jones, Dan Le Batard, Sarah Spain, Pablo Torre, Shannon Sharpe, Nick Wright and countless others love to bloviate about the white privilege, racism, sexism, homophobism, trans-race-sex-phobism of people hundreds and thousands of miles away from their television or podcast studios.”

Whitlock writes that by tweeting a response to his column, Katie Nolan “cast herself as a victim when she’s the most pampered and protected person in sports media.”

That assertion related to Nolan’s tweet can be debated, but the ESPN personality was much more in attack mode and has since locked her Twitter account. Fans cannot retweet or embed her content, which is something Outkick made its own story.

Whitlock tied Nolan to another of his favorite targets, the Black Lives Matter movement. He compared her success to the phrase “hands up don’t shoot.” It was shouted by protestors in Ferguson, Missouri in reference to Michael Brown being shot by police in 2014.

“Nolan is Michael Brown, hands up don’t shoot. We all know it’s a lie but we continue with the facade because it’s not worth the backlash.”

In 2015, the DOJ noted that no one ever heard Brown say the words “don’t shoot” nor did any witness to his killing ever say he had his hands up.

Whether Nolan responds remains to be seen. Given her history on Twitter and willingness to clap back at critics, it’s easy to imagine her having some sort of answer to Whitlock calling her “lazy and spoiled” and saying that she and other ESPN personalities “don’t want to compete in a meritocracy.”

Sports TV News

Randy Moss Throws Lombardi Trophy In East River On NFL Countdown

“It is worth wondering what the World Wide Leader’s plan was if the Lombardy Trophy did indeed sink to the bottom of the East River as a result of the stunt.”




It turns out the Lombardi Trophy was never in much trouble during the boat parade to celebrate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl championship. A lot was made of a clearly intoxicated Tom Brady’s devil-may-care attitude in throwing the trophy between boats. The daughter of the man that designed the trophy even demanded an apology from Brady.

Well, no apology necessary it seems. Randy Moss proved on Sunday that even if the trophy had hit the water, it wasn’t going to the bottom.

During a segment of ESPN’s NFL Countdown, the crew wanted to know what would have happened if the trophy had hit the water. Tedy Bruschi, Matt Hasselback, Sam Ponder and Rex Ryan joined Moss outside of ESPN’s New York City studios. As the crew overlooked the East River, both Ryan and Bruschi predicted that the Lombardi would sink.

Bruschi said that he had held several Lombardi Trophies in his career and he knows that it is very top heavy. “This is gonna sink, just like this, straight to the bottom,” he said flipping the trophy upside down.

Moss had the honors of hurling the trophy into the East River where the entire Countdown crew shouted in amazement as it flipped to its side and floated. Moss was jokingly appointed the man to go in and retrieve the trophy.

It was a funny and undeniably memorable bit though. It is worth wondering what the World Wide Leader’s plan was if the Lombardy Trophy did indeed sink to the bottom of the East River as a result of the stunt.

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Sports TV News

Saints Still Giving Drew Brees Game Plans

“That is a nice leg up on his broadcasting competition for being able to break down what he saw on Sunday nights when he is on NBC.”



Brees Dream Foundation

Officially, Drew Brees is no longer part of the NFL franchise in New Orleans. That doesn’t mean the NBC analyst is not still well-connected inside the Saints locker room. That was evident on Friday during his appearance on The Dan Patrick Show.

Patrick asked Brees how often he still speaks with Jameis Winston, who served as his backup last year and is his successor as the team’s starting quarterback this season. Brees responded that the two exchanged texts after the game against the Packers. That prompted Patrick to push a little more.

Eventually, Drew Brees revealed that he stays in regular contact with both Winston and the Saints’ backup and gadget play quarterback, Taysom Hill.

“Are you an unofficial assistant coach?” Dan Patrick asked.

“I will say this,” Brees said laughing. “I did have the game plan for the (Packers) game in my hand prior to the start of the game.”

Drew Brees admitted that the game plan came directly from the New Orleans Saints. That is a nice leg up on his broadcasting competition for being able to break down what he saw on Sunday nights when he is on NBC.

While it may be strange or even surprising for some to hear that Brees still is unofficially in the loop in New Orleans, there is nothing wrong with it. In week 1 at least, Brees’s new job had him nowhere near the Saints. That likely made it very easy for Saints coach Sean Payton to view him as Drew Brees, the former player, and not Drew Brees, NBC broadcaster.

Now, will the practice continue? Currently, it is unknown whether or not Brees had the Saints’ plans for Sunday’s visit to Carolina.

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Sports TV News

Jim Hughson Will Not Return To Hockey Night In Canada

“Hughson has been a part of Hockey Night in Canada since 2005.”



A voice very familiar to Canadian sports fans will not be part of the upcoming NHL season. According to the @yyzsportsmedia Twitter account, Jim Hughson will not be a part of Sportsnet’s Hockey Night in Canada in 2021.

Hughson has been a part of Hockey Night in Canada since 2005. He followed the television package from the CBC to Sportsnet in 2014. He was the secondary play-by-play voice, mostly calling games on the West Coast.

There was less Jim Hughson on Canadian television last season than in the past. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hughson did not travel. His TV work was limited to calling home games for the Vancouver Canucks.

What exactly happened is still a mystery. The @yyzsportsmedia account did not have details regarding Hughson’s exit.

At 64-years-old, it isn’t crazy to wonder if there is another chapter left in the story of Jim Hughson’s broadcasting career. He will certainly be missed. In addition to calling hockey games, he had stints as the TV play-by-play voice of both the Toronto Blue Jays and the Montreal Expos. Jim Hughson also served as the voice of EA Sports’ NHL video game series until 2009.

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