Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Jason Concepcion Exits The Ringer

“What the future holds for Concepcion remains a mystery.”

One of The Ringer’s marquee talents is moving on. Jason Concepcion announced on Thursday that he will leave the network after he completes the current season of the Binge Mode podcast.

Jason Concepcion, better known to Twitter users as @netw3rk, has been by Bill Simmons’s side for quite some time. He was initially hired to be a part of Simmons’s ESPN offshoot Grantland and moved over to The Ringer after ESPN shut the site down.

Concepcion is a senior creative talent with The Ringer, hosting two podcasts – Binge Mode and The NBA Desktop. He was part of the team that won a Sports Emmy in 2019 for Outstanding Digital Innovation.

What the future holds for Concepcion remains a mystery. He is well-connected in the NBA and has done work for the league before. He helped write the script for NBA2K18. Certainly he will have a variety of suitors if he doesn’t have a deal in place already.

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