Tue. Apr 20th, 2021


ESPN Layoffs Have Begun, Here’s What We Know

ESPN will cut 300 jobs and leave 200 open positions unfilled. It is part of the Walt Disney Company’s restructuring to focus more on its direct-to-consumer digital products. Also at the heart of these layoffs appears to be ESPN’s desire to add more NFL play-by-play and the need to free up money to make that a reality.

We are keeping an updated list of folks that we know are out in Bristol. These are some of the best people in the industry at what they do.

Ivan Maisel – College Football Writer (Contract not renewed, will exit in January)

Vince Kates – Radio Producer

Seth Horowitz – Content Producer

Elida Wiithoeft – Coordinating Editor

Chris Cote – Dan Le Batard Show Producer

Chris Peters – NHL Draft and Prospects Analyst

Mike Antoniou- ESPN Radio Producer

Arty Berko – Investigative Reporter

Ali Bronson – ESPN Radio Producer

Sean Morrison – eSports Writer

Ashley Braband – Content Producer

Brian Bencomo – eSports Writer

Emily Rand – eSports Writer

Pauk Kix – Writer/Podcaster

Claire Smith – Baseball Writer

Howard Chen – Producer/Reporter (Contract not renewed)

Jim Barrero – ESPN.com Senior Editor

Ty Wegner – Writer/Editor

Lisa James – Producer

Jody Roberts – Highlight Producer

Tom Tischio – Producer/Editor

9 thoughts on “ESPN Layoffs Have Begun, Here’s What We Know

  1. The worst part? They didn’t even cut/announce everyone on the same day. Thought were were safe after Thursday, got a call Friday. This, after a 10 hour day yesterday.

  2. Disney is ruining sports, namely ESPN, by its thoughtless restructuring. Bottom line: It’s all about the bottom line – and stockholders – not fans.

  3. ESPN OVER PAYS THE ON AIR PERSONALITY, MIKE Greenberg 12 million and Steven A 5 million a year.
    Cut the 0n air personality and save a few peoples jobs

  4. ESPN and liberals are ruining sports along with everything else. Can’t trust the media, good to see you are expendable like the rest of America.

  5. You could start by getting rid of the employees you continue to allow to bash our President. I had your channel on just today. As soon as the talk focused on whether LeBron will go to the White House after Biden goes in, and all of their little jabs against Trump with their personal editorials, I immediately turned it off. Just a small suggestion for you. Your ratings aren’t just tanking because of covid and it’s effect on the sports world, it’s because you continue to condone and allow your small minded employees to alienate half of the country. Guess your own stupidity with regards to running a company is causing you to pay the price. Make your own bed, sleep in it.

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