Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Clay Travis: No Pushback On College Hoops Proves Media Are Hypocrites

“Travis also claims that part of this issue is a lack of honesty among his media brethren and uses CBS Sports Dennis Dodd as an example.”

College basketball season is less than a week away and Clay Travis wonders where are the calls to cancel the season similar to those to cancel college football?

“We had to fight like crazy just to have a football season,” the Outkick.com founder and Fox Radio host said. “That’s because the Corona Bros were screaming that thousands of players were going to die. Coaches were going to die. I said it before on this show and I will say it again, there has been almost zero negative impact on college athletes from the coronavirus. There have been very few hospitalizations. The seasonal flu for the college–age demographic is more dangerous.”

Travis’ claim is certainly debatable, as US News reported that nearly one third of student athletes in the Big Ten who have have tested positive also developed Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. That number could be higher in other conferences but exact numbers of positives among college athletes are not known. According to ESPN, nearly half of Power 5 conference programs have declined to release their data.

Travis adds that because of the fight to have college football, he expected the same for college basketball, but it has not happened so far.

“I think it is fascinating that all these Corona Bros who were complaining about college football have said nothing about college basketball.”

Travis posted a poll on Twitter asking listeners why there seemed to be little to no push back on a college basketball season: Learning from college football, or the Election is over. 81 percent of those who responded said it was because the election was over.

Travis then devotes the rest of the 23 minute segment to taking calls from listeners, most of whom think that the lack of pushback over college basketball is politically motivated.

“I think college basketball should be played and I’m glad it will be,” Travis said. “But if there is one sport that I expected there to be a lot of heat on, it’s college basketball. I mean, it’s going to be played indoors, with fans and outside of a bubble. Teams are going to be traveling across the country, playing three games a week. If there was one sport where they might have had a legitimate argument, it’s college basketball and yet no one is making it. That tells me it is political.”

Many teams however, from college basketball bluebloods like Duke, to low-major programs such as Gardner-Webb University have announced that they will play games without fans present. The NCAA is also exploring options to hold March Madness in a single-city bubble this season.

Travis also claims that part of this issue is a lack of honesty among his media brethren and uses CBS Sports Dennis Dodd as an example.

“I’ve always tried to honest with you guys,” he said. “If I get something wrong, I come on and admit that I was wrong. Dennis Dodd from CBS Sports wrote a piece that said as many as seven college football players would die if the season was played. That hasn’t happened, but Dennis Dodd will not come out and say, ‘I was wrong’. It’s infinitely more dangerous to play college basketball indoors, but the media, like Dennis Dodd, is not saying a thing. I know Dennis. He is a nice guy. I just think he and other members of the media are agenda driven and that’s dishonest.”

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