Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Katie Nolan: New Contract Feels Like ‘Settling’ After Producer Layoff

“In addition to her work with Nolan on Sports?, Braband also serves as show runner on her ESPN+ series Always Late with Katie Nolan.”

Ashley Braband is one of the behind the scenes talents that is set to exit ESPN in January. She has spent the last 13 years as the company’s director of digital video. She has also served as the executive producer of all of Katie Nolan’s content since the host joined the company in 2017.

Braband serves as executive producer and showrunner on the ESPN+ series Always Late. She is also Nolan’s co-host for the Sports? with Katie Nolan podcast.

On the latest episode, Nolan and Braband address what the former calls the “gigantic elephant” in the room. Nolan made her feelings clear saying that the situation “f***ing sucks” and insinuating that she may not have signed a contract extension with the network if she had known that Braband would not be there as well.

“We didn’t know this was happening. Some of us didn’t know this was happening to the point where they recently signed a contract,” she said, adding that now she has to do Sports? alone.

Nolan expanded on her feelings about Braband’s departure and how they relate to her new contract at ESPN. She said that she was motivated to accept a contract that is “a lot less favorable than one I would normally agree to” largely by the effects the Covid-19 Pandemic has had on the economy. Braband’s exit is a compromise she didn’t expect to have to make.

“I guess I didn’t realize how much I was settling because I didn’t know Ashley was going to be gone,” Nolan said.

Episodes of Sports? with Katie Nolan are posted twice per week. While Ashley Braband is still employed by the network until January, she announced on the most recent episode that she will not be appearing regularly for the remainder of the year as she looks for new work.

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