Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

Kevin Harlan

Kevin Harlan Wants To Call Super Bowl Favorite As Often As Possible

Harlan explained the creative strategy he uses to select which teams to broadcast – the team that is most likely to play in the Super Bowl.

Kevin Harlan, the legendary play-by-play broadcaster, revealed an interesting strategy that he applies when he decides which playoff games to call.

Harlan joined The DA Show on CBS Sports Radio this morning.

Host Damon Amendolara asked the esteemed broadcaster, “what games do you have for the divisional round next weekend?”

Harlan reveled that he will call the Kansas City Chiefs vs Cleveland Browns divisional-round game next Sunday, explaining that he wants to see the team that is most likely to play in the Super Bowl as often as possible.

“One of the nice things about my role at Westwood (One Sports) is that they give me my pick of (playoff) games (to choose from). So I wanted to this weekend because I thought it was unique with six games . . . and I can do games that were geographically close (Pittsburgh and Washington).

Harlan, 60, is one of the busiest men in sports media. At this point, he has more than earned the right to choose which teams he deems “most likely to make the Super Bowl.”

Residing in Missouri, Harlan is driving distance from Arrowhead Stadium, making it an easy commute to work this weekend.

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