Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

Mightier 1090

The Mightier 1090 Adds Danny Woodhead & Matt Slauson

“The show will air every Monday at 6 PM starting on Monday, January 11.”

Southern California’s popular radio station, The Mightier 1090 AM, returned to the airwaves last August. Twenty one months later, a new local show will feature two former San Diego Charger players.

Danny Woodhead and Matt Slauson will host Out Of Nowhere. The show will air every Monday at 6 PM starting on Monday, January 11.

Woodhead, a ten-year veteran, spent four years in the Chargers backfield. He also scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl for the Patriots in 2012.

“My favorite place to play in my career was San Diego. We started our family and the love from the fans was incredible. Let’s go 1090,” said Woodhead.

Matt Slauson spent two seasons playing guard for the team. One at the end of the Chargers’ run in San Diego and the first unceremonious season following the team’s relocation to Los Angeles.

“I like to squat heavy and treat life as a competition. 1090 you guys are smart for having us on. Won’t let you down. We will talk Chargers and it’s not pretty,” added Slauson.

“Out Of Nowhere is another great addition to our All-Star lineup,” said The Mightier 1090’s Bill Hagen. “Each day we continue to build this historic station back into a powerhouse.”

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