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92.3 The Fan, ESPN Cleveland Share Content To Honor Les Levine

“Tony Rizzo joined 92.3 The Fan’s morning show Carman & Lima, and in return Anthony Lima joined Rizzo’s The Really Big Show on ESPN Cleveland to commemorate Levine.”



I love a good radio war, but hearing two rival stations show a rare display of unity was equally cool. Some things are bigger than rivalries, and Cleveland’s two sports radio stations proved it Thursday. 

Wednesday night, Cleveland lost an iconic member of their sports broadcast family when Les Levine passed away at the age of 74 from Parkinson’s disease. With a career that spanned nearly a half-century, there aren’t many Cleveland sports media members who don’t owe Levine a sense of gratitude.

As ESPN Cleveland and 92.3 The Fan covered the industry’s loss on Thursday, the two sports stations chose to make it less about competition and more about Levine. Tony Rizzo joined 92.3 The Fan’s morning show Carman & Lima, and in return Anthony Lima joined Rizzo’s The Really Big Show on ESPN Cleveland to commemorate Levine. 

“I know it’s kinda bizarre that we do this,” Lima said as they welcomed Rizzo to The Fan. “We try to compete, but then when a moment like this happens, we have to do it and pay tribute to somebody like Les.”

“This is about people, we’re all in this together,” Rizzo said. “Yea we compete, I understand that and I think we all do a great job.” The Really Big Show host added that honoring Levine was more important than competing with each other. 

Despite having different on-air styles, Rizzo called Levine a mentor, appreciating his ability to do more than just talk stats and numbers. Levine’s Cleveland sportscasting career launched in 1970 where he became known for his thoughtful commentary and great sense of humor. He later helped create the market’s sports talk radio format, inviting callers to participate and became one of the city’s most recognizable media personalities.

Sports Radio News

WCCO Brings Back The Sports Huddle

“The Minnesota sports-focused show returns after previously being hosted by the late Sid Hartman and Dave Mona for over 40 years.”



Courtesy: WCCO

Audacy announced it is bringing The Sports Huddle back to 830 WCCO in Minneapolis, MN. The show returns on Sunday, Oct. 10, and is airing from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m CT on WCCO with hosts Mike Max and Pete Najarian.

The Minnesota sports-focused show returns after previously being hosted by the late Sid Hartman and Dave Mona for over 40 years. The new crew is bringing their flair to the Minnesota sports scene with big-name interviews and listener interaction.

“We’ve been discussing for a while a show that ‘reboots’ the heritage and equity of the old Sports Huddle while exhibiting a new energy and more expansive template for Pete and Mike to talk about all the various topics they’re passionate about,” said Brad Lane, Brand Manager, 830 WCCO. “We’re confident this new edition will help take this legacy brand to the next level while offering a unique and fresh outlook on the most relevant topics each week.”

Max has been with the station since 1998 and currently hosts his weeknight show Sports to the Max. He also contributes to The WCCO Morning News and started his career as an intern at WCCO-TV.

“Pete and I can’t wait to continue bringing what we grew up with to our audience,” said Max. “Sundays on WCCO have always meant entertaining and exclusive content.”

His athletic co-host, Najarian, played football at the University of Minnesota and was inducted into the program’s Hall of Fame in 1992. Najarian ended his career as Minnesota’s second-leading tackler and parlayed that on-field success into an off-field financial career.

“This show will offer listeners a fresh look at sports with straightforward comments and takes,” said Najarian. “We may even mix in some financials when it’s appropriate.”

A new era for The Sports Huddle begins in about two weeks.

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Sports Radio News

FanDuel: Craig Carton Partnership Adds Humanity To Addiction

”We want to grow this industry in a healthy way for the long term.”



Fanduel recently announced that it is partnering with Craig Carton to be their first ever ”responsible gaming ambassador” for the company.

Over the weekend, Carton had the Chief Marketing Officer of Fanduel Mike Raffensperger on his gambling addiction show, Hello My Name is Craig, to speak on their mission with the partnership as well as why it was the perfect partnership for both sides.

”What I have tried to explain to people is that there was a lengthy vetting period on both sides.” said Craig Carton about the partnership. ”Fanduel wanted to know who Craig Carton is, is he full of crap about his struggle with gambling, and ultimately what’s in it for Fanduel.” said Carton.

Raffensperger added that Fanduel wants to keep their consumers safe while using their product.

”We want to grow this industry in a healthy way for the long term,” he said. ”We understand that some people who use our product are going to have trouble using it responsibly, and it can really affect their lives.”

As to why Carton is the right guy for the role in the partnership, Raffensperger added ”I think what we recognize we needed is to add some humanity as to how we get this message across.”

Craig Carton notably has a long past with gambling. He ultimately served just over a year of his 3 year prison sentence for his role in a Ponzi scheme that saw him defrauding investors to pay back his gambling debts.

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Sports Radio News

Craig Carton Making Responsible Gambling Content For FanDuel

“He will help shape the company’s responsible gaming policy, play a role in FanDuel building AI that can spot problematic gambling patterns, and host events in which he will help younger bettors understand what an addiction looks like.”




FanDuel announced yesterday that it has hired its first ever “responsible gaming ambassador”. WFAN’s Craig Carton has agreed to take on the role. He has been open about his gambling addiction and advocated for those that believe they have a problem to seek help on air since returning to New York radio last year.

The content he creates for FanDuel will have a very specific focus. A press release says Carton will promote messages of “advocacy, prevention awareness and content development focused on the importance of wagering within limits”.

Craig Carton was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in a ponzi scheme to defraud investors of money they were told was being invested in tickets for resale. In reality, Carton was using the money to repay some of his gambling debts.

“My story and personal history with gambling has been well documented,” said Carton. “More than ever, I want to use my experience and platform to shine a meaningful spotlight on the issue of problem gambling. It was important to me that I find a real partnership with a company that shared my passion for this issue. It became clear FanDuel shared the same goals and was comfortable working transparently with me for the sole purpose of protecting people.”

FanDuel is planning to utilize Carton in a number of ways. He will help shape the company’s responsible gaming policy, play a role in FanDuel building AI that can spot problematic gambling patterns, and host events in which he will help younger bettors understand what an addiction looks like.

He will also create audio and video for FanDuel’s Play Safe Campaign. FanDuel will help Carton’s WFAN program “Hello, My Name is Craig” find a bigger audience. The show airs on weekends and features Carton discussing his addiction and offering advice to others seeking help.

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Craig to place even more emphasis on responsible gaming behaviors,” said Mike Raffensperger, FanDuel Group’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Everyone at FanDuel understands the importance of protecting our customers who are also our family, friends, neighbors and community members. Craig’s powerful personal story will help fuel our mission of making sure no bet placed results in hurting a loved one.”

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