Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Joe Buck Calls Stories About Him Drinking in Booth ‘Clickbait’

Joe Buck took to Twitter to expand on his “drinking while broadcasting a game” rant he shared on Colin Cowherd’s podcast.

Sharing interesting tidbits of personal information on podcasts can be entertaining, but can backfire just as easily.

Joe Buck took to Twitter to expand on what he meant when he told Colin Cowherd that he and Troy Aikman had been known to have a few cocktails in the booth.

Buck defended his booth partner, Troy Aikman.

Upon listening to the podcast in its entirety and reading between the lines of Buck’s Twitter thread, he didn’t say anything incriminating or commit anything worthy of a suspension. It seemed that Buck was implying that he used a “cocktail” or “beer” in his line of sight as a coping mechanism to relax during the broadcast.

Buck routinely calls the national game of the week that garners hundreds of millions of viewers during the event.

Unfortunately, “clickbait” isn’t going anywhere.

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