Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Carton & Roberts Force Caller To Squash 48 Year Beef With John Sterling

“This was a truly fun moment for the relatively new show and showed off what Craig Carton and Evan Roberts can be at their best.”

Eddie in Bayside knows how to hold a grudge. The listener called into WFAN’s Carton & Roberts on Wednesday to detail his hatred of Yankees radio voice John Sterling. The ire goes all the way back to 1972.

At that time, Sterling had a talk show on WMCA. Eddie says that Sterling said that he would give box seats to a game between the Yankees and Cleveland Indians to the next caller that could name five players whose names were part of the human body.

Eddie says he got through and listed four names: Bill Hand, Barry Foote, Rollie Fingers, and Elroy Face. Sterling told him that he just needed one more to win. That is when Eddie claims he said “Pete LeCock.”

Evan Roberts erupted with laughter telling Carton “I did not see that coming, Craig!”

Eddie says that Sterling hit the dump button and then launched into a five minute long rant. He claims that Sterling was upset that people didn’t take his trivia questions seriously. On air, Eddie says that Sterling’s producer said that Eddie should have won the tickets but he never heard back from the station.

On Thursday, Carton called Sterling to set the record straight.

Not only was the play-by-play voice of the New York Yankees on the line, the show got Eddie back as well. Sterling quickly got into the spirit of the bit.

“Eddie, it’s wonderful to talk to you again,” Sterling said when Eddie introduced himself. “I’ve been wondering for the last 50 years what’s been happening with you. I’m glad to hear you’re good.”

Eddie explained the circumstances of his call to WMCA in 1972. Sterling laughed, but said that he wasn’t sure that Eddie was telling the truth.

“I do sports. I don’t do nonsense,” Sterling said when he was told that he had hosted a trivia contest on air.

Still, Eddie pressed on. Carton made him go through the players he named one by one. Each time he said a name, Sterling gave a fact about the player. This time, when Eddie got to Pete LeCock, there was a pause on the other end of the line.

“Well, certainly I know the player,” Sterling said. “A left-hand hitting first baseman.”

Sterling maintains that he never hosted a trivia contest on air and that he never hung up on Eddie, still though he said that he hoped Eddie got to attend a Yankee game in 1972. Carton promised that WFAN would make sure Eddie got attend one this season as soon as the Yankees announce their attendance policy. It was an outcome Sterling called “marvelous”.

This was a truly fun moment for the relatively new show and showed off what Craig Carton and Evan Roberts can be at their best. The bit involved a New York sports icon, a listener from Bayshore, Carton leading the circus, and Roberts reacting spontaneously to the action that unfolded in front of him.

Even Sterling’s sign off, “I hope, Craig and Evan, that I’ve done a great job for you and I hope I have raised your ratings even higher than they are,” was a perfect capper.

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