Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Chris Rose Launching New Podcast For Baseball Season

“Rose will have six active Major League players join him as co-hosts throughout the year.”

The Major League Baseball season is right around the corner and now fans will have the opportunity to hear Chris Rose talk about it. Rose, who did not have his contract renewed by MLB Network back in December after 11 years at the network, will now have a new home to talk to players and co-host with players about the game. 

On Thursday, it was announced that Rose is joining the growing media company, JomBoy Media, to be a part of their Talkin’ Baseball podcast network. He was on with JomBoy (Jimmy O’Brien), Talkin’ Jake (Jake Storiale), and former big leaguer Trevor Plouffe to announce the big news.

Rose’s podcast is going to be called The Chris Rose Rotation and it is slated to start sometime in March and will air twice a week on a new YouTube channel called Jomboy Media Baseball. He did mention how he and Kevin Millar wanted to do a podcast when they co-hosted Intentional Talk together at MLB Network. 

“It wasn’t exactly well-received by the network back in the day,” Rose said of the idea. “This is what you guys specialize in. This is going to be a totally different podcast.” 

Rose will have six active Major League players join him as co-hosts throughout the year. Those guests are Archie Bradley (Phillies), Tyler Glasnow (Rays), Steven Brault (Pirates), Trevor May (Mets), Miguel Rojas (Marlins), and Lucas Giolito (White Sox). 

Rose and his co-host will also be talking to other active players, so he does not want his co-host to feel like a guest and by having multiple co-hosts, the player doesn’t have to be obligated to do the show every week.

After the announcement, Millar congratulated Rose on Twitter while tweeting about maybe coming on as a guest in the future.

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