Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

College Sports Storytelling Platform Uncut Expands To New Schools

“UNCUT started last year at the University of North Carolina.”

The Players Tribune was an excellent idea that served as a forum for professional athletes to open up and share personal experiences in their own words. UNCUT – a similar format for amateurs could garner similar success.

UNCUT is the college version of The Players Tribune that allows college student-athletes to share their stories on a large platform. Written stories, podcasts, and videos comprise the site.

Per Sports Business Journal – UNCUT started last year at the University of North Carolina. Two other schools in the state — Duke and Appalachian State — have launched as well, along with Virginia Tech. Wisconsin will be the first UNCUT site in the Big Ten when it goes live on March 3, while UCLA and Maryland have sites in the works.

“The idea is that athletes will be more candid talking to fellow students than professional journalists. The students rely on their peer relationships for access and do not go through athletic communications,” Olivia Hancock, head of operations for UNCUT Madison said.

The student-run outlet sets up operations in different college towns and collects stories from students who have endured obstacles or adversity and want to share the stories of how they overcame it to thrive on the field or in the gym.

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