Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Michael Rapaport Continues Milking Kevin Durant Fight For Publicity

“On Monday, Rapaport continued the media rounds, first joining The Howard Stern Show, later he appeared on FS1’s Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe.”

Kevin Durant was fined $50,000 for private messages he sent to Michael Rapaport, while the actor and comedian is still trying to cash in on the incident.

On Monday, Rapaport continued the media rounds, first joining The Howard Stern Show, later he appeared on FS1’s Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. And if you heard Rapaport yelling at Gary Dell’Abate on Stern, you’d struggle to buy his emotional appearance with Undisputed as anything more than a performance.

But nonetheless, Rapaport did join the FS1 show, seemingly in search of sympathy over the incident with Durant.

“I went to the dog park with my dog and people…they don’t want to play with my dog Wheezy,” Rapaport said as he apparently fought back tears. “And you know, I went to my coffee shop and they said ‘not today cupcake,’ and it’s weird, it’s like why are you calling my cupcake?”

The continued media tour for Rapaport comes after he posted a video last Friday, saying he now feels bad about the incident with Durant. 

“I feel bad about it,” Rapaport said shortly after the NBA fined Durant for using offensive language in the direct messages. “I feel bad about my involvement in the situation. I feel bad that it’s gotten this far. I met him one time. It was cool, cordial. I’m a fan. I met him as a fan.”

The vulgar messages took place over multiple conversations between Durant and Rapaport, beginning after the Nets forward was short with Charles Barkley and TNT’s Inside the NBA crew during a postgame interview last December. After Rapaport made the DMs public, Durant seemed surprised, tweeting “Me and mike talk CRAZIER than this on the regular and today he’s pissed….My bad mike, damn!!”

“It’s not the first time I’ve posted people’s DMs, it’s funny, when people are saying anti-Semitic things about me, saying racist things about me, threatened me and they’re Joe Schmos, everybody loves it,” Rapaport added. “But when it was Durant, people have 400 opinions.”

Sharing DMs might not be something Rapaport continues to do, noting that he “lived and learned from this situation,” and has dealt with ramifications, later describing the dog park reaction.

Ultimately, Durant gave a half-hearted apology when asked about the situation and was fined $50,000 by the NBA. Durant might have thought he had a relationship with Rapaport that welcomed that kind of back and forth, but according to the actor, the language went beyond friendly banter. 

Rapaport is getting a tremendous amount of publicity over the incident that cost Durant a measly $50,000. He continues to make media rounds and bring more attention to the issue despite complaining about the public’s reaction toward him. I’m not sure if the attention will land him more acting gigs, but it’s certainly burying the lawsuit he lost last week to Barstool Sports. 

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