Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Cooper Manning Joins Colin Cowherd’s The Volume

This is Manning’s first foray into the podcast world.

Sports media can’t get enough of the Mannings. Peyton and Eli are working on their own ESPN shows, now their oldest brother is busting into the podcast world.

Colin Cowherd announced on Instagram that the 47-year-old Cooper Manning is joining “The Volume” podcast network to host a weekly show called “Soup with Coop.”

A snippet from Cowherd’s announcement video shows Manning interviewing former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall. 

“I worked with Cooper starting about four years ago on “FOX NFL Kickoff” on Sundays,” Cowherd said. “Thoughtful, witty, funny, self-aware, but the minute he did a pedicure with Cam Newton and a nose ring with Alvin Kamara, I knew Cooper was the sort of hard-hitting journalist we needed and had to have.”

Manning has been around the media circuit with stints on “FOX NFL Kickoff,” along with hosting a show called The Manning Hour on Fox Sports. Outside of the media world, Manning is the Managing Director of Investor Relations for AJ Capital Partners.

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