Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Michael Kay To Talk Ratings, Francesa, Karmy on Next Media Noise Podcast

“He also responds to Ravanos who felt the Sports Media MVP Tournament champion did not even belong in the bracket!”

The #Karmy did a great job helping Michael Kay earn the title of champion in the BSM Sports Media MVP Tournament. As a 15-seed, Kay used his large following in New York to shock the world, and now it’s time for them to check out the latest Media Noise podcast. 

The New York Yankees play-by-play voice and ESPN New York radio afternoon host will join BSM’s Demetri Ravanos on the next episode (available Friday April 9th) to discuss his reaction to being a 15-seed, Ravanos admitting that he didn’t initially think he should be in the Sports Media MVP Tournament, and knocking out every opponent in his path to win this year’s bracket contest.

Due to a strong social movement from the #Karmy, Kay more than proved to be worthy of inclusion in the tournament. Credit Kay for choosing something other than the more generic #KayNation for his following’s nickname. There are enough sports radio hosts believing they lead a nation. 

During the conversation with Ravanos, Kay talks about competing against Mike Francesa, and the slow boil that was TMKS on ESPN New York finally topping WFAN’s afternoon show in the ratings book. 

“Radio ratings are the most ridiculous inexact science I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand them,” Kay said, an understatement to many people in sports radio. Despite Kay’s acknowledgement that he doesn’t like to compete with colleagues in any sort of contest, he believes the Sports Media MVP Tournament is more telling than radio ratings.  

Kay defended the New York sports radio format from Ravanos who tried to throw shade at taking calls. The #Karmy and all callers will continue to play a role on Kay’s radio show.

They also discuss the start of the 2021 Major League Baseball season, and navigating the pandemic on talk radio as it became a polarizing topic that intersects sports and politics. The all-encompassing conversation drops on Friday here at Barrett Sports Media. 

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