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Phil Mushnick Takes Shot At Gary Sanchez For Using Interpreter



The assumption that foreign-born players use translators because they don’t understand English is a tired one. 

Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez grew up in the Dominican Republic, he was not signed by a North American baseball team until he was 17 years old. He left his family and everything that was comfortable when he moved to a foreign country as a teenager. Expectedly, Spanish is the language he’s most comfortable speaking. And despite what Phil Mushnick of The New York Post writes, that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of understanding or speaking English.

In his Saturday column, Mushnick wrote the following:

Despite defensive lapses, give Yankees shortstop Gleyber Torres credit.

Last week the Venezuelan with just four years in the bigs stood for a pregame interview on YES, and through faulty English, nevertheless understood and answered Meredith Marakovits’ questions to the best of his English-speaking ability. It’s clear he’s working on his English.

Gary Sanchez, after seven seasons with the Yankees and before that with the club’s farm teams, still can’t be bothered. He still relies on an interpreter, still as deficient in English as he is in fundamental baseball skills and awareness.

An unwarranted shot at Sanchez. Let’s say Sanchez did conduct public interviews with a second language that he didn’t begin learning until he was an adult, would Mushnick be kind to any potential misspeak? Or would the often-controversial writer use it as an opportunity to disparage Sanchez? Sanchez is frequently criticized by fans and the media, why should he trust that it wouldn’t be worse if miscommunications were an added variable?

This wasn’t the first time Sanchez’s decision to use an interpreter has been viewed as an inability to speak or understand English. During the 2019 MLB All-Star game FOX broadcaster Joe Buck made a similar assumption.

With Freddie Freeman mic’d up and approaching the plate, the Braves first baseman told Sanchez, “I know what you’re going to throw at me,” joking that because he’s connected to the broadcast booth, he’ll be able to steal signs. After Sanchez laughed, Buck said “I don’t think he understood what you were saying,” an assumption that the Yankee catcher can’t understand English.

Masahiro Tanaka spent seven seasons with the Yankees and spoke through a translator during his entire career in New York, but that doesn’t mean he’s unable to speak English. In fact, Tanaka was often described as being one of the more popular teammates in the Yankees clubhouse. 

After his contract with the Yankees ran out last year, Tanaka returned to Japan, signing with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. A Japanese magazine recently suggested racism during the COVID-19 pandemic was one reason Tanaka and his family decided to leave the United States. Although it was later reported Tanaka was not quoted in the story. 

Sanchez will be a free agent after next season. Despite being a baseball rarity as a power-hitting catcher, the 28-year-old and two-time All-Star has been hardly appreciated in New York, often criticized for his inconsistencies more than he’s respected for his abilities. Mushnick’s column is a clear example of that disrespect, and maybe the best way for Sanchez to earn some credit will be starting fresh with a new team. 

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Dave Portnoy Tells Business Insider CEO He Is ‘Piece Of S*** Coward’

“Despite objections from the moderator, Dave Portnoy got out his entire question before his mic was muted.”



Dave Portnoy is not going to move on from his hate of Business Insider. The Barstool founder joined a Twitter Spaces session on Thursday night where the public had a chance to talk to Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget.

The event was hosted by the New York Times. Blodget was part of a panel discussing issues facing the business community.

“So yeah, I saw that piece of shit Henry Blodget’s on there,” Portnoy said when his mic went live. “My first question’s why would a piece of shit who’s been banned by the SEC from talking about stocks be on there. My second question is hey Henry, you f***ing coward, you know everything you wrote about me was bullshit. Why don’t you ever sit down with me you f***ing piece of shit coward. That’s my question.”

Despite objections from the moderator, Dave Portnoy got out his entire question before his mic was muted. No answer came. The moderator apologized to Blodget and ended the event.

The accusations of Blodget being banned by the SEC from discussing financial advice are true. Portnoy was referncing fraud charges that Blodget settled in 2003 when he was a Wall Street analyst.

Business Insider has ran a salacious piece about Portnoy’s sex life in November. It included accusations of misconduct from three women that claimed consensual sexual encounters with Portnoy took a dark turn without their consent.

Dave Portnoy has maintained the story is not true. He has also threatened to sue Blodget, Business Insider and the story’s author Julia Black.

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Mile High Sports Acquires Colorado Preps

“Mile High Sports adds Colorado Preps to a portfolio that includes a radio brand broadcasting on 98.1 FM and 107.5 FM HD-3 in Denver, a magazine, and”



Mile High Sports has acquired the Colorado Preps brand, including and the company’s radio and podcast networks. The deal is effective immediately.

“I am proud of what we’ve accomplished through 19 years of the Colorado Preps Network and very excited about the future with Mile High Sports,” said Kevin Shaffer, owner and founder of Colorado Preps. “The MHS crew is poised to bring additional and expanded coverage to high school sports across the state and we’re honored to stay involved with the network and help its growth.”

He will remain on the staff and continue hosting and producing radio and digital shows.

“With the elimination of the Rocky Mountain News, and shrinking budgets across most news outlets, local high school sports coverage has often and unfortunately become the casualty,” said Mile High Sports Editor-in-Chief Doug Ottewill. “But there will always be kids playing sports and parents wanting to read about those kids playing sports. I think fills a need and a niche that will never go away, no matter what’s happening on the bigger sports landscape in Colorado.”

Mile High Sports adds Colorado Preps to a portfolio that includes a radio brand broadcasting on 98.1 FM and 107.5 FM HD-3 in Denver, a magazine, and

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Barstool Sports To Eliminate Some Podcasts

“We almost created a model where we started with all the resources, we didn’t start with the idea or the people and as a result, we have a lot of things that weren’t necessarily going in the right places.”



Barstool Sports is doing some internal re-organizing. As a result, some shows are being cancelled.

Talking on her podcast Token CEO, Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini said the company has looked under the hood the past few months and are trying to clean things up.

Nardini also stated that the company’s spending needs to be reined in. She feels like too much has been invested in content that hasn’t been delivered, and creative freedom has become more of a curse than a blessing.

“We almost created a model where we started with all the resources, we didn’t start with the idea or the people and as a result, we have a lot of things that weren’t necessarily going in the right places,” she said.

In the podcast space, Barstool has 94 different offerings to choose from. Nardini said it’s just become too much, and they’re going to have to scale things back.

“No company of our size should have 94 shows,” she said. “What was my mistake and our mistake? We treated all 94 shows equal.”

Nardini realizes that means tough decisions are going to have to be made. Good, talented people will either have to move on or their jobs will be re-purposed.

“I’m bummed that it impacts people’s jobs,” she said. “I think that is a really, really serious thing when a role gets impacted and things change. You have to take that with a little bit of a heavy heart.”

Erika didn’t specify which shows, in particular, would be getting the ax, but it’s believed that the show Podfathers will be among them.

Show co-hosts Michael McCarthy aka “Large” and Justin Clemenza aka “Clem” took to Twitter and to the Barstool blog to announce the parenting podcast was no more.

Jordan Demcher aka “Jordie” tweeted a couple of thoughts on the situation but then clarified his podcast would carry on.

Keep your eyes on social media over the next few days for more details on this situation from Barstool’s personalities.

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