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Bill Simmons Blames Cancel Culture For Boring Masters Call



“Matsuyama is Japan’s first Masters champion!” was the call from Jim Nantz as Hideki Matsuyama made his final putt to win the 2021 Masters. It was fine, but predictable and left Bill Simmons wanting more.

As first noted by Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead, during Simmons’ Masters wrap-up podcast, he told The Ringer’s Kevin Clark how disappointed he was in the bland call from Nantz. Simmons believed Nantz was scared to go outside the box in celebrating Matsuyama’s victory amid the racial divide seen throughout the country, citing cancel culture as the reason.

“We were hoping for one of his classic pre-baked one-liners when Matsuyama won The Masters. I think he was scared off. He felt nervous to me the last twenty minutes.” Simmons said before pointing to cancel culture as the culprit. “I don’t think Nantz wanted to go near anything. He kept kind of throwing it to Faldo and then when Matsuyama hit the first of all, he missed the par putt, he had the little two-footer coming back, he made it. He wins. And Nantz basically said, Hideki Matsuyama, the first Japanese golfer to win The Masters. I’ve never heard him put less thought, energy, creativity, anything into one of his calls and it was a scared Jim Nantz, let’s be honest.”

Expectedly, Clark asked Simmons if he had an idea of what Nantz should have said as Matsuyama secured the green jacket. 

“So I had it. I had the savvy one,” Simmons answered. “Heat of the Moment, which was a song that won like five Grammys by a band called Asia in the 80’s. I think Nantz could have gone stealth and done, It was the heat of the moment, Hideki Matsui is our Masters champion. Something like that and then it just would have been really underground. Nobody really would have gotten it. But he just played it chalk. You know what? You just signed a new contract Jim Nantz. We don’t want a scared Jim Nantz. Come up with some sort of line. Anything? Disappointing.”

That’s not a typo, Simmons said former Yankees outfielder Hideki Matsui instead of Masters winner Hideki Matsuyama. So while Simmons was offering his better idea for Nantz after saying the CBS broadcaster was scared of being canceled, he made an egregious mistake that would have negatively headlined media outlets everywhere.

But assuming Nantz would have avoided that colossal blunder, Simmons is correct, no one would have gotten his Heat of the Moment reference. I certainly wouldn’t have. So was his idea even a better, more creative and momentous call for Nantz? A song reference that no one really understood the connection to. That’s some deep thinking from Simmons.

It wouldn’t have been the first song reference for Nantz, having previously quoted Bette Midler’s The Rose after Justin Rose won his first ever PGA Tour event in 2010. But Nantz wasn’t cryptic with that song reference, reciting a full verse. If Nantz left the audience wanting more on Sunday, I don’t think Simmons Heat of the Moment idea would have been a solve. 

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Uncle Chaps Signs Extension With Barstool

“The Marine worked as a bomb-sniffing K9 handler during the Iraq War.”



Courtesy: Barstool Sports

Matthew Mitchell is signing with Barstool Sports for the next four years. More commonly known by his nickname, Uncle Chaps, Mitchell extended his current deal with the company on Thursday.

The comedic voice is an Iraq War veteran who has hosted podcasts and blogged for the company since 2016.

“Personal News: signed a 4-year contract extension with Barstool this morning. Glad to continue working at a place that allows me to be me without reservation. Viva.” Chaps tweeted on Thursday.

The host makes appearances on Pardon My Take from time to time and is also the host of Zero Blog Thirty and The Podfathers. The Marine worked as a bomb-sniffing K9 handler during the war. He fought in over 40 gunfights and carried out over 100 raids before being medically discharged after being shot in the arm.

Uncle Chaps received a Purple Heart Medal for his bravery and landed his dream job at Barstool.

“I first started reading Barstool when I was at Marine Corps Base Quantico about 7 years ago,” Chaps wrote in his debut article for Barstool five years ago. “So I’m f*cking amped to be writing here now. Despite what this first post makes it seem like, I’m not here to be the token military barstool bro. That’s the last thing I want, and I’m sure it’s the last thing the readers want as well.”

His first day at Barstool just happened to coincide with his “Alive Day.” 

“Alive Days, in some circles, are celebrated more than birthdays,” Chaps wrote in his initial blog. “Alive Days are the days when people who were wounded in combat celebrate being, well, alive. For me, that day is July 31st.”

Barstool hired Uncle Chaps around the same time they moved headquarters from Boston to NYC and now he is staying around for another extended stretch.

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LeBron James Creating Exclusive Content For Clubhouse

“Clubhouse users had to be either invited or pushed through a waitlist up until last month when the app became available to everyone.”



Courtesy: Clubhouse

LeBron James and Clubhouse have struck a deal. The NBA superstar’s media company, the SpringHill Company, has entered into an agreement with Clubhouse to produce live rooms and content for the app.

SpringHill is rolling out various shows and rooms on the platform aimed at elevating the conversations happening in and around sports.

“Clubhouse and SpringHill share a focus on empowering creators and celebrating culturally relevant moments,” says Sean Brown, Head of Sports at Clubhouse. “I’m proud to welcome SpringHill to the Clubhouse family and partner with them to bring their distinct perspectives on sports culture and inspiring conversations to the global community at Clubhouse.”

Clubhouse is a live audio app that allows users to create “rooms” and discuss topics with interested users. The platform is similar to Twitter Spaces and Spotify’s GreenRoom, which used to be a sports-focused version of this platform and has expanded to all topics.

The project begins on Thursday, Sept. 16, when UNINTERRUPTED’s Certified Buckets show hosts a live room previewing the 2021-22 NBA season. Next up is a show on Monday, Sept. 20, focusing on the evolution of black quarterbacks from a varied group of former black quarterbacks.

The Monday and Thursday show schedule picks back up with a discussion on new music releases everyone is talking about with a roundtable of hip-hop minds. They also have other shows planned diving into “Everything You Need to Know About NCAA NIL” and “Life Begins When The Game Ends,” diving into how athletes transition from life in the pros to life as a civilian.

Clubhouse users had to be either invited or pushed through a waitlist up until last month when the app became available to everyone. Now, they have inked a deal with two of the most influential NBA voices in James and Maverick Carter. 

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BetRivers, PlaySugarHouse Launch Sports Betting CityCasts

These podcasts will start this month focusing on several local markets specific to each host’s home market.



Sports betting fanatics may have just gotten their one shop stop for all of their gambling content.

Rush Street Interactive has announced they are premiering city specific sports betting audio and video podcasts across the U.S. for BetRivers and PlaySugarHouse brands. These podcasts will start this month focusing on several local markets specific to each host’s home market.

”These CityCasts are locally focused, which is consistent with our strategy to offer our players Hometown Sportsbooks.” said Richard Schwartz the CEO of RSI.

There are currently RSI CityCasts in 4 cities including Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. CityCasts are set to launch in 4 more cities in the coming weeks including New York, Denver, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

RSI has already added some big names in sports media for these new markets, including Mark Schlereth who was named as a brand ambassador for the Denver market earlier this month.

”The hosts’ expert analysis will assist BetRivers and PlaySugarHouse bettors in making knowledgeable sports betting decisions, whether they’re experienced or brand new to the action.” added Schwartz.

This new podcast series will be widely available on nearly every streaming platform, including the BetRivers and VSiN websites, for fans of every market to get their fix in the world of sports betting content.

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