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Dave Portnoy: NBA Has Best Commissioner, Brightest Future

“Portnoy agreed that there are significant hypocrisies that exist in the league. He just doesn’t think it is truly detrimental to its future.”



Dave Portnoy didn’t hesitate when conservative pundit Ben Shapiro asked him which American sports league has the brightest future. He said it was the NBA. Despite Shapiro trying to change his mind with conservative talking points, Portnoy stuck to his guns.

In fact, Portnoy agreed that there are significant hypocrisies that exist in the league. He just doesn’t think it is truly detrimental to its future.

“I think they’ve got the best commissioner and I think they’re the most internet savvy,” he explained.

The internet prowess cannot be argued. Mediaite’s Brandon Contes points out that the NBA has never placed restrictions on sharing its highlights. Other leagues cannot say the same. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has even suggested that sharing highlights leads to more people tuning in for live games.

Under Silver’s leadership, the NBA has shown some flexibility in its approach rather than panic about television ratings. The upcoming Marvel-themed broadcast ESPN 2 will present on Monday is a good example, as are the gambling-centric broadcasts various RSNs have put on. While some are laser-focused on ratings, Silver is allowing his broadcast partners figure out how to use technology to open the door for new fans to find the league.

Dave Portnoy has been called a lot of negative things, but it is hard to argue that he has a mind for business. He has continued making appearances on conservative media outlets even after Big Cat called him out for betraying the fundamental directive of Barstool, that it is not a political brand. Portnoy would argue that it is a way for him to expose Barstool to audiences that have never thought about or heard of it.

Game recognizes game, as the saying goes. It is not hard to imagine that Dave Portnoy looks at Adam Silver and sees someone else who is always thinking about where the people that have not yet discovered his product are.

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Mark Cuban Calls Athletic Story About Luka Doncic ‘Total Bulls***’

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban slammed Monday’s reporting in The Athletic regarding young star Luka Doncic.



Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was not pleased with Monday’s bombshell report by The Athletic detailing concerns within the organization regarding Luka Doncic’s relationships with certain folks in the building. It is not Cuban’s first disagreement with media coverage of his team, and he took to Twitter to respond directly.

The report by Tim Cato and Sam Amick alleges that some in the organization are concerned that Donic’s relationship with Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris could impact the star’s long-term viability with the franchise. Voulgaris is a former professional gambler, and is now the Director of Quantitative Research and Development for Dallas. In a separate piece on The Athletic, Mark Cuban praised Voularis’s insight.

“I really like what Bob brings to the table,” he said. “Bob has a great grasp of AI and the opportunities it creates for gaining an advantage.”

Doncic has one year left on his rookie contract, and is a restricted free agent after 2021-2022 according to Spotrac. He will soon be eligible for a five-year, $168 million extension, as well.

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Henry Abbott: Bill Simmons Is ‘Supertalented Guy, Difficult Teammate’

Abbott appeared on the “Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre” podcast.



Courtesy: AP

TrueHoop founder Henry Abbott appeared on Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre last week and expounded on the article he wrote last year surrounding Bill Simmons. The two worked together for years at ESPN after the network bought TrueHoop and Abbott went in-depth on their working relationship in the article.

“Bill’s fine. I don’t know, maybe he’s really mad at me because I wrote that piece,” Abbott said on the podcast. “He’s not the devil. A thing that frustrates me is a lot of talk without a lot of evidence.”

Abbott went more in-depth about the goal he set when he started writing the article last June.

“Bill Simmons was trending nationally, and the two positions were either he’s a terrible racist, or he’s the most wonderful human in the history of the planet. Like, have any of you f*cking met that guy? Like he is neither of those things. Like this is all incorrect. Trust me; it’s far from my collection of these are the worst things I could say about Bill. It was just kind of a summary of what my experience was like working for him for over a decade.”

The TrueHoop founder stuck to his brand with a basketball comparison ready for Simmons.

“I think he’s a super talented… This is a common NBA theme. Supertalented guy, difficult teammate, hard to get along with. Not really interested in team success right and pretty skilled at getting what he wants. It wasn’t the case that he was some sort of all or nothing hero or villain, he’s just kind of selfish.”

Simmons has not reached out to Henry Abbott about the piece, but the basketball blogging pioneer has no regrets about writing it and would welcome another opportunity with a big brand under the right circumstance.

“The dream for me and I think everyone I know in this business is to have a boss you really respect,” Abbott said about working for another large company. “You want a boss who makes your work better. If you can get that, greatest thing in the world. If you can’t, be your own boss.”

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Howard Bryant Heading To Meadowlark Media

“Bryant’s next major project is a biography of Ricky Henderson due out soon.”



Another ESPN voice is choosing Miami over Bristol. Howard Bryant is the latest to join Dan Le Batard and John Skipper at Meadowlark Media. Bryant had been a versatile voice in Bristol, appearing on both TV and radio programs offering commentary.

Ian Casselberry of Awful Announcing speculates that “Bryant will focus largely on podcasts and documentaries” in his new role. Meadowlark says that he will “work on project development, including reporting, scriptwriting, and on-air narration.”

It is hard to imagine that Howard Bryant won’t continue to write. In fact, he is free to work on projects for multiple other employers, including ESPN.

Bryant is a three-time National Magazine Award nominee. He has written for Oakland TribuneSan Jose Mercury NewsBergen RecordBoston Herald, and The Washington Post. He is also one of the great baseball historians, having written five books about the sport. Bryant’s next major project is a biography of Ricky Henderson due out soon.

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