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LA Radio Hosts Call For Robert Horry HOF Induction

Robert Horry gains support over Southern California radio airwaves for his Hall of Fame credentials.



Several Southern California radio hosts are joining Rudy Tomjanovich in calling for former NBA player Robert Horry to be inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Tomjanovich made it a point during his own induction over the weekend to make a case for Horry, whom played for Tomjanovich for four years with the Houston Rockets.

Ben Maller and John Ireland both took to the air to make their own claims in support of Horry after Twitter was divided over the weekend.

Nicknamed “Big Shot Bob,” Robert Horry won seven NBA titles in his 16 years in the league. He won two with the Rockets, two with the San Antonio Spurs, and three with the Los Angeles Lakers. His seven rings are good for the seventh-most in NBA history, and makes him the only player in league history with seven titles that did not play for the 1960s Boston Celtics dynasty. Horry is also the only player in NBA history with at least five championships that won a ring in at least three stops.

Horry’s 7.0 points per game would be the lowest of any player inducted for their play in the NBA, just behind Dennis Rodman’s 7.3.

Robert Horry has stayed near the NBA in retirement. Since 2012, he has been a part of SportsNet LA’s studio coverage of the Lakers in a part-time capacity.

Sports Radio News

Tim McKernan Bolts 590 The Fan For Hubbard St. Louis Cluster

“The show, which McKernan owns, currently runs 7-10 AM on The Fan. That will end on December 23.”



Tim McKernan is taking The Morning After to a new home in St. Louis. The show, which is currently broadcast by 590 The Fan, will move to 105.7 HD2, a sub channel of 105.7 The Point and YouTube. He will also be hosting a mid day show on 101 ESPN.

The show, which McKernan owns, currently runs 7-10 AM on The Fan. That will end on December 23. Co-hosts Doug Vaughn, Ken “Iggy” Strode and “Action” Jackson Burkett will go with McKernan.

“We’ve been wanting to grow our digital footprint for years, and adding ‘The Morning After’ is a huge step in that direction,” Hubbard-St. Louis operations manager Tommy Mattern said in a statement to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. ”With the addition of the YouTube channel, not only can you listen to TMA but you can watch it live, which is something we think their audience will embrace.”

The mid day show on 101 ESPN will run from 10-11 AM and be called Balloon Party. Tim McKernan wrote on Facebook that the name has a local origin.

“We have decided to name the show Balloon Party as a tribute to the late, great Joe Strauss,” McKernan wrote. “’Balloon Party’ was one of Strauss’s go-to lines when he saw the media trying to frame a story in a more flattering way than what the truth really was. That is absolutely no indication of what we are going to do on the show. I just like the name. And I just miss Joe Strauss.”

Randy Markel, the owner of 590 The Fan, says he was not involved in negotiations with McKernan. He wished the show well in its move.

All content produced by Tim McKernan, including The Morning After, is owned by his company Enterprises. He says that made the move easier to execute.

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Sports Radio News

Brent Musburger: Jon Gruden Was Victim Of ‘Professional Hit Job’

“Brent Musburger stopped short of defending Gruden’s actual comments.”



Legendary play-by-play man Brent Musburger believes now-former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden should’ve been punished for his behavior uncovered in an NFL investigation. He said Gruden didn’t deserve to be chased out of town though.

In a recent interview with J.T. The Brick, the Raiders’ lead broadcaster said Gruden was made the scapegoat of the investigation into the Washington Football Team and owner Daniel Snyder by a “paid assassin.”

Musburger added it was a “professional hit job” by the way the story came to light. Details of emails Gruden sent years earlier, which contained racist and misogynistic comments, were first laid out in a Wall Street Journal article before everything was more broadly presented in the New York Times.

Brent Musburger stopped short of defending Gruden’s actual comments. He did say a suspension of some kind seemed warranted more than being fired only a few years into his deal with the Raiders.

Jon Gruden has since hired a team of lawyers to sue the NFL. He believes it was someone within the league that ultimately ended his career.

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Sports Radio News

Ready, Fire, Aim!

“Whatver good came from procrastination?”



Tri Star Pictures

Ready. Fire. Aim.

I have used this phrase and attitude many times in my sports radio selling career. For years, people used the exact words in another more familiar order, specifically to shoot a gun: Ready. Aim. Fire. 

The 'Ready, FIRE, Aim' Approach to Turnarounds Never Works - Tony Pashigian

Get it?

In 1982, one of the best business books ever written, In Search of Excellence, was published by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman. Peters and Waterman worked in the San Francisco office of McKinsey Consulting. Peters traveled the world and talked to the best companies. He was on a mission to learn about ‘organization effectiveness’ and ‘implementation issues.’ He found that what he saw had a profound impact on how companies focused primarily on organization and strategy suffered compared to those who dove in on activity and culture. He also wrote a bestseller and game-changer. He also came up with Ready, Fire. Aim. 

What’s your style? 

When your company launches a new digital package or NTR sponsorship, do you wait around until forced to pitch it a few times? Or, do you toss it out to some clients who should be open to the idea and then figure it out as you go? Peters would argue you should experiment more aimlessly.

Whatver good came from procrastination? To get me out of a rut, I will ask myself what the worst thing that can happen from asking a client to try a new idea is? 

They say no.

Okay, on the other hand, they could say YES. Or, at the minimum, appreciate that you are keeping them up to date with the latest opportunities in the market. Often I will take this approach to oversized packages. Let’s say the station has an NTR project like a concert, sports fair, or event. The title sponsorship package is two times what your best clients have ever spent with you in a single month. Rather than sit around and get a new prospect list ready and customize a package with price-sensitive elements or whatever other excuses I can think of, I take action. I FIRE.

I will call my client, who may get sticker shock, and say, “I want to show you this sponsorship because even if it isn’t a fit for you, you will know what XYZ or ABC competitor is spending and what they got.” I have been amazed at how a few of them have reacted. Out of the blue, they step up and buy to be the big shot in the market. Or, based on their feedback, I learn what they want and pivot and sell them a lower package or some additional program. I AIM after my initial meeting. 

click here to Buy-Now-Button • Karenville

Would you please go back and rethink how you can change your approach at whatever you know you should be doing? Are you spending too much time staying comfortable and playing the what-if game?  Forget about it. When you are working on your 2022 budget, and deciding which clients can up their spending, get ready, FIRE, and then aim. 

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