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“Late Show” Prepares for Live Crowd Return

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Colbert has done the show from home



Photo: Can Pac Swire / Flicker, CC BY SA 2.0

As states are opening up, various indoor places hit full capacity; the late-night circuit
appears ready to welcome back live audiences. Beginning June 14th, Stephen Colbert
returns to do the “Late Show” in front of live crowds, Variety reports.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Colbert has done the show from home but
recently has begun doing the program from a room at the Ed Sullivan Theater. With no
crowds, “Late Show” has become a show that’s a more intimate performance of his
monologues and interviews.

“Over the last 437 days, my staff and crew (and family!) have amazed me with their
professionalism and creativity as we made shows for an audience we couldn’t see or
hear,” Colbert statement said. “I look forward to once again doing shows for an
audience I can smell and touch.”

“Late Show” isn’t the only program welcoming a live crowd, as Deadline reports that
“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” plans to have an entire vaccinated audience
in 30 Rock early next month. Another late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel, told Deadline
earlier this month that his show, based out of Los Angeles, could have a proper
audience back in June.

News Television

Julio Vaqueiro Named Anchor for ‘Noticias Telemundo’




Jose Diaz-Balart left Telemundo’s flagship newscast Noticias Telemundo’for a larger role within NBC, hosting day-time news on MSNBC.

Julio Vaqueiro has been named his replacement, taking over the Noticias Telemundo anchor desk – effective Sept. 27.

Vaqueiro has been hosting the late night news on Telemundo.

“Julio embodies the passion for news and rigorous reporting that are at the core of what we stand for at Noticias Telemundo,” said Luis Fernandez the President of Noticias Telemundo via a report by the LA Times.

“Julio has consistently delivered impactful and rigorous journalism across multiple anchoring roles, and we’re thrilled he will be bringing his integrity, unique voice and commitment to our audience to our flagship newscast.”

He has been with Telemundo since 2017.

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News Television

E.W. Scripps Co. Relaunching News Network Oct. 1st

Newsy plans to have five primetime programs, three that will occur during the week and two on weekends.



Beginning October 1st, the E.W. Scripps Company plans to relaunch its national news network Newsy, per Adweek. “I look at it as both horizontal and vertical,” TV news executive Kate O’Brian told TVNewser

“The horizontal side is, we’re creating a 24/7 network, which is extremely exciting. But we’re creating this 24/7 news network for an entirely new audience to 24/7 news, and that is the over-the-air audience.”

The operations of the channel are going to be in Atlanta, GA, where its main studio, newsroom, control room, and significant of its employees will be based. 

Despite much of the operations based in Atlanta, Newsy will have other locations ranging from Washington D.C. and Chicago to Missoula, Mt., and Tulsa, Okla. Programming will begin early morning and run until 8 p.m. ET, with an additional hour of news airing at 11 p.m. for its West Coast audience. 

Newsy plans to have five primetime programs, three that will occur during the week and two on weekends. Three of the shows are headed out of their Washington location. Meanwhile, the other two will air from Chicago, and the other is a documentary.

The network is a free, ad-supported service. O’Brien stated Newsy “will be looking at sponsorship with an editorial frame of mind. We do have advertisers, we will continue to have advertisers, but at the moment, we haven’t really opened the door yet for sponsors to come in.”

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News Television

Tucker Carlson Named to Time’s 100 Most Influential People List

Time called Carlson the most influential conservative in America



Whether people love or hate him, there’s no denying that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is an influential figure in news media. Time announced that the network host was named to the magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list for 2021. 

Time called Carlson the most influential conservative in America, and for a good reason. The anchor draws millions of viewers each night for his weekly primetime program, as he is breaking rating records on Fox News.

“As Republicans have lost nearly all their political power on the federal level, Carlson has emerged as the de facto cultural leader of the right. His diatribes against “the elites,” the federal government, and the scientific consensus shape the belief system of millions,” Charlotte Alter wrote in Carlson’s biographical blurb. 

“If it seems like Americans can’t agree on anything—including whether COVID-19 vaccines work and whether Joe Biden won the presidential election—that’s partly the evidence of Tucker Carlson’s influence.”

Carlson joins other figures in politics, entertainment, sports, and other industry leaders such as President Joe Biden, Spanish music artist Bad Bunny, and MLB player Shohei Ohtani. 

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