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Kenny Mayne: ‘I Didn’t Prepare Aaron Rodgers for F You Moment’

“I knew that it would be a funny way to end it, but I didn’t write it down and I almost forgot to do it.”



In what was not a shock to anyone, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was not at mandatory minicamp on Tuesday as first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Monday. It has been a while since anyone has heard from Rodgers, but the last one who did was former ESPN personality Kenny Mayne. 

Rodgers, who is a good friend of Mayne’s, appeared on the ESPN legend’s last SportsCenter a couple weeks back. On this week’s episode of The Adam Schefter PodcastMayne talked about the now famous interview. 

“It was a weird position to be in and then you add in the weight of the ESPN bosses, ‘hey we know it is your last day, but can you get some f**n Aaron Rodgers questions for us to run them on SportsCenter?'” Mayne joked. “I sent him a note. I said we are not planning anything, just be prepared for everything. I’m not going to screw him over when he’s doing me a nicety of that’s a pretty big name to get on your final show. Aaron didn’t complain afterwards. He wrote something funny. He wasn’t offended and I think he wants to answer some things seriously. We kind of did it all in my opinion. I did what I wanted to do. It was my last show. He said what he said. I don’t know what’s going to happen, I have no idea.”

During the conversation with Schefter, Mayne said that he has no idea what’s really going on with Rodgers and has never asked him about it privately nor did he know anything other than rumors when the news Rodgers reportedly wanted out was reported the night of the NFL Draft. He knew that regardless of what he asked, he wouldn’t get Rodgers to tell him everything.

“I told people before and after I can be as straight as can be, I can be as silly as can be, somewhere in between, which I probably was. He’s going to answer how he wants to answer. No one can beat the information out of anyone. I can’t make Aaron tell me precisely what he’s thinking and what he’s exactly going to do and how he thinks it is going to turn out. He was kind of just doing the long, philosophical answer of people vs. institutions and I tend to agree with his point.”

Of course, what might be more famous than Rodgers’ thoughts on his current situation in that interview was the final question Mayne asked where he joked about getting into cryptocurrency. Schefter said it might have been “the single-greatest last question that I’ve heard asked of anybody ever.”

Mayne did not prepare the quarterback for the joke either and mentioned how he was doing it more to help him than for the actual show itself: 

“I daydreamed about that a day or two before,” Mayne said. “I knew that it would be a funny way to end it, but I didn’t write it down and I almost forgot to do it. All of those interviews, there were no scripts or prompters. I knew ahead of time ‘hey I want to hit these four things and you see where the interview goes. At the very end, it hit me to do that thing. As he is wrapping up, I pretend like we’re done. I referenced the last time I interviewed him and did the big joke at the end. He didn’t know it was coming for sure. That was a genuine reaction. I was doing it more for him than the room. I didn’t think they would run it out. They were like we had to run this.”

While Mayne said some people can criticize him for not addressing the trade request enough, he did the interview the way he wanted to do it and for someone’s final show in a great career, that’s all a person could ask for.  

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ESPN Requiring Vaccine For Game Assignments

This email going out to third party staffers seems to indicate that it is a response to the new Covid protocols put in place by the NFL and NFLPA earlier this week.



If you want to work for ESPN covering games this fall, you need to get your Covid-19 vaccine. A memo to freelance staffers obtained by Bobby Burak of says that as of August 1, the World Wide Leader will require an attestation of vaccination from all employment candidates.

ESPN has not yet commented on the memo.

This email going out to third party staffers seems to indicate that it is a response to the new Covid protocols put in place by the NFL and NFLPA earlier this week. The league has made it clear that vaccinated members of the media will have more access to the field and to players during the 2021 season.

More than half of all American adults are fully vaccinated. Shots are available to anyone that wants one.

Whether or not this policy changes the mind of someone that initially did not want a vaccine remains to be seen, but given the number of states using lotteries as extra incentive to get the shots, maybe the potential for freelance employment was bound to always be on the table.

For those wondering if ESPN is allowed to do this, the answer is yes. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has said in the past that employers have the right to mandate vaccines of any type. Employees do have the right to take medical or religious exemptions and remain employed.

The exemption only applies to salaried employees. Private contractors would likely have to comply with company expectations in order to get a job.

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Rajai Davis Flubs Mike Trout Interview In First Broadcast Assignment

Davis made his broadcast debut on Youtube’s MLB Game of the Week.



Courtesy: Jason Miller/Getty Images

Former MLB player turned broadcaster Rajai Davis has experienced one of the greatest highs a player can accomplish and now a head-scratching low to start his broadcasting career.

A hero of the 2016 World Series with his tying home run in Game 7, Davis got off to a rough start behind the mic on YouTube’s MLB Game of the Week between the Angels and Tigers. The analyst was supposed to ask Mike Trout a question while the broadcast team had the MVP on the mic but flubbed his first attempt.

“One thing, one thing I have for you man,” Davis started when his turn came to ask Trout a question. “It’s uh, it’s, it’s ya know, um … I just lost my train of thought.”

Veteran broadcaster Matt Vasgersian tried to play it off by telling Trout it was Davis’s first game, but then the former Indian hero remembered his question.

“I know what it is now, Trout, I’m back, I’m ready,” Davis said stepping back up to the interview plate. “Talking about Ohtani, how is he in the clubhouse? Is he the kind of guy where… does he speak English?”

Trout seemed flustered by the question but rolled with it and described how Ohtani is slowly becoming more comfortable communicating with his teammates using English.

Davis rightly asked Trout about his MVP-candidate teammate, but the framing needs a lot of work. Ohtani is smashing baseballs, and fanning batters left and right to an extent we haven’t seen since Babe Ruth. The historic season has Ohtani in a two-man AL MVP race with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. who leads the majors with 22 home runs, barely edging Ohtani’s 19 dingers.

Davis wasn’t in the best logistical position to perform in his debut since Vasgersian and Mark Gubicza have hours of experience calling Angels games together. We’ll see if he gets another shot in the booth after speaking too much English in his debut.

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Brandon Marshall: No One Fears Giannis Antetokounmpo Anymore

Marshall has not been impressed with the Bucks or their star forward.



Courtesy: Will Stitt

Fox Sports personality Brandon Marshall isn’t ready to respect the Milwaukee Bucks even if they make it to the NBA Finals. The former NFL player turned panelist on FS1’s First Things First spoke his peace on what it means if the Bucks survive this playoff gauntlet.

“Them moving forward, them advancing for me won’t be respected,” Marshall said. “You saw who they were in Games One and Games Two when the Nets were semi-loaded; they didn’t have James Harden. James Harden played 40 seconds in this series before he came back when he wasn’t supposed to, and they got ran off the court. So when you look at that I can’t respect it.”

The Bucks and Nets series has lived up to expectations in that many expected it to go seven games. Although, it’s been a seesaw to get there after the Bucks blew out Brooklyn 104-89 on Thursday night to force a Game Seven at the Barclays Center. 

The Hawks have impressed plenty of people with how they’ve handled Philadelphia en route to a 3-2 series lead, but Marshall isn’t in that camp.

“Unless we got the Hawks wrong then I can’t even respect that,” Marshall said. “The Hawks are playing great ball, but nobody picked the Hawks to be a contender this year. So they go on they beat the Hawks. Then you go on, and you got Philly… I can’t respect it.”

Marshall concluded his take by acknowledging the pressure on the shoulders of Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Bucks have won 71% of their games over the past three years. According to ESPN, they will join four other teams in NBA history to have that much success and not make a Finals if they don’t pull off the feat this year.

“I don’t know if guys fear them anymore,” Marshall concluded. “I don’t know if anybody fears him (Giannis). We know what you are; you’re a one, two-trick pony, and that’s it.”

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