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Michael Kay Clarifies Gerrit Cole, Josh Donaldson Comments

“Kay went on to say that if there was ever a day that fans could be assured that Gerrit Cole was not using any sort of foreign substance, it was during his start on Wednesday. That he went out on that day and threw the ball 100 miles per hour was the best answer Kay says Cole could have given.”



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Michael Kay made some waves earlier this week on his ESPN New York radio show. It sounded like he was advocating for Yankees ace Gerrit Cole to throw at the Minnesota Twins’ Josh Donaldson after Donaldson accused Cole and other Major League pitchers of using foreign substances to change the spin rate of the baseball.

Kay made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday. He wanted to clarify that he was not advocating for Cole to do anything. He was telling his audience what he would have done if he were Cole.

“What I said on my radio show was that God didn’t give me talent because he knows I’m a vindictive human being. I have a laminated list in my back pocket, Dan, for people that have crossed me,” the television voice of the New York Yankees joked.

“Everybody took and said that I said Gerritt Cole should do it. No! Gerritt Cole shouldn’t do it because Gerritt Cole is too important to the Yankees. He would be suspended. There could be a brawl. People could get hurt. But sick Michael Kay, if I was on the mound, I would have done it.”

Cole was coming off of a rough Tuesday where he struggled to answer the media’s questions about whether he has ever used a foreign substance to affect the spin or his grip on the baseball. Michael Kay was shocked that Yankees’ PR and Cole’s agent Scott Boras didn’t make it clear to him that it was a subject that was bound to come up.

“It seemed like he was surprised and that surprised me,” Kay said. “Why would you be surprised at that question? That’s the only question anyone wants to talk about.”

Kay went on to say that if there was ever a day that fans could be assured that Gerrit Cole was not using any sort of foreign substance, it was during his start on Wednesday. That he went out on that day and threw the ball 100 miles per hour was the best answer Kay says Cole could have given.

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Boomer Esiason Says Craig Carton Is An Awful Houseguest

Boomer Esiason tells a story to Moose and Maggie about a time he caught Craig Carton going through drawers at his house.



There’s a slew of social faux pas when it comes to being someone’s house guest. Whether it’s not saying your P’s and Q’s, insulting the host’s cooking or ceramic figurine collection, or making a mess of some variety, guests are expected to observe certain decorums. Boomer Esiason joined Moose and Maggie and told a story about his former morning co-host Craig Carton going through his drawers when the former he had Carton over at his house.

“Never ask Craig Carton ever to come over to your house,” Boomer Esiason warned. “He’s a snooper like you won’t believe.”

Esiason said Carton would go through cabinets and bedrooms when he was a guest of Esiason’s, even catching him going through drawers, describing it as “a very awkward thing.” Carton took to the air on Carton & Roberts to defend himself. He denied being as invasive as Esiason claimed, though did say in the early years of the show, he stayed overnight at the former NFL quarterback’s home and went around looking for Esiason’s AFC Championship ring and NFL MVP trophy.

Carton said he went looking through Esiason’s office at night, including in the drawers in his desk to get a peak at them. The search was foiled when Boomer Esiason woke up and went downstairs, fearing an intruder.

“He’s holding a Louisville Slugger in his hands, and he goes, ‘Carton?'” he said. “I thought it might be inside the drawer.”

While the ring and trophy weren’t found in the drawer, Carton did take aim at attempting to prank someone in the family by filling a bathroom cabinet with toy jacks. He bought a “bulk amount” of them, and proceeded to try to rig the cabinet, only to be caught by one of his former co-host’s two kids who asked what he was doing.

“Nothing; I’ll just take my jacks home.”

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670 The Score Launching What About Chicago Radiothon

Audacy Chicago announced a 24-hour radiothon entitled What About Chicago that aims to raise awareness for local social causes.



Audacy Chicago announced the inaugural What About Chicago Radiothon benefiting Athletes for Justice and Austin Harvest. The radiothon will last from 9 a.m. CT June 23 to 9 a.m. CT June 24, led by 670 The Score afternoon co-host Danny Parkins, who said one aim of the event is to reclaim the phrase “What About Chicago” which has been politically weaponized in recent years.

“I hate when people who don’t care about our city ask ‘What about Chicago?’ in bad faith,” said Parkins. “The name ‘What About Chicago’ is a defiant response and this radiothon will hopefully highlight what Chicago is really about – a Chicago radio station partnering with a Chicago charity with a mission to help improve the lives of Chicago kids in a Chicago neighborhood.”

The event is running in partnership with former Chicago Bear and Wuerffel Trophy winner Sam Acho. Parkins will be a co-host on all Score shows throughout the day in addition to hosting in his usual spot. He will be joined by representatives from each organization and special guests, per a release.

Athletes for Justice mobilizes professional, collegiate, and everyday athletes as agents for systemic change by wielding their collective voice and galvanizing resources to amplify local efforts in the ongoing fight for justice.

Austin Harvest is a youth-led open air food mart that provides fresh produce to an area lacking access that is staffed by children from the community. It started as a 3-day-a-week pop-up mart after school program but because of its success, they want to expand and build a permanent structure.

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Steve Berman: Sports Radio Will Still Be Here in 20 Years, Maybe Not In 30

Berman had positive and negative thoughts on the future of sports talk radio.




Is sports talk radio going to be around in 20 years? That was a question the Athletic’s Steve Berman answered at length this week in his mailbag. Berman is a Bay Area media and sports reporter for the site. 

“My first instinct would be that it will exist for at least 20 more years in its current form,” Berman said. “There are some obvious reasons to be skeptical. Sports talk radio needs traffic, i.e. people stuck in their cars. The move toward remote work caused by the pandemic absolutely crushed the local sports talk stations (in San Francisco), which rely on people spending hours on the highways. People are starting to go back to the office, however, so we’ll probably see some bumps in the local ratings as the year progresses.”

The journalist covered local sports for Bay Area News Group from 2004-2008 and co-founded Bay Area Sports Guy, which became the top independent site covering sports in the region. Berman noted how the shift to remote work isn’t the only roadblock for sports talk radio.

“Remote work is here to stay for some,” Berman explained. “The time spent away from daily commutes has changed some habits. That’s one reason for concern. Another is the technology available in our cars. At this point, a decent number of drivers still don’t have satellite radio, a USB port, or Wi-Fi in their vehicles. But in 20 years, we can probably assume that just about everyone will be connected in a variety of ways when they drive, so they’ll be able to easily access listening options that feature far fewer ads.”

Berman concluded his thoughts by noting some of the advantages sports talk still has on other mediums like hyperlocalized content and instant reaction ability but there are still issues to figure out.

“Sports talk radio has a few things going for it that are unique … for now. My guess is that it’ll still be around in 20 years. Maybe not 30, though.”

Earlier this year, Demetri Ravanos and Jason Barrett spoke to several market managers as part of BSM’s Meet the Market Managers series. Several marveled at their station’s digital performance during the pandemic, including Dan Bennett of Cumulus in Dallas. He noted that half of The Ticket’s audience comes from its web stream. Even if traditional broadcast signals suffered set backs during the pandemic, it is clear that local sports talk brands were still being sought out by listeners.

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