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Evan Roberts Receives Milk Bath To End Islanders’ Bad Juju

Evan Roberts is a New York Islanders fan.



Courtesy: WFAN

Milk bath anyone?

That’s exactly what the doctor ordered on Carton & Roberts Wednesday afternoon. Craig Carton and Evan Roberts were sick of all the bad vibes coming from the Islanders matchup with the Tampa Bay Lightning. That prompted Carton to perform a bad juju milk ceremony on his co-host.

“There’s clearly bad juju going on in New York City sports,” Carton said as he prefaced the dumping. “So who do we blame for that? Well, it’s simple we blame Evan. He goes to all these games; he brings the bad juju with him to every single game. Bad juju tonight will close the [Nassau] Coliseum with a loss. So we did some research and found out what the appropriate chant was to remove the bad juju.”

Roberts then heads to the center of the studio in a makeshift dumping-safe area for his freezing bath.

“The Islanders are very aware of this,” Carton continued. “Matt Martin sent us a whole bunch of ‘Defend New York’ shirts so that we could do the juju letting with the Islander gear on… So the way it works is I pour a gallon all over you, then you chant whatever the poem is, and then I pour the other one, then we bathe you in it.”

Roberts took the two gallons over the noggin like a champ, and it seemingly did the job for the hometown team. The Islanders forced a Game 7 with a 3-2 overtime victory at the Coliseum.

“Now go forth to the Coliseum and watch your team win!!!” Roberts said as he finished the chant. “It was just cold; do you realize how cold it was? It was freezing. I’m still shivering a little bit. This better work. I’m actually going to be pissed off at you now… They better win.”

The Islanders are now 8-2 all-time at the Coliseum when facing elimination. Check out Carton & Roberts on WFAN weekdays from 2-7 p.m. ET.

Sports Radio News

Jerry Jones On Listening To Sports Radio: ‘I Like Pain’

“I guess I’m one of the few people that can’t stand it and want to see what people are saying.”



Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboys

No one can accuse Jerry Jones of being shy. The Dallas Cowboys owner is always welcoming of the chance to be in the public eye. That includes making appearances on sports talk radio. Friday he was a guest on K&C Masterpiece on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

Jones has made headlines on the station before. Some of those headlines have been for getting angry with both K&C in the past and morning men Shan & RJ. On Friday, it was his thoughts on the format itself that made the headlines.

“I guess I’m one of the few people that can’t stand it and want to see what people are saying. Is that human nature or not?” Jerry Jones answered when asked why he listened.

He admits that plenty of people have wondered why he would continue to listen to sports talk shows when the Cowboys are so polarizing.

“I use to have people ask me, ‘why in the world do you listen to talk radio, because they’re wearing your proverbial butt out?’ (And my response was)’I like pain. I just like to hear it. Just put it in me.'”

While the Cowboys came out of Week 1 with a loss, sports talk in Dallas has largely been kind to the Cowboys. The aforementioned Shan & RJ said that Dak Prescott’s performance should be the story of week 1 considering that the Cowboys’ quarterback missed most of last season with a shoulder injury.

Time will tell if Jerry Jones is in for his beloved pain following the Cowboys’ visit to LA to take on the Chargers on Sunday.

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Sports Radio News

Joy Taylor Creates Scholarship At Barry University

“Taylor graduated from Barry University in 2009.”



Joy Taylor

Barry University is a private, Catholic school in Miami. It also happens to be the alma matter of FOX Sports Radio star Joy Taylor, who announced today that she is giving back to the school and helping some of its current students.

On Friday, Joy Taylor took to Twitter to announce that she had created a scholarship. It will go to students in the school’s department of mass communications.

“It’s my honor to be able to give back to the next generation of journalists and broadcasters,” Taylor wrote. “It’s a personal goal of mine to improve the lack of diversity in my business at every level. Barry gave me that experience. Go Bucs!”

Taylor graduated from Barry University in 2009. She began her career in local radio in Miami shortly after.

She isn’t the only famous alumnus of the school. Barry University awarded Shaquille O’Neal a doctorate of education in 2012. The NBA Hall-of-Famer studied Human Resource Development at the school.

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Sports Radio News

Mike Golic, Dave Pasch Reunite On Westwood One Next Week

“The pair has the radio call after being on TV together for the first time last season.”



Courtesy: ESPN

Mike Golic Sr. and Dave Pasch are reuniting on the Westwood One airwaves. Rudy Martzke reports that Golic and Pasch are calling next week’s Thursday Night Football clash between the Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans.

The pair has the radio call after being on TV together for the first time last season. Pasch is the voice of the Arizona Cardinals and calls college football and basketball for ESPN. Golic exited ESPN last year after spending 25 years with the network as a radio host and football analyst.

Martzke had some thoughts on the pairing that he shared with Barrett Media.

“Very popular duo last season,” Martzke said. “Ton of games, unfortunately, were cancelled including an ND [Notre Dame] game. Chemistry, mostly remote, was lighting up Twitter how great they were calling the games.”

Golic has shown the broadcasting chops and personality to mesh into almost any broadcast team. He seemingly found a great partner in Pasch, who often pairs with Bill Walton on ESPN college basketball broadcasts. Although, don’t expect to see Golic eating a cupcake, lit candle and all, on the broadcast next Thursday.

Pasch actually worked Golic’s final event as an ESPN employee during the 2021 Playstation Fiesta Bowl. The crew built Golic a sendoff video and even brought in a cake for the analyst to eat on air.

“25 years ago,” Pasch described. “Mike Golic joined ESPN, did everything from NFL studio analyst to Monday Night Football and of course a long partnership with Mike Greenberg. Mike & Mike went 18 years. You get your son, Mike Golic Jr. now is an excellent broadcaster, both radio and calling games. Mike’s in the Broadcasting Hall of Fame, the National Radio Hall of Fame, the USA Wrestling Hall of Fame as well.”

On Thursday, it’s back to business for Pasch and Golic as they rekindle their burgeoning chemistry on the Westwood One airwaves.

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