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Thomas Dimitroff Producing Behind-The-Scenes Show On NFL GMs

The executive held the Falcons GM title from 2008-2020.



Courtesy: Atlanta Falcons

Thomas Dimitroff’s Atlanta Falcons GM tenure didn’t end with a title, but he’s bringing a championship idea to television. Michael Holley guest-wrote Peter King’s weekly “FMIA” column and had this nugget on a new project from the former head football mind in Atlanta.

“Thomas Dimitroff is on to something big,” Holley wrote in the article. “The former Falcons general manager has now interviewed 15 GMs for an unfiltered TV show that he’s producing. The idea is to show aspects of the job—and the personalities behind it—that often go unseen/unexplained. Among the 15: Howie Roseman, Jason Licht, Mickey Loomis, and Brett Veach.”

There weren’t any details on a home for the project or release date, but the idea is fascinating. Dimitroff built strong relationships in the league during his run in Atlanta, which began in 2008. The Falcons let Dimitroff and head coach Dan Quinn go after the team’s 0-5 start last season.

That cache is going to be a big factor in making this entertaining content. GMs are famously fickle in the amount of information they let get out to the public, but with the success of HBO’s Hard Knocks cemented, it was a matter of time before spin-offs popped up.

Maybe HBO would be interested in the program since it’s widely expected to follow a similar format to the training camp documentary aired each August. With nearly half the league on board, it’s clear there is interest in the project within league circles.

Filming may have already begun. Bar Bill Tavern in Buffalo, New York, snapped a photo of Dimitroff and Bills GM Brandon Beane going through an on-camera interview at the restaurant last month.

More news around the project should start trickling out as we approach Week One of the NFL season, the Falcons first without Dimitroff since George W. Bush was in office.

Sports TV News

Jimmy Kimmel: Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long Hated Me

“Kimmel described the meetings FOX had over whether they should fire him.”



Courtesy: ABC

Jimmy Kimmel is a producer on the latest ESPN 30 for 30 project, Once Upon A Time In Queens, and he joined the SI Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina to discuss the documentary. What he might not have planned on talking about is the friction between him, Howie Long, and Terry Bradshaw.

Kimmel worked on the FOX NFL pregame show from 1999 to 2002; during that time he got on the bad side of Long and Bradshaw.

“I was going through stories the other day with guys that I had just met,” Kimmel said on the show. “I was telling story after story, and I was thinking like… ‘what’s with these guys that they don’t like me, don’t they have a sense of humor?’ And as I told story after story I was like, ‘of course they didn’t like me, it doesn’t make any sense for them to like me,’ I was an asshole.”

Long and Bradshaw were upset with Kimmel’s jokes about them, of which, Jimmy Kimmel clarified on the podcast as poorly edited for TV.

“They were editing my bits at FOX, and they were doing a very bad job of it,” Kimmel described. “They were editing them like they edit sports bits, which doesn’t work for comedy, and I really wanted control of these bits, and the guys hated me. “

Jimmy Kimmel described the meetings FOX had over whether they should fire him.

“They would have these meetings and are like, ‘you have to get rid of this guy, why are you giving our time to this as*hole, he’s making fun of us, he’s not funny, he sucks, get rid of the guy.’ So Scott [Ackerson] came up with one of the worst plans ever.”

The plan ended up being a call-in vote to remove Jimmy Kimmel from the show based on viewer call-ins. Yes, FOX left Kimmel’s NFL pregame show fate up to the masses, and they decided to keep him around. Listen to the rest of the interview here on AppleSpotify and Stitcher.

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Sports TV News

Missed Vikings Kick Leads To Memorable Calls From Paul Allen, Gus Johnson

As hard of a loss as it was for the Vikings, it may have been even worse for Vikings fans at home who initially thought their kicker had just won them the game.



Ross D. Franklin/AP

Week 2 of the NFL season had some crazy endings, none crazier than the finish between the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals. Kicker Greg Joseph missed what would have been a game winning field goal for the Vikings. The team ended up falling to the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 33-34.

The call on this final play from long time Vikings radio team Paul Allen and Pete Bercich was certainly memorable, as Allen initially thought that Joseph made the field goal.

The radio team was in disbelief once they realized that Joseph missed the kick. As hard of a loss as it was for the Vikings, it may have been even worse for Vikings fans listening to the game, as they initially were told the team had won.

As crazy as that was, the call from Fox announcer Gus Johnson may have been even more memorable.

The always enthusiastic Johnson returned to the NFL booth for the first time since 2010 alongside new partner and former NFL All-Pro corner Aqib Talib. The two certainly made for a memorable broadcast, with this being the ending call made my Johnson on the missed kick.

While somewhat inaudible for the final call, Johnson brings the type of energy to broadcasting that some NFL fans love and others hate. No matter you’re feelings, it was certainly memorable. It caught the attention of social media too.

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Sports TV News

ESPN Eyeing Russell Wilson After He Retires From NFL

Richard Deitsch of The Athletic called his appearance ”The best I’ve seen him on air.”



Russell Wilson may have his next career lined up once he decides his days in the NFL are over. The All-Pro quarterback appeared as a guest on the Manningcast this past Monday and drew some rave reviews.

Richard Deitsch of The Athletic called his appearance ”The best I’ve seen him on air.” Wilson did have some previous experience working on air with his appearance on the Super Bowl pregame show last February.

Wilson is also notably on the list of current players that are on the radar of ESPN’s Vice President of Production Seth Markman.

”Most of my list skews towards veteran players or coaches, and that’s based on realism.” said Markman.

”I’m not going to put Patrick Mahomes on the list right now because I’ll be retired by the time he retires. So it’s more older players in the league I’ve met, heard speak or interviewed that I thought might be interesting for us.” he added.

Fox Sports Executive Brad Zager may be hinting at some interest in Wilson as well, as he said while he does not have a specific list of names but they are always looking at ”Super Bowl winning quarterbacks and future Hall of Famers.” some accolades that would certainly apply to Wilson.

Executives of these big media companies are always looking for the next Tony Romo, and it appears that if Wilson chooses to enter the media landscape after his playing career is over he will have his pick of the company that he wants to work with.

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